Free Agents

Based on what's been posted in various forums, the following players are thought to be FAs:

Als: Kerry Watkins, Kerry Carter, John Bowman, Brian Chiu, Eric Deslauriers and Paul Lambert

Ticats: Pete Dyakowski, Cedric Gagne-Marcoux, Corey Grant, Sandy Beveridge, John Williams

Bombers: Jovon Johnson, Alexis Serna, Ryan Donnelly, Aaron Hargreaves, James Johnson, Pat McDonald, Steven Holness

Argos: Jamal Robertson, Dominique Dorsey, Reggie McNeal, Raymond Fontaine, Jonathan Brown, Obed Cetoute, P.K. Sam, Cody Pickett

Riders: Steven Jyles, Wes Cates, Stu Foord, Stevie Baggs, Marc Parenteau, Jocelyn Frenette, Jordon Rempel, Chris Best, Chris Jones, Rob Bagg, Gerran Walker, Andy Fantuz (apparently has agreed to terms and will sign if he gets no bites from the NFL), Chris Szarka, Chris Getzlaf, Marcus Adams, Luc Mullinder, Aaron Wagner, Tad Kornegay, Omar Morgan, James Patrick, Hugh Charles, Wayne Smith, Adam Nicolson, Denatay Heard, Eddie Davis, Kevin Scott

Stamps: Henry Burris (at the time this was posted at the Stamps board they weren't sure if he'd signed an extension or not), Joffrey Reynolds, Sandro DeAngelis, Jermaine Copeland, Ryan Thelwell

Esks: Patrick Kabongo (according the Edm Journal he was close to re-signing), Byron Parker, Jason Nugent, Kai Ellis (according the Edm Journal he was close to re-signing)

The Lions are the only team I don't have information on so perhaps a Lions fan can post that. As well if there are any names missed or if any of the players listed aren't FAs please comment. As I said, the names came from various fan forums so I can't vouch for the accuracy.

Looks like the Stamps have some work to do to get some of those guys back next season.

I think there are too many names listed for the Riders. TSN says they have 16 FAs but the list posted at RiderFans has over 26 names. They only gave 8 names in the TSN article and they were Tad Kornegay, Wes Cates, Stevie Baggs, Marcus Adams, Eddie Davis, Steven Jyles, Omarr Morgan and Chris Szarka so I guess the other 8 are among those other names.

Regardless is a number that is absoluetly WAy too hight. Stupid Tillman. Can't wait till he is gone.

It really is odd how the Rider have had soooo many free agents every off-season the past few years. I'm pretty certain Burris was re-signed by Calgary to a multi-year deal before this season started.

Googled that and see that Burris signed a 4 year extension in June so he's off the list.

Esks123, I was thinking the exact same thing. It seems like every year Sask leads the league in number of free agents. Brutal.

I hope Edmonton signs Parker. :smiley:

Is Printers a FA for BC,I read something in the Sun papers in the last week or so and he said something like he's not sure if he will return next year.It could be for a diff reason of course as well.

Edit:Looks like he's in the option year of his contract.

Printers is under contract but I'm sure they're talkign extention.

Foley is a free agent. UFA.

A Rider fan provided me with the names of the Riders FAs that were listed at Regina radio station CJME's website:

Steven Jyles, Wes Cates, Hugh Charles, Stu Foord, Chris Szarka, Gerran Walker, Marc Parenteau, Chris Best, Marcus Adams, Stevie Baggs, Luc Mullinder, Tad Kornegay, Eddie Davis, Omarr Morgan, James Patrick, Jocelyn Frenette

They aren't including Fantuz on the list because of his verbal agreement but, as far as I'm concerned, until he signs his name the deal ain't done.

Quite often, when I hear that the Riders sign a player, it almost always seems to be for one year plus an option, or two years plus an option.

I'm not sure why that is, and had always assumed that it was the norm for other cfl teams as well

he's not stupid, it just happens! what can you do about it?

I hate how some of our fans bitch about things like this. Stupid Tillman...I can't believe he'd have the nerve to put together teams that went to the Grey Cup for 2 out of 3 years. Why can't he be more like Danny Maccioccia? HA!

Holy cow we have a ton of FAs

According to Rod "the Bod" Pedersen, the list of FA's is actually:

Marcus Adams DT, Stevie Baggs DE, Chris Best LG, Wes Cates RB, Hugh Charles RB, Eddie Davis DB, Stu Foord RB, Jocelyn Frenette LS, Steven Jyles QB, Tad Kornegay LB, Omarr Morgan CB, Luc Mullinder DE, Marc Parenteau RG, James Patrick S, Chris Szarka FB, Gerran Walker WR

You are damn rights I bitch about this. There is absolutely zero reason to have that many free agents year after year. Shivers was damn near run out of town when he had 13 free agents. For two years running now we have had the most free agents of any team (i don't actually know if that is factual, but if it isn't its close) . That is not how you run a football team.

And before you get your knickers in a knot I fully commend Tillman for bringing in the personnel to get the Riders to the Cup in 2 of the lats 3 years. Still doesn't mean I can't be upset with him for losing players because he didn't sign them before free agency.
There is a healthy amount of change over for a team to stay competitive. 16 free agents is not that healthy amount.
I fully expect him to be gone before next year.

Sorry. I wasn't saying that I'm pissed off at Tillman. I was saying that I can't stand it when people get all worked up like this. Chill out. Let the GM do his job, which includes finding new talent as well as sometimes letting old talent walk away. You can't sign every free agent, every year. And sometimes you shouldn't.

Given what's just happened....I can think of worse things than having 13 FA's right now.

And he has like, until February to get them signed . . .

According , the Riders had 15 FAs in 2009 and 13 in 2008 so it's at least 3 years in a row now.

Someone has until February to get them signed. Tillman's trial starts on Jan 4 and is scheduled for 2 weeks so he may be a little busy. (Note: That comment was not meant to start a debate about the person or the charges he faces. It is simply a factual statement that there is some uncertainty - as stated by players in quotes at the CJME website - regarding who will be in charge).

If I was the Esks I would try for Dyatkowski, and Beveridge and look for a young Canadian DT in either the draft or as a FA invite to TC.