Free agents

I know this is early being right after the game. I sure someone here will know. Who are the free agents on the team for next year? I think this is the beginning of a good run for the Cats and hope they can stay together!

Banks, Bowman, Breaux, Coleman, Dile, Ellingson, Fortin, Giguere, Grant, Hickman, LeFevour, McGee, O'Neill, Tasker and Wojt.

sign 'em up and hurry up about it....even if it means we fined 50 bucks and a box of Fantuz flakes by the CFL after all the sakatchewan roughies have been over for years

Ouch! Thanks.

Alright, now that it's the CFL off season, the time to talk about who this team should sign should really begin.

I think Breaux will be going to the NFL. And if Banks does as well, the decision to bring in Sinkfield was a very good one.

I can see this team losing Giguere. But it would be great if we could keep Tasker here.

As for coaches, I'm not sure if Steinauer will be hired as the new head coach in BC.

Orlando had said he was committed and under contract next year so I don't think he will bolt. Tasker as well wants to be back and has no interest in a NFL shot. Breaux is gone, Banks not so sure, gonna be a interesting off season

Speedy B should be #1 priority if it wasn't for him we would not have made it to The Cup. My kids love speedy they said all the kids at school talk about Speedy ! My kids said to dad if speedy isn't a Ticat dad we don't want to go?! Bob Speedy helps put bums in the seats $$$

Good points. Your comments about the kids and putting bums in the seats, put Banks way, way, way ahead of any other name on the potential F.A. list. If he doesn't get to return to the big league, there's another CFL team that sees these values, is very interested, and almost certainly has more $$$$ available, under the SMS, to attract him. They've likely already had Henry put the bug in Speedy B's ear.

Guys what are the rules for signing FA in the CFL ,dates , window etc

Message to BOB and Austin MY KIDS WANT A SPEEDY B ALL WRAPPED UP BY XMAS :thup: :rockin:

A player can be offered a contract extension, by his team at anytime. 2015 Free Agency begins February 10th at noon. As of then it's a wide open market for FAs and all interested teams, on both sides of the border. Interested teams, however, obviously do manage get their interest and unwritten offers delivered to potential free agents well before the FA date.

Sign them all while they’re angry. As it is, a game like that will probably make them all want to stay together.

The team surrounded Speedy so the camera man couldn’t get to him. That’s a close knit team. More so than I’ve seen in a long time.

Is Banks too small for NFL? They like size there. He’s a priority.

Breaux as well if he’s staying here

Tasker needs to be in Hamilton forever

He made it through 41 games as an NFL-er.

We have 15 free agents,realistically my top 5 must haves are listed below.The next 5 are not IMO high priority.the last 5 are not really a concern and are IMO replaceable or questionable at best.

TOP #5
Brandon Banks
Luke Tasker
Delvin Breaux
Justin Hickman
Bakari Grant

Marc Dile
Greg Wojt
Sam Giguere
Dan LeFevour
Greg Ellingson

Marcellus Bowman
Antonio Coleman
Steve McGee
Marc Fortin
Tim O'Neill

You would think that we were right up against the 2014 maximum $5M cap
The Cap for 2015 is only $50k more
Austin is going to have to sharpen some pencils to get that list done!
Unfortunately some players will have to be let go.
There are no guaranteed contracts in the CFL

In his Grey Cup wrap-up column, Steve Milton refers to 17 potential free agents among the Cats. I wish he'd included his list as the one I provided has only 15 names on it.

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the main reason why I thought we needed to win this year with this team. next year will look really different I do trust in the front office to get some solid players but it woulda been nice to have this group around for 1-2 more years

Since responding to the cats99 question, I've read that Duron Carter will work out this week for the Cleveland Browns. I should have included in my response that CFL, players due to become Free Agents in February, are permitted to participate in a non-contact work outs for NFL teams during a period of time prior to the date they become Free Agents. I'm unsure, but believe that period is anytime post Grey Cup through to the end of January. Still, they cannot sign an NFL contract until they become free agents, unless their CFL team releases them, prior to that date, as has happened a time or two in the past.

In a league where contracts are usually for 2 or 3 years, most teams are going to have about 15 free agents. There is nothing unusual this year and no need to panic.

Breaux will likely try the NFL, and I hope he makes it. After the horrendous injury he suffered in high school and the determination he has shown in overcoming that adversity, he deserves a crack at the big league.

Banks may take another stab at the NFL, but his size is against him and punt returns aren't such a big part of the American game. He played 4 years down there and didn't make a big enough impression to keep his job, so he might decide to stay. I hope we can make him a decent offer and get him signed up before February.

Hickman hasn't made a huge impact since he returned. The D-line was improving before he arrived and with Bulcke back next year, there should be no problem if Hickman takes another run at an NFL roster spot.

We need to sign two of three import receivers (Grant, Tasker and Ellingson), with Tasker being the key.

The O-line should be OK, even if we lose Dile and O'Neill. Wojt didn't play all year and we have Dyakowski coming back into the team. I don't have any major worries there.

Giguere has been a perennial under-performer. He never lived up to the hype that surrounded his signing. He is decent player but not a superstar and it wouldn't be a big loss to see him go. We should try to pick up a good Canadian lineman in the free agency, and help the import ratio. Then if we can sign the three import receivers, Ellingson could replace Giguere

The rest are replaceable, but I would like us to keep Lefevour. He is a decent back-up, but probably not starter material.

This team showed a lot of team spirit and came together as a unit during the last half of the season. The tremendous forward momentum, the fan support and the great new facilities will mean that players will want to be here next year. I think we'll be able to re-sign most of these players, and also pick up some new talent from other teams

I would hate to see Breaux leave because he was like our Shutdown corner I would like to see SpeedyB return also Grant and Tasker is a must signing

  1. Spend the money to keep Banks. The amount of time, effort, and money spent by the scouts finding a returner and WR of his calibre makes it a no-brainer.
  2. I believe that Hickman will be back here next year, since his performance IMHO did not do him any favours to garner him any NFL looks. He may not get the top-tier John Chick type contract, but one that is pretty darned good, considering.
  3. I think we need Bakari for his leadership and experience, and Tasker has fallen in love with Hamilton (especially since he is only an hour away from his family). Luke is also Justin Medlock's holder on PATs and FGs - something that CANNOT be overlooked. Ellingson bay be the odd man out - he has been perfectly healthy (reportedly) the past few weeks, but just could not crack the line-up.
  4. Pete coming back is one key for the O-line. Unfortunately, I feel that Greg Wojt may not play football ever again. That being said, I would be VERY happy if he is able to come back fully healthy. Having those two on the O-line means that Simmons can move back to RT, we don't have to worry about re-signing the waste-of-a-roster-spot O'Neill, and we only have to find a replacement for the other waste-of-a-roster-spot Filer at Centre. Those two backups-to-backups need to be off the roster ASAP.
  5. Again, Giguere is playing out-of-position. The wide-side WR on every team in the CFL has the fewest passes thrown their way due to the width of the field and the distance between the hash marks. He excelled at SB filling in for Fantuz while he was injured. I would actually prefer Bakari at Giguere's position so he could use his height to his advantage. Imagine our receivers looking like this: Banks/Sinkfield, Fantuz, Tasker, Giguere, Grant. What Giguere does WITHOUT the ball is equally important. He ALWAYS runs full-speed, precise routes, never takes a play off, makes superb down-field blocks, plays on special teams, can be used as a K/P returner, and will catch virtually everything thrown to him.
  6. I have a feeling that LeFevour may test the FA waters, but the ACL surgery may muddy them somewhat. I think his return is 50/50.