Free Agents

With the release of the free agent list I think the one that will garner the most interest league wide will be Patrick Watkins, CB with Toronto. Unless he is NFL bound he will be coveted by all teams imo. A major league talent.

White, Emery, Hebert and Bourke and will go as high or higher I would think.

Ya could be. Personally not really a huge fan of Emery. I know his passport and all but he is just is not a smart player imo. Don't see Whyte as being a major FA, limited interest in kickers generally, Hebert is older american. Bourke perhaps.

What they need to release is the December scouting bureau rankings :thdn:

Emery seems to take more than his share of stupid cheapshot penalties but still impresses me as a talented player. I was under the impression that kickers were going to be in short supply. Not so?

CFL teams never seem to fall over themselves over securing a kicker imo. There are a few floating around. Congi, Waters, DeAngelis, Whyte, Milo. Certainly in Whyte's case the Montreal posters on here want him tarred, feathered and run out of town. I don't share that and think he'll land elsewhere. But I don't think kickers are the FA darlings especially compared to talent like Watkins playing a key position like cornerback. A Canadian MLB like Emry will be sought after by some but I'm not a fan personally generally because of the points you outlined. I'm sure Montreal will resign him however.

Cross off MacPherson as a FA for the REDBLACKS, he's signing with the Stamps.

Josh Bourke would be my pick as the most sought after FA. Big talented Canadian Left Tackle, the type that doesn't grow on trees. Don't know what his personal life is, such as where his wife is from etc. But being a Windsor native being closer to family and friends would be Toronto or Hamilton, and Grey Cup appearances the next couple of years will likely be one or the other. Players like to play where they have a chance to win, especially in their later career years. But Montreal should have quite a bit of cap space available with Cavillo retiring, but with the SMS going up the other teams will have more as well.

Pretty convincing argument for Bourke no question

Josh lives in Montreal year round. I doubt he goes anywhere, he's got a good situation.

Bourke Truly is a unique one of a kind ratio buster. The only starting Canadian LT in the CFL and an All Star at that. If Montreal wants him they will need to pay him big.
Im sure there are some family and off season roots he may have in Montreal but he is in his prime and The situation with a close by expansion team in Ottawa, new SMS
The signing of Bourke, who would be my #1 priority could affect whether or not they can match an offer that someone can make to Emery another All Start Canadian MLB

Josh Bourke and Shea Emry will both re-sign with the Als. Why should they be interested in moving to Ottawa/with the REDBLACKS?


No doubt you are right. This is just a hypothetical casting about as to who may be the most prized free agents currently available.

Non Import Ratio changers and Quarterbacks are the most coveted free agents.
Bourke, Emry, Burris, Collaros are the guys who would get the most interest if they hit free agency.

How many teams do you think would be after Burris or Collaros? I'm thinking maybe two each.

Winnipeg and/or Ottawa I’m guessing.

Hamilton possibly

Burris says he wants to stay in Hamilton and as inconsistent as he is the man still has a cannon for an arm. I think Ham will re-sign him. Collaros? I've thought for some time that he'd end up in Winnipeg, and now that O'Shea's coachimg there I feel even more stronglythat's where he'll go.

Burris said the same thing when he was with the Riders. This will come down to money.

Bingo ! Money indeed is Hank's primary concern at this point in his career , it is going to be his last contract and wants to cash in -------the problem being, I am not sure Austin is willing to pay Henry's asking price.

I get the sense he (Austin) is quite willing to move on with him, if the price is right or without him, if it is not .