Free Agents

Here are the Als who will become free agents in February if not re-signed before then, in my personal order of preference:

  1. Chip Cox....a MUST re-sign, no question about it;

  2. Dahrran Diedrick....Canadian, useful backfield backup;

  3. Dario Romero....we miss Philion, so veteran presence on the D-line is needed;

  4. Ryan Jeffery; I know nothing about him;

  5. Avon Cobourne; never really impressed me;

  6. D'Wayne Taylor; he is no better than Hill and Ferri, so we don't need to re-sign him.

What are your thoughts, and what FAs from other teams would you go after?

I would agree that Cox and Romero are players we want to keep. Since we were either last or second to last in QB sacks, Tom Canada would be a great addition and, a quality offensive lineman is a great need.

You are correct hassall, we really need upgrades on the O and D lines.

We gave up too many sacks, and we didn't get enough sacks of our own.

If we re-sign Cox we have the makings of a great secondary; the only problem I think they had this past season was caused by the fact that they were having to cover receivers for far too long because opposing passers had all day to throw, we were getting next to no pressure on the opposing QBs.

Much as I have always liked Anwar Stewart, I think it is time that we get two new pass-rushing ends, be it by way of signing a FA like Canada or unearthing a gem like Cameron Wake.

It's true that we have to resign Chip Cox and Dario Romero. The third palyer that I want to be sign by the Als is Miguel Robede. a former Rouge & Or and Miami Hurricane.

what we really need is a new "CFL-type" QB. And that, the 2 QBs available are not.

I'm content with AC and Brady.......what's non-CFL about them?

  • AC : Mobility and improvisation nonexsitent;

  • Brady : A good backUp but not a real starter.

for me, a real CFL-type Qb is Joseph, Printers, Flutie, Holloway (for the oldies).

Perhaps the Als have this QB in Brad Banks. I saw him in the NCAA and he impressed me.

Well I guess we'll have to agree to disagree a bit. AC has been a very good QB for us, led us to several Grey Cups; sure he isn't particularly mobile, but then neither are Ricky Ray or Dave Dickenson and they've had pretty good careers too.

Brady really impressed me, I think he has the tools to be a competent starter.

Banks, on the other hand, while he may have been good in NCAA (so what; we can name lots of college QBs with great stats who bombed out miserably in the CFL....Tee Martin, Andre Ware, etc etc), he's never impressed me here, either in Ottawa or Winnipeg.

You're right when you said that he WAS a very good QB. Just like Okeke was good either for us.

I admit too that I saw Banks in the NCAA, not in the CFL.

For Brady, for a game he played like a Doug Flutie and another game, he played like Ted White!

Who's the real Brady? Probably between Flutie and White. Is it enough? I'm not sure...

I think Brady has more upside, we shall see this year hopefully. I never thought he was as bad as Ted White....don't think I've ever seen a QB to rank down that low!

You want some names? :lol:

  • Brian Ransom;
  • Eric Kresser.

but White is not really better than them!

Do you think that Jesse Palmer could make a return next year (My girlfriend asked me this question!!!)

Sorry but I'd still take Rancid Ransom and Kresser over Ted White. Turner Gill even.

To join in the QB discussion, I believe Ricky Ray can be a very effective runner. He is strong and it is very tough for defenders to bring him down. He is great in the pocket but I have seen games he has won for the Esks through his running.I rank Ray as the CFL's best QB as he is effective with both the run and the pass.
In the 06 Grey Cup, Dave Dickensen picked up loads of yards with his running. This would indicate that the CFL needs QB's who can do both.
Calvillo was at his best when he had Mike Pringle in the backfield behind an offensive line that was elite. Calvillo's passing yardage was significent. In the past two years Calvillo has not been an effective QB as he cannot run and does not have an elite offensive line. Unlike Ray, Calvillo is not effective at avoiding the rush.
The Als should be looking for A QB with both talents.In reality, in 08 perhaps the best hope might be to utilize both Calvillo and Brady as QB partners, with each playing to his strength.In addition, scouting should always be focused on an explosive back such as Pringle to take pressure of the QB.
Winnipeg has two great players on the free agent market. One would firm up the offensive line and the other could provide the defensive rush that was lacking last season.

The problem with Turner Gill was concussion. He had the talent to be a good QB in the CFL. But, with Nebraska, he took too many hits to give the chance to Mike Rozier to run like a horse! (=> option play)

@MAdJack : For the last 25 years do we have or not our bunch of poor QBs? :roll:

A question : Who' the worst of the worst...

Oh we sure do. I suffered through the 60s with the likes of Bubba Marriott, Vernon Cole, Warren Raab, George Bork........ and then later we had guys like Mark Jackson, Ron Calcagni, Mark Stevens and Kevin Starkey.

But worst of the worst, that would have to be Ted White, hands down.

Mention of Marriott, Cole, Rabb and Bork from 63-66 brought back a lot of bad memories. Our defence wasn't that bad, and our running game was good to fine....but our passing game was virtually non-existent. The opposition disrespected our passing game so much that our running game suffered. In those years, our high individual pass receiver was anywhere from 25 to 35 pass receptions a year!

Another infamous QB was Taverus Bolden. I was amazed that this guy lasted 3 years as a backup. I believe he might have gotten into one play, other than exibition games. However, I must agree that Ted White was the greatest QB flop ever!!

Yes, the running game was not too shabby in those bygone days....guys with cool nicknames like Nat "Crash" Craddock and Pat "Cotton" Batten.....others I remember well are Don Lisbon and my personal favourite from the 60s, J.W. Lockett

Still, while the QBing was a major comedown, as good as some of those running backs were, they as well were a comedown from the days of Dixon and Clark.

Another QB was Taverus Bolden who lasted three years as Als second string QB. I believe he actually had one or two series of plays- both unsucessful.It was amazing he lasted that long. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe he was replaced by the infamous Ted White. Another ineffective QB who was activated years ago when Calvillo was injured was Dan Gonzalus.


Dan Gonzalez was dreadful. How in the world he beat out Stanley Jackson for the #2 spot behind AC is beyond me.