Free Agents

I was just wondering about some of the current free agents

This site currently has AJ Harris and Terry Caulley as free agents, is this accurate? Im a pretty big fan of these two guys...

AJ Harris is a big back, who is quite fast and is very good at catching the ball out of the backfield, very capable of over 100 yards recieving and is also a good hard runner... i believe he runs a 4.3 40 and is 6 foot 225... lit us up with BC ha ha... wouldnt mind seeing him here to be honest.. would probably come fairly cheap, and hes only 25

and why didnt anyone give DJ Flick another shot this year? did he not fully recover from his leg?

other notable free agents.... not specifically for us

Joe Smith
Derrick Armstrong
Matt Domingeuz
Tom Canada
Cam Hall
Brandon Guillory

I can honestly say that i'm suprised nobody picked up Cam Hall.Did he have an injury of some sort?

Cam Hall signed with Montreal back in February, but was released on 13 June; as far as I am aware no one else in the CFL picked him up. Whether he was injured or not I do not know.

Cam Hall suffered an ankle injury early in TC with the Als IIRC so he didn't get much of a look before being released.

Terry Caulley was released by the Ticats on Nov 6 so it would be difficult for him to get picked up this late in the year.

Derrick Armstrong has bad knees so it isn't surprising that no picked him up (the Argos took a look at him after he was released by the Bombers but passed because of his knees).

I think Tom Canada may have hurt his value by refusing to report to Hamilton when he was traded (he refused before the spleen injury was discovered).

There were reports out of Regina that the Riders were going to re-sign Matt Domingeuz if he could pass a physical. Since he wasn't signed it would seem to indicate that his knee is shot.

Terry Caulley has been injured A LOT, so I'd be careful signing him.

The only FA on the Ticats at the end of this year is Peter DYAKOWSKI.

Are you sure? Did Chris Bauman sign an extension? They don't usually sign rookies to more than a 1 + 1 contract which would have made this year his option year.

Isn't Quinton Porter going to be a FA at the end of the season? I don't recall hearing anything about him signing an extension and he didn't seem happy about his contract earlier in the season.

DJ Flick suffered a spiral fracture to his leg, and apparently it was the effects of that injury that prevented him from catching on anywhere. I believe Armstrong failed a physical in Toronto.

Dominguez has been cleared to play, but the Riders have never really expressed much interest, and Winnipeg tried to sign him for a pittance mid-year, but he refused.

....question about Kelly Campbell.....he refused to sign an extension with the Esks. after having a change of heart....Does this mean the esks. have to release him making him a free agent....??????? Going back a few years when Arland Bruce went down south only to get the axe...the Bombers held his rights but the Argos signed him when he returned....would this be the same situation if the BigBlue offered Campbell a contract....just wonderin////???? :roll:

Kelly Campbell didn't refuse to sign an extension. He signed a new contract and then refused to report. If the Esks release him then he would be a FA but it seems unlikely IMO. They'll probably try to get him to change his mind or trade him during the off-season.

...Yeah the whole story is confusing out of the igloo....Why would a player sign an extension if he didn't have any plans of playing there....something ain't kosher'''' :roll: When did Campbell have a change of heart.....after talking with someone orrrrrrrr are the esks. trying to manipulate the sms.. :roll:

i dont know, but if the esks trade him, it better be to us ha ha...

He could be looking to get traded.Why you would sign on and ask to be traded I don't know but maybe he feels he owes something to the Esk's, maybe he doesn't wanna play there anymore but doesn't wanna screw the Esk's over in the process.As far as where he'd land my guess is Winnipeg or Toronto.And I definitely prefer Winnipeg to the Argho's.

i could see it being us, we all know how kelly loves to bring over ex eskimos, and apparently he and mr campbell had a pretty good relationship while kelly was his reciever coach

I don't think he's actually asked to be traded... no one really knows the full details of the situation just yet.

Obiously the Esks had money left this year so by him signing they were able to put his signing bonus through this year's books.

He is injured and would have been a huge distraction for the current receivers.

He will be an Eskimo next year.

I don't think Campbell's earlier injury has anything to do with this. Why would his injury keep him from reporting after he signed? If Campbell were still injured, why would the Esks not put him on the IR rather than suspend him for not reporting?

Personally, I'd be very surprised if Campbell is still with the Esks next season.