Free Agents

There are still a few bigger free agents that did not find a home yet. Are their careers over or is a another shot just around the corner?

Kerry Joseph? How long till either BC or Winnipeg give him a call?
Kenton Keith? Can he get it going again? Anyone in desperate need of a RB yet?

I'm sure there is more just the names escape me. If anyone I see KJ back on the field within a few weeks ( maybe sooner depending on BC and Winnipeg's next game )

I don't recall Sideeq Shabazz landing anywhere either. . . and of course there's Jesse Lumsden

yah - expected someone to give Jesse a shot - even if it is a games played loaded contract

I think Joseph is done, and regarding Keith, I think every team is set at running back. BC has Robertson, Edmonton Whitlock, Calgary Reynolds, Sask Cates, Winnipeg... Reid?, Hamilton Cobb and Thigpen, Toronto Boyd, and Montreal Cobourne.

I don't believe Shabazz has sign with another team. I know DM said he wasn't interested in him. Probably because he couldn't trade away another asset to get him.

I think Jesse's done, just like Joseph.

Won't be long now until one poster comes in and suggests Michael Bishop. . ., or true to form, makes up a story from "credible sources" who remain unnamed and absent any link, that Bishop is already en route to one CFL city or other. . .

Randee Drew is still unemployed. When healthy, he's a good defensive back.

To be fair, Bishop could just be doing a tour of Canadian cities so when they say "he's headed to Edmonton as we speak" it could very well be true... :roll:


you don't get too many chances when you come to a team and you screw it up for them! nobody is THAT stupid to sign Bishop for a 3rd try!

you remember the Warner Bros Cartoon with the Dancing frog?

that's Bishop, when people find him they get all excited and they see Dollar Signs (or Grey Cups) yet when they present him to the rest of the world, he does what it does.. sits there doing absolutely nothing.

nobody will take him on AGAIN.

Keith won't go anywhere.. Joseph won't either.

If anyone from this years cast offs is pulled off that pile it will be Joseph I would think. I still see him in either Winnipeg or BC by years end. From all of the CFL Experienced QB's out of work and still fit to play he would be the best of the bunch I would think.

I don't disagree with that. If someone decided they needed a CFL experienced QB due to a slew of injuries, I do believe he'd get the first phone call. But I also think a team would have to be really desperate. . . as in, both their #1 and #2 went down at around the same time and were expected to be out for a sizeable length of time. . . and even then I wouldn't be surprised if they first tried to make a trade for some other team's backup QB before calling Joseph. But I've been wrong before. . .

He was a dummy.... Bishop I mean.

I have it from a reliable source that he IS, in fact, headed to a CFL city. That city is, in fact, Vancouver, where he will be working construction on the BC Place roof. He is setting up home in that fair city because he knows it is only a matter of time before BC's O-Line will require a 5th QB of the season to offer up to opponents for sacrifice.

After Bishop goes down, the Lions will sign Kenton Keith and run exclusively Wildcat with him at the helm.

Oh, sorry. Is that a bit negative? :oops:

(Before all you Lions fans get crazy....please note the tongue planted firmly in cheek on this post)

ill say this right now.. not 1 of those guys mentioned will be signed this year. They are all finished. done.

I wouldn't count KJ out just yet - BC may need him lol

Didn't KJ play Safety for the Seahawks for a few years? I'm always surprised that he hasn't turned up somewhere in the league in a position like that. He's a talented football player, he doesn't only have to play at QB.

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Interesting thought. He's probably lost a step though.

Yeah…but that’s still about 10 steps faster than Glen Suitor ever was… HA!