Free Agents

Who do the Argos have a chance of signing when free agency arrives? Does anyone know who they are even interested in?

They have to be interested in some O-Linemen. One or two of Murphy, Gauthier, Picard and Abou-Mechrek?

They need a middle linebacker, best two IMO are Lloyd and McKenzie of Saskatchewan.

I'd be happy with either Murphy and Abou-Mechrek or Gauthier and Picard for the OL, plus McKenzie at LB.

My predictions:

OT Rob Murphy - Toronto
OG Mike Abou-Mechrek - Toronto
OT Alexandre Gauthier - Hamilton
MLB Maurice Lloyd - BC
RB Jesse Lumsden - Edmonton
MLB Anton McKenzie - Toronto
CB Mark Estelle - Edmonton
DE Brandon Guillory - Hamilton
OT Luke Fritz - Winnipeg
DB Dwaine Carpenter - Winnipeg
OLB Willie Pile - Winnipeg
OC Dom Picard - Saskatchewan
DT Matt Kirk - Toronto
WR Brian Bratton - Hamilton

Doubleblue: Do you think the Argos may re-acquire Glenn January? Good young lineman who should continue to improve. Perhaps DJ Flick due to the absence of PK Sam?? I just have not heard or read anything about who the Argos covet.

I haven't read anything either on that.............and my guess is that that is because Andrus hasn't got a clue.

I think January might be plan "B" if they can't sign Murphy or Gauthier. I understand D.J. Flick will have to prove he healthy again before being a top signing priority for any team.

Madjack I am sure Rita, Mohns & Buratto have given Andrus the advice he needs regarding the teams many needs.

Argos add Dominque Picard to take over the center position. A good young and IMO tough player. He doesn't look like its fun to play against him. Good move Adam.

Glenn January signs with Winnipeg. Does that mean Murphy is an Argo?

Picard is an Argo?? I thought they should have drafted him out of university. Does this spell the end of Ironman & leader Chad Folk?

The talk is that the Argos will soon be announcing the retiremnets of Folk, St.John and O'Shea.


Look for the Argos to draft mlb Tristian Black to replace O’Shea. Like O’Shea when he was drafted out of Guelph, I think Black will be able to start right away.

Well, if Tristan Black is good enough to start this year in place of O'Shea then the Argos may well lose him to the NFL, if they do in fact draft him. With his size he is more of a DE in the CFL IMO. MLB nowadays in the CFL have to be able to pass cover more then be a run stopper. We need to find another Willie Pless.