Free Agents

So now that the Riders are officially eliminated from the playoffs, it's time to start an evaluation of current players for the 2016 season. And this includes players that will become free agents. Who are these players? What decisions should O'Day (interim) and Dyce (interim) make? Will they make decisons for the betterment of the organization or the betterment of their resume? Let's get a discussion on this....

Here's a few that come to mind for me (in no particular order), and I am likely missing some.

Corey Watman - First Round 4th overall pick - has been a back up Offensive Lineman for 3 years because he can't seem to win a job from anyone else. Rumour has it he likes Saskatchewan, but is a free agent. I thought he played decent enough against Hamilton last night at centre, but the Riders have Dan Clark signed there.. What do they do?

Dylan Ainswirth - Second Round 11th overall. He has been a beast at special teams, however has seen very limited time on the defensive line. In fact CC had Connop/Tennant starting over Ainsworth earlier this season. And last night, after Hall goes down, they still don't start him there to see what he's got... What's the MO on him and is he a keeper?

Kevin Glenn - he has played forever and for almost every team... Do they resign him for insurance against DD going down again? Or do they trade him if they can or outright release him?

Paul McCallum - old as dirt and is starting to miss... Do you bring him back?

Ryan Smith - not sure if he becomes an FA or not? Just remember reading other posts saying we need to get this guy locked up longer term....

Am I missing anyone?


Paul should be gone. Keep Watman if he comes at a fair price, don’t over pay. Smith shouldn’t be as its his first year still need to lock him up.

As far as Glenn is concerned I think it all depends on DD’s recovery is going and if there is any question of him being able to go at the first of the year. If he 100 % can start from day one then Glenn is expendable, if there is any question then that is a big risk to be going with Smith as the starter and no one even so far getting a look as a back up. In that scenario you almost have to keep KG.

Either trade, or renegotiate Getz’s contract at a significant cut or cut him. Not sure if there has even been any more consideration of Heenan or Jones. If they can sign Jones, trade Clark, keep Watman as the backup.

Completely overhaul the secondary, LB’s, DB’s, the whole works, I would pick the 2 best of the whole group and trash the rest.

Watman jas superior ball a lot. He should have been signed already...but he will play the rest of the season to better assess...

I was not a fan of bringing Paul yeah

Smith is a GA I believe. Needs to be a prioirty

Getz...only if he is willing to sign REALLY low. If he doesn't like the offer I wish him the best in free agency and moving from Regina.

Glenn...probably a no go there. If they know DD is not going to be back, sure. DD is doing sensationally though.

Ainsworth...wish we had see more of him...he is a solid player. I am hoping he is back with Ricky

there are I thing around 14 FAs this year

I believe Messam is also a FA...gotta think that they lock him up if they can. Would be nice to draft a guy to back him up, but w/o a 2nd round pick it s unlikely...unless Heenan does sign

If we had any sort of scout team we could find a good second back easily and could use a draft pick on another position. The problem is we don't have a good scout team.

yes...but having a NI tandem would be huge. making it basically a full time ratio spot, 3 on the OL, 2 WRs...that is 6 on the ratio. Unless they pick up a FA like Foley at DE (who may have peaked) or a DT then they need those spots. If Ben does sign (which I doubt) then they can potentially have 7 on O and 1-2 on D out of the gates next season and call it a 6/1 split, meaning they have a +1 flexibility on each side of the ball should a guy go down...that is a recipe for success. The idea of having 3 WRs as NI...sure, they can do that at times...but if they want to keep Roosevelt, R Smith AND Dressler...not so much.

I think we got to start unloading some salaries. Getzlaf should be traded, renegotiated, or cut. I can't see how they can justify paying him what he's getting paid. Heck, even Dressler's production has dropped off substantially.

Defensively, Chick is getting up there. I'd look to dump his salary if they can. Same with George.

They need to find DBs who can cover. That's been our archilles heel the whole season. Had we had a decent secondary we would be in the playoff hunt right now.

Getz is a FA. IMO the very ver top end I would sign him for is 140...and that is pushing it...more realistically 120 tops. I understand if he wants more...but if he stays he is going to need to be a positional guy in his twilight.

George...unlikely to be back. They will go younger unless he signs on the cheap. The only way they might keep him is if they go NI beside him and want the experience. It is a tough call as he had a bad season for many reasons, a lot out of his control.

Chick...yeah, right now might be the time to trade. I would have been tempted to package him and Glenn. If there is not like a HUGE return...he still has one more solid season in him I think.

You all know how I feel about Dressler.

DBs...they had some good ones...some have been cut...some have been potentially ruined. A lot of this is based on 2 things IMO...

  • horrid play calling on D in almost every aspect
  • it only takes 1 guy to make a secondary fall apart. This was seen last season when the Safety had to cheat forward to cover for horrid MLBs. It is seen again when 2 particular coverage guys are attacked.

I think we got to ask ourselves with our veterans like Dressler and Chick "do we see ourselves as contenders in 2016?" The very likely answer is no. I think we are a solid two or three seasons from being competitive again if we build our team right. Make a run for 2017 with the new stadium, and I'd be happy with that.

Our talent pool was unfortunately depleated through the expansion draft and the last two seasons of free agency, especially with Canadian talent. We lost contributers like Shologun and Evans off our d line then guys like Butler who fit well into our system, Foley which turned out to be a bad trade, and Hurl who in hindsight we should have kept if we wanted to go Canadian at MLB. Trying to rebuild some of that should be top priority this offseason.

Of course I think it depends on Durant and his health. If he comes back and can finish a season, they will be at least average and make a run for the playoffs. I think Brett Smith is a few years off still, but could very well be the future. I agree with others who say lets give some of these young guys the opportunity to see where we are at post-Durant.

I wouldn't go more then 100 k on Getz, George can be easily by Munroe and he takes less stupid penalties. As for Chick, uh no you keep him unless you get one hell of an offer. He has been one of the only defenders I would keep. He may be getting up there but he is still very quick (he brought Mathews down from behind and after running a long way and shedding a block to boot) I would dump Hall before Chick.

Dressler is a very very tough call. I want to keep him.simply because he is a very smart and talented player. The right coordinator that doesn't just use him for fly sweeps would realize his abilities Chappy is too stupid though and expects him to be able to take on D linemen and LBS that out weigh him by probably 60+ pounds on average. Instead of using Messam on screens he uses a 5'8 receiver that probably weighs 175. Freaking stupid.

Yes.. I forgot about Getzlaf...

I think you need to sign him at at least half price of what he is getting now and then have Demski ready to back up him when he eventually gets hurt...

So is George a FA at end of season? He has shown a few flashes here or there, but has been no where near his 2013 self... I think you bring him back, along with some competition for camp next season...

And I think they need to resign Messam.

As far as Heenan, he wont be available until after NFL camps again next season as he will try again... And he will only be available if he is cut...

I have heard rumours that this year's CFL draft is not as strong as some prior years but top 5 prospects have a WR, 2 DB's, a RB and a DL... So there are definitely spots there that can be useful. We just need a GM to have a plan, and draft accordingly. If they have a plan, they can allocate SMS dollars to the proper FA's and start creating depth at Canadian Starting positions...

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I am not sure if George is a FA or not. Ben…he may be back sooner than you think…my money is on him going south again…but it is not ruled out to be in the CFL before then

Sorry Depop, Dressler needs to stay along with DD and Chick, Chick is still better than most out there, just saying to those that doult his ability. These are our 3 franchise players JMO!!

I dont want to see any of them go...but sometimes it is better to trade a year too early than a year too late. DDs contract was too high...fair enough. If any of the others would hamper signing a guy like Ben....gone in a heartbeat IMO

From anything I heard Ben is not really in the picture at least until after NFL camp next year. Can't wait for that long. I would think Jones would be a better chance of signing? I would love to get Heenan back but we can't wait forever on him to decide on where he wants to hang his hat. I don't blame him for wanting to wait but that is something we have no control over so I wouldn't count on it even being an option.

They should not be making ANY major moves, no long term decisions and should not be touching the core of the roster AT ALL!

This is not the GM’s team. This is the NEXT GM’s team, whether that’s O’Day or anyone else. O’Day should NOT be permitted to make changes to the core of the team until if/when he is confirmed to stay on. Otherwise he could trade Chick and/or Dressler (for example) only for the new guy to have wanted to keep them.

Don’t mess with the roster that’s not yours. It could be a major disaster.

I thought Watman played quite well in Hamilton. I watched some plays over and over and he looked pretty solid (cannot say the same for Best). But I don't know the calls and who should do what...............but Watman was not getting pushed around and everyone knows the Cats have two very good DT's to deal with.

Ainsworth and Watman are an absolute priority. You cannot let them get away. It all changed for Ainsworth when Foley got traded but but but but!! I think these two younf Canadians are key.

Heck.............Best needs to go and get Watman in there.

These are the older dudes on our team I see leaving:

Getz (use his money on Bagg)
Best (use his $$ for Watman and maybe Jones)
T George (Derek Walker and Munroe)
Brack (use his dollars on Tyree Hollins and perhaps a exceelent import corner)
Tristan (I would be inclined Tristan to be a return only guy but his coverage and tackling is not up to pace)

I think this would add up $650-$700K.................

Sounding like it is improbable that Bagg will be back

Care to expand on that?

man, what a horrible year that keeps getting worse .....