free agents

does anyone know who all the free agents are other than Durant ?
I heard Maurice Lloyd and Anton Mckensie ?
(protect you QB at all cost and put the fear of God in theirs )

Flick, Mitchell, Lucas, Hughes...I know there are more, as I heard a list of them yesterday...can't recall off the top of my head, though...

B. Johnson

Will be interesting if they bring Flick back or if he even wants to come back.

I am pretty much done with the Bowman experiment the guy has hands like boulders, but we need to find another wide out MD is done me thinks.

Morley, Abou-Mechrek, McCullough, Frazier, T. Clovis

...something about family issues he had to tend to, so he was placed on the suspended list...something to that effect, anyway...

Isn't Mo Lloyd a free agent? I beleive Jeremy O'Day has played out his option also. These are two guys we definitely would want to hang onto.

Mo Lloyd is the heart of the D, I really hope he stays. Lucas and Mackenzie are also free agents I think so I don’t know if we will be able to keep all 3.

so if our assumptions are correct these are the free agents:

Darian Durant - QB
Maurice Lloyd - Linebacker
Anton Mckenzie - Linebacker
D. J. Flick - Receiver
Leron Mitchell - Defensive Back
Sean Lucas - Linebacker
Neil Hughes - Fullback
Belton Johnson - Offensive Line
Steve Morley - Offensive Line
Mike Abou-Mechrek - Offensive Line
Mike McCullough - Linebacker
Lance Frazier - Defensive Back
Tristan Clovis - Safety
Maurice Lloyd - Linebacker
Jeremy O'Day - Offensive Line

wow. the linebacking situation has become interesting. hughes is in a good spot though. he has a break out season and now may be rewarded.

Those guys mostly in that order are who i think we NEED to keep.

I think the first three plus Lucas will garner the most attention - they're all young and coming off impact seasons.

The rest of that list - I would expect most of them will be back if we want them.

Is Fantuz a free agent, or is this his option year? I recall him signing a 2+1 deal, but can't remember when that was.

I think Frazier will get some attention, he's been awesome for us this year!

Lance Frazier is the best DB we have. I think that was shown partly in his absence for that Toronto game. I would be very suprised if ET let him get away.

The way i see it in no specific order, the top five. Llyod, Anton, Frazier, Lucas (even though i dont like him he had a good year), Hughes or O day, im think o day would fit in the top 5 over hughes just because our O line is an area of concern without him as we saw this year.
Saskatchewan QB Darian Durant LB Anton McKenzie LB Mike McCullough RB Neal Hughes DB Lance Frazier LB Sean Lucas OL Belton Johnson OL Mike Abou-Mechrek S Leron Mitchell S Tristan Clovis OL Steve Morley WR D.J. Flick
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Leader post talking about the big-name Free-Agents

Durant and Lloyd are two of the 11 players eligible to file for free agency The list includes the three starting import linebackers -- Lloyd, Anton McKenzie and Sean Lucas.

Gene Makowsky, the 14-year veteran guard, is also eligible for free agency

The other free agents are: safety Scott Gordon, fullback Neal Hughes, offensive tackle Belton Johnson, guards Mike Abou-Mechrek and Steve Morley and slotback D.J. Flick. Johnson and Flick are imports

  1. Durant
  2. Lloyd
  3. McKenzie
  4. Lucas
  5. Makowsky
  6. Gordon
  7. Hughes
  8. B. Johnson
  9. Abou-Mechrek
  10. Morley
  11. Flick

aside from Lloyd lance Frazier is a definate keeper... does anyone know whats going on with James Johnson this year?

Yeah forsure, 5 INTS

According to the LP. Frazier is not one of the 11 free agents.

Well thats good news about Lance then having all of our starting LB's up is scary though. Don't think Tristan will be back he's been awol for months with no explaination to the public