Free Agents

This is the Official Free agent list for Feb.15 2010


WR/KR Ryan Grice-Mullen
OL Dean Valli
DL Ricky Foley
ST Alexis Bwenge

TB Joffrey Reynolds
DE Charlston Hughes
TE Teyo Johnson
LB Justin Phillips
K Sandro DeAngelis
TB Jon Cornish
DL Miguel Robede
OL Tim O'Neill
OL Godfrey Ellis
WR Ryan Thelwell
WR Arjei Franklin

CB Byron Parker
DE Kai Ellis

DT Marcus Adams
DE Stevie Baggs
RB Wes Cates
RB Hugh Charles
DB Eddie Davis
RB Stu Foord
LS Jocelyn Frenette
QB Steven Jyles
LB Tad Kornegay
CB Omarr Morgan
RG Marc Parenteau
S James Patrick
FB Chris Szarka
WR Gerran Walker

DB Jovon Johnson
OL Ryan Donnelly
P/K Alexis Serna
WR Aaron Hargraves
DB James Johnson
LS Pat McDonald
DB Steven Holness

DE Jonathan Brown
TB Jamal Robertson
OL Taylor Robertson
KR Dominique Dorsey

OL Peter Dyakowski
OL Cedric Gagne-Marcoux
WR Corey Grant
S Sandy Beveridge
RB John Williams

C Bryan Chiu
OL Paul Lambert
WR Kerry Watkins
WR Eric Deslauriers
RB Dahrran Diedrick
FB Kerry Carter
DL John Bowman
DL Keron Williams
DE Riall Johnson
LB Diamond Ferri

No one really jumps off the page.

A lot of older guys with big salary demands.

Bombers are in pretty good shape, Stamps, Riders & Als, not so good, although when you don't care about the SMS, I guess it's not really a problem.

I saw that list posted from a link in someone's blog but I don't think it is official. I think there are more Argos who are potential FAs than what are listed. The CFL doesn't usually put out the official list on their website until early January and there isn't anything there yet.

And Kai Ellis should be taken off the list since he just signed a new contract with the Esks.

Definitely the 'unofficial, not updated' first official list. :wink:

A lot of Non Import talent on that list.

I can see my Ticats going after Jovon Johnson (Bombers), Miguel Robede (Calgary), Ricky Foley (BC) and Dominique Dorsey (TO).

…I see the Bombers going after Dyakowski…Byron Parker…and maybe Dorsey …depending on what happens with Jovon… :roll: oh yeah and a qb. who may or may not be cut loose in 2010???

I think Zac Champion will be a FA, correct me if i'm wrong.He's not a bad prospect.