Free Agents

As for other free agents available, i think that if these guys become available (that is a big IF in most cases) we should take a good hard look at them.

DB Jordan Younger (Edm)
QB Darian Durant (Sask)
WR Arland Bruce (Tor)
S Kenny Wheaton (Tor)
K Nick Setta (Ham)

Just my opinion, but i can alway's dream ... LOL ... The Bombers need to re-sign the obvious here first though :slight_smile:

Reid - Picard - Haywood - Malveux - Bell - Cvetkovic - Koch and Gauthier

Agree with Younger, Bruce and Wheaton. Not sure why everybody's so high on Durant. He had a couple good games in the beginning of the season when no one had any film on him, been a flop since. Setta would probably cost a lotta cash...

i agree for the most part... but id replace kenny wheaton LB willie pile.. and jordan younger with lance frasier

Jordan is a corner... a very good one at that... but would be super expensive, plus we already have two god cornersin amos and samuals...

lance frasier is a half back... and lead sask with 5 picks last season... he would be a bit cheaper and fits the spot we need

as for willie pile, hes older.. and if we can afford to put an import at safety we should just use malveaux

I agree you guys are set on the corner with Amos and Samuels............the less seen of Robert Bean out on the corner the better, imho.

Ugh! Ain't that the truth. Too bad about Bean...sooo much promise...sooo little delivered.

sorry, i meant kenny wheaton is older... willie pile would be a huge upgrade over ike charlton and is around 28 or so... him and cam hall as our lb's would be great on either side of moreno to say guys.....the kicking situation is one that has to be addressed....Serna ended the year certainly better than he began...However i still have reservations about this guy...IF ...we could get Setta for reasonable money...i say go after him...
Printers would only be acceptable with a renegotiated deal....and a revamped attitude....
Arland Bruce has told a buddy of his (off the rumour mill) that he would like to finish his career in the Peg....BUT of course for the right money...he would add another dangerous dimension to an already potent attack....i can see this one happening... :wink:

james ... no disrespect but i like Samuels at DB myself, that is the position he excels in and lays out the player's game in and game out. We have 3 Corners in Amos, Johnson and Bean .... I believe bean should pack up now, he is just plain horrible and Amos and Jevon Johnson are better than Bean .... which leaves us with Johnson and Amos at corner with the possibility at younger playing in Johnsons spot as Johson played a few games at DB himself, but the player's you mentioned are upgrades as well, as long as the secondary is "tweaked" and "focused" our defence will be in the top 3 this year, and i strongly believe that. As for our linebackers, Moreno is a shoe in at MLB BUT same with Lobedahn but apparently both can play OLB ... That only leaves one Linebacker spot to be filled (Cam Hall or Ike Charlton) I'll take Cam over Charlton.

Great post though james - Great points and options without argument - cheers to that!! :rockin:

The Said to be 150,000 Deal on Table for Nick here in the Hammer.
3 years + Option..
But it just rumor

Well thanks, but we will have to agree to disagree.... Samuals started out on the weakside corner.. and when he was there his recievers barely caught anything... and when they did, he still made them pay... When Jovon was on the inside he played very well... In fact he played very well where ever they put him..

When samuals played inside against they esks he got burned a few times.... one for a long TD.. Sure he gets a lot more shots in, but keep in mind, the recievers are still catching the ball and getting yards or even td's.. I'd prefer him on the outside and shutting down his reciever...

Lance Frasier is certainly a lot cheaper as well... He and Jovon on the inside would give us two very solid half backs... Amos and Samuals on the corner would be a solid combo as well... However should they go in the direction of the all star in Younger... I totally agree with Samuals on the inside

I still like Cam Hall on the weak side... If Lobendahn is the better bet, then so be it... but personally I think Willie Pile is one of the best sam LB's in the league, and hes still young.. he should be brought in if the opportunity arises!

Ask Samuals on OB what he prefers... I believe the sun reported he is more comfortable on the outside

It seems as if you people have forgotten all about simpson as of right now we have Hall, Lobedahn, Simpson, Moreneau.. how many more LB's do we need?

also i agree with getting fraiser he'd be taking malbrough's spot as i don't think he (malbrough) will be resigned and with malveaux thats 1 heck of a secondary... wouldn't mind getting youger too but like others say too much of a price tag and we got players that are just as capable of doing the job.

as for QB i think we need to bring in someone not necessarily durant just another experienced QB like printers,bishop, crandell, etc. i just want to see more of a competition in training camp rather than Glenn and Dinwiddie.

Bruce would be a very nice threat just imagine Edwards and Bruce at slot back both of those players can turn a 5 yard catch into a 25+ yard catch. Only issue with bringing in Bruce is were does that leave Bryant or do we trade armstrong if we sign Bruce.

I think we should try and look for a Canadian wideout like Bauman i don't know if there is anyone like that coming out of the draft but would be nice to find a big canadian receiver... Franklin is great in all but lacks the height. Also need to find a Canadian Safety or Dlinemen.

Where do i start on this reply. First off i believe Simpson is done, Moreno is better at MLB and Lobedahn is younger and faster than Simpson meaning he would be a great fit at OLB. Cam Hall is solid, therfore i have to say Simpson is the odd man out right now, he is not fast enough to play OLB and Moreno is a better MLB, sorry to see him go, but that's life in the game of football.

QB'S ... hmmmm ..... the topic of the offseason here in the peg .... First of all i would not want Joseph or Bishop here ... They have proven to be nothing but BUSTS ... Printers ego is too large, we don't need that ... why can't we just once go into training camp with what we have Glenn - Dinwiidie - Randall - Chang and someone outta college or NFL cuts, why do we need to keep trading for QB'S when we have RANDALL , who the Bombers can grrom into a number one QB, he is younger than Bishop, Joseph and Printers ... he has the same speed if not faster of the three and he has a strong arm, develop what we have, enough of this BS TRADING for qb's every 4 years. I say bring Glenn - Dinwiddie - Randall - Chang and someone new into camp and let them battle it out, let the best man win ... If Randall is on the sidelines for the year at least he is learning, remember he is only 25 years old (turned in August) ... I think Kelly can do good things with Randall andhaving him learn behind Dinwiddie and Glenn is not a bad thing.

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C'mon, 150k for a kicker? I'll believe it when I see it.

Oh wait, you paid 1/2 Mil for Casey the Crumble didn't you! That figures. :cowboy: :roll: Go Eskimos! Richie Hall for HC!

$150,000 for the whole 3 years probably which equals around $50,000/year … The Bombers were paying Westwood that, so why can’t we lure Setta here for $50,000/year+performance incentives, makes sense, hope he doesn’t sign with the Hammer as we need a kicker in the worst way and i am sure Setta wants to be with a winner!!

Isn't Boreham doing pretty good in Ham-town? I like him

Boreham is punting in Saskatchewan. agent signings for 09 (especially the Bombers fas') seem to have gone into hibernation for us...Rather a slow watch...My take is that Kelly is going over the personell with a microscope....assessing and re-assessing...He's a super-thorough type..Some news ,that is a little concerning is that Romby Bryant is working out in the nfl....He;s pushing 30, so his age is definitely a factor , that might keep him in bluengold...Sounds like Gauthier is talking with the stamps....he 'could' be gonzo if he doesn't get the right dough....I guess we're taking the long 'wait and see' approach....Other clubs seem to be racing out and re-signing their guys left right and centre....HOWEVER....we did that last year, and ,wellllll the results weren't over-whelming... :roll: Some clubs are still drifting without a head-coach this late into the i guess we should be patient :roll: C'MON... TAMAN :lol: