Free Agents??

Anybody have any info on useful free agents the cats could snag for next spring? I know free agency info is hard to come by in this league.

Potential free agents on Tiger-Cats roster?
Justin Hickman?
Marcus Thigpen?
Dylan Barker?
Ryan Hinds?
Dave Stala?
Justin Medlock?

I could be wrong,but I do think that there are potential free agents amongst these players.


I found some other possible free agents around the league for this off season..

Edmonton Eskimos
LB Rod Davis
K Derek Schiavone
DB Delroy Clarke
RB Calvin McCarty
FB Mathieu Bertrand
RB Hugh Charles
OL Kyle Koch
DL Greg Peach
DT Etienne Legare

Calgary Stampeders
Marc Calixte LB
Burke Dales P
Arjei Franklin R
Tim O’Neill OL
Brandon Isaac DB

Saskatchewan Roughriders
RB Stu Foord
RB Wes Cates
RB Graeme Bell
SB Andy Fantuz
SB Jason Clermont
WR Cary Koch
OL Marc Parenteau
DE Brent Hawkins
LB Jerrell Freeman
DB Leron Mitchell
CB Nick Graham
CB/KR Tristan Jackson
P Eddie Johnson

Not sure where you found this, but there are quite a few guys on that list i'd be willing to consider.

I got all that info from the esks fourm. I like some of the players on that list too. I dont like our possible free agent list though, A LOT OF VALUABLE PLAYERS ON THERE. Hickman, Medlock....

Over on someone mentioned that Alex Bring will be a free agent after the season.

SB Andy Fantuz a Canadian should be highly regarded by all teams i bet the Argos pick him up