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Here is Rod Peterson's take of the upcoming draft and his conversation with O'Day

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Yes... Expansion is good for the league, not necessarily good for teams losing players.

We do have to look back at 2007 when the Riders won the Grey Cup. The starting QB for the Riders was the No. 1 pick of the dispersal draft.... The exact opposite of what will happen in a few weeks.

It sucks that Riders will lose 3 quality players who mean so much to the organization, but IMO, it is for the betterment of the league as a whole...

And it would be nice to eventually get to 10 teams. So the whole process could happen again

I'm okay with the expansion draft, people probably don't realize how much we benefited from the Renegades folding in 2006. We're still seeing the benefits today even.

Dispersal draft in 2006:

We picked up Kerry Joseph and Jason Armstead
Hamilton grabbed Durant's rights from Ottawa in the same draft

When we traded Cory Holmes to Hamilton, we acquired Durant's right as part of that trade
When then traded Armstead to Hamilton for Holmes and Getzlaf.

Two of the main cogs in our 2013 win have ties all the way back to that dispersal draft.

Holy, Butler's on there. Please don't lose him. He's my favourite defensive player.

I like Butler too. Maybe not my most favourite player on defense, but he is up there. Most importantly though, is that his passport reads Canadian.

It is very difficult to replace good Canadian talent that can start and make an impact Right away (except through Free Agency). But Free Agency generally comes with a higher price tag. So have to be aware of Cap space

this :thup:

Butler may be tough to re sign. Very hot commodity right now. All star safety his rookie season, This season showed flexibility to play up on the line as a Will LB. Not many Canadian Will LBs out there. Also will be entering jusy his 4th season and is also a top notch coverage team guy.
So he could be potentially seen as a Safety or WILL LB to start for several teams. Ottawa for sure makes him a ratio Buster at WILL.

Butler has stated he wants to remain a Rider, not interested in going east at this point in his career, But stranger things have happened!! All I keep hearing is how much the players love it here, and the organization how good it treats it's players! That's a lot to be said about this Team at all levels!! Besides, if you just won a Grey Cup, why would you opt to go else where with a chance at a repeat, it's what they all play for, that Cup and Ring! To go to the REDBLACK's in there first season, would be like starting from scratch don't you think, for a PR player or second string, it's a chance to get a starting position! Those player might jump at this chance! JMO!!

Your right probably a lot of fringe benefits from local businesses, resturants, They are the only game in town so to speak. the provinces only pro team and they are community owned.
Geroy got a suite out of it for the season.
A couple of guys got winter labor jobs to keep in shape the old fashioned way.
I am sure countless dinners
There is more than one way to get paid being a pro athlete especially when your team is extremely popular and your name carries a lot of attention

Sounds like Dressler is all but gone. He has several parties interested.

Sheets has not had a call yet

Yah so I've heard, wish him the best but think it will go the same way as Andy went! To bad got WD jersey this year, but if things don't work out south, I am sure this is where he will want to play!

I wouldn't be so sure. I think Dressler will do ok down there. All depends on the system of offense he gets to play in.

Not doulting his talent, but not many go there and make it, andy was a good example of that, regardless of outcome, I am sure if he returns to CFL it will be here!!

They did a great job of getting both sides of the line strong with both Canadian and import talent, young and veteran, as well as Heenan who had a break out year for sure and a few others on the verge of breaking out soon Evans and Stienhuer along the d side. On the O side Watman has been said to be ready in his second season as well. Hille Taylor DE and Xavier Fulton a couple of key NFL free agents who had instant successes.
The receiving corp has benn thin. The had 5 prime starters bu not much in reserve. So far Sisco has yet to show anything. Etienne is a free agent and started off great for the Bonbers but then was hardly used. Could end up coming back home. Be great to have a 3rd Canadian receiver behind Getz and Bagg.
Smith (legal problems) Simon (may need a pay cut) and Dressler (reported NFL interest but we will see) leaves the Riders to do some major scouting of some NFl Free agents top streghen the import receiver spots.

I can't see Bagg being with the Riders next year. Why on earth would Taman sign him 2 weeks before the draft when he thought Redblacks wouldn't take any F.A.'s. I'm thinking that signing was to bait Ottawa to take him. Whether Ottawa does or not remains to be seen, but he definitely better not be one of the 6 protected, IMO.

He likely signed him in hopes he IS selected.

Hey, I like Bagg, but he is overhyped. He is not going to win a lot of battles for the ball...he needs a pretty good cushion to catch pretty much anything. Don't get me wrong, he has great hands, but less he is open open, he is not bringing a lot in. Plus, he has wrecked both legs...I would be willing to make him the sacrificial lamb here. I hope he is back, but if the Riders lose him over say a guy like Watman, awesome.

I don't think Bagg is over hyped but he is great in the role that he plays with the Riders as the 4th or 5th receiver. His two years of injury really left them with a hole in the line up.
Unless Sisco steps up or Etienne comes home and builds on the start he had last season if they lose Bagg they will still have a hole at that spot

My take on Rob is this, do you draft a player with past knee injurys or pick someone younger in good shape. I hope Rob stays here, and think for this reason he may be still here!! JMO

I cannot see Ottawa drafting Bagg.

Labbatte, Best, Heenan, Getzlaff are four that seem to be a consnses of being protected

2 of the following could also be protected Picard, Sholo, Foley, Watman, Hurl. One of these will go

Veterans Picard, Sholo, or Foley
Younger prospective starters Watman or Hurl

with only 2 of these 5 being protected all will go before Bagg

Calgary is going to come out of this smelling like a rose if they get a QB drafted first round
they can then protect both of thier kickers and two more non imports
the Riders are going to lose Milo in the second round and that's gonna hurt.
the Riders should have given more exposure to willy but he is not signed anyway so the REDBLACKS won't take him anyway so that theory is out the window.
Stamps going through the non-import draft smelling like a rose while we will lose a good Canadian.