Free agents

He lost his starting spot at safety after giving up a game losing touchdown to the Lions in week 12 or so.

We got Cates back for a year plus an option. Good call Tillman, this guy brings so much to our offense. He is overall probably the best back in the league in my opinion.

Do you remember that game against BC we should have won at Taylor Field this year? Remember that TD whats his name.... Oh yeah Geroy Simon scored? Yeah... That was because Tristan Clovis did exactly what a safety should never do.

"Chunky" Adams has apparently re-signed today.
One year plus an option.

As for Tristan Clovis, yep he blundered badly on the Simon TD, but bet on him regaining his starting job, if not next year, then the year after.

All three of these guys would be good to have at LEAST one more season to help the young guys. We know how valuable Eddie was, as evidence by the record during his absence. MD would be an excellent mentor for Fantuz to get him to be the "Go to" guy. Reggie didn't have to be as dominating because of the play of maurice Lloyd, but having him on the field is needed to keep the LB's working well!

I think they need Matt D and one more big name Reciever, I wasn't impressed with Washington or Palmer, they just weren't getting open like Matt, Fantuz or Flick.

As far as Eddie goes, yes I think he will be resigned...I don't think he goes into coaching after he is done. I don't think he has much interest in it.

In terms of Reggie H. this one is a toss up for me. He only played average at times. In terms of some of his backups, they have injury problems to address.

I though both Washington and Palmer seemed OK. Palmer dropped a couple, but he was our leading reciever for our last 2 regular games and Washington also had a couple of good games. Do not forget that Palmer did not sign with the team until September and Washington was also signed in mid season. I think both of these guys have a future.

Washinton is a good fit, I think.

The only time Washington and/or Palmer were able to get open was when the defence thought they were fillers.....which was usually the first games they played after that they didn't catch much. There is more then speed needed, it is also the ability to get open and the ability to catch the ball in traffic. The last two are something that both Washington and Palmer don't seem to have.

Agreed; when he’s good he’s VERY GOOD but when he’s not he’s average at best.