Free Agents...

WR Eric Deslauriers
OL Scott Flory
DL Jeff Robertshaw
DL Jeremaine McElveen
LB Marc-Olivier Brouillette
DB Etienne Boulay
DB Mark Estelle
DB Paul Woldu

This is the list of our f/a's i found...who do we want back? Let's get down to business!

  1. Deslauriers. . . I'm ambivalent

  2. Flory. . . keep him!

  3. Robertshaw. . . let him go

  4. McElveen. . . versatile in that he can play end or tackle; keep him

  5. Brouillette. . . keep him!

  6. Boulay. . .depends on his health

  7. Estelle. . . depends on his health

  8. Woldu. . . I'd like to keep him, but I expect that he'll get a hometown offer he can't refuse and head to Saskatchewan.

Now that Anthony has confirmed his return for 2012, I expect some announcements in the next weeks/fifteen days,with regards to our potential free agents.

I definitely hope that we will keep Eric Deslauriers,Scott Flory,Marc-Olivier Brouillette and Etienne Boulay and I think that they all will be signed soon. I say 2 years + option for each,except Boulay, 1 year +option.

I hope that we will keep Paul Woldu, but he may test free agency.

I doubt that we will keep Robertshaw,due to health /injuries issues.

Jermaine McElveen has not progressed,in the last year-he did not play that much- and I don’t expect him back; we can find a better player.

I would like Mark Estelle to return,but his health/injury will be the issue. If he does return,he will have to accept no less than a 20% salary/pay reduction.


Agreed on most of the above. Deslauriers’s advantage is he is a non import. Estelle, if he is healthy would offer him a contract but not at the salary he was making.
Flory will more than likely stay put and finish his career here.

Like others have said I would certainly keep Deslauriers, Flory, Brouillette, and Boulay. I would make every effort to keep Woldu within reason and Estelle if medically cleared.

:thup: :thup:

I agree with those of you who would like Deslauriers to continue with the team. He played a significant role in our last Grey Cup win, by taking a snap from center which produced a needed first down, and, this year he produced a key catch to bring AC's honors to reality. While I cannot recall the specifics, I know he also made two significant long catches this past year. I am now wondering if Deslauriers is one of those players who doesn't show much but, then makes a super contribution to his team. He has demonstrated that, when called upon, he has shown ability to make a big play. The team should reevaluate his status. I also do hope the Als will be able to draft a quality receiver in the upcoming Canadian draft.

The month of December has been quiet/dull with regards to signings of potential free agents. I am still under the impression that some of these players have been signed and the announcements will come in January 2012.

I definitely expect that the signings of Etienne Boulay, Marc-Olivier Brouillette, Eric Deslauriers and Scott Flory will be confirmed by mid January 2012.


Brouillette's great on his TD direct snap play that went 72 yards. I was surprised when he was drafted third. I trust that the ST coach will continue to challenge him in 2012- surprising speed!

Expect the Als to make room for Ruttan, Mcknight and Barrette and Alexander. I suspect Spencer, Crawford won't be offered contracts to make room for those kids. Ruttan will be a huge Special Team cover guy. Mcknight can also play special teams and develop as a DB. Barrette and Alexander will refill the oline pipeline.

Montreal has given up the number three draft pick to BC for Whyte but should pick 10th. and 17th with Winnipeg giving up first round and Edmonton giving up its 2nd round in 2012 for picks in the supplemental last year. Considering how deep the draft will be in 2012, this could yield two very good prospects as well.

If Taman manages to keep his picks, Riders are in great shape picking at 1,8,15 !

Finally! Annouced signings by the Als/Jim Popp. Some of these announcements-except Marc-Olivier Brouillette- were known but never made official.

Marc-Olivier Brouillette, Josh Bourke, Brandon London and Billy Parker were all signed to 2 year contracts.-Most probably 1 year + option.

I presume that more will come,in the next weeks or so.



so HfxTC, is that enough to convince you that Popp is staying? I guess he finally decided to start doing his job now that his nfl option didn't pan out. :roll:

Well he's not going to quit a 500k a year job with 15 year service without something at least as good. I think it is good news for the Als and fans for now. :thup: