Free agents

If there was a wishlist, for me it would have one guy and a bunch of current players whos' contract expires on it. So(CAPS denotes All-Star potential):

  1. DOMINGUEZ - 2 yrs + 1yr option for $85,000 + incentives up to $200,000

  2. E. DAVIS - 2 yrs + 1 option for $80,000 + incentives up to $140,000

  3. D. GOODSPEED - 3yrs + 1 option for $123,000 + incentives up to $143,000

  4. R. Hunt - 1yr + 1 option for $85,000 + incentive up to $125,000

  5. W. Smith - 1yr + option for $88,000 + incentive up to $125,000

  6. C. Szarka - 1yr + option for $73,000 + incentive up to $120,000

  7. M.C. Adams - 1yr + option for $70,000 if he comes in to camp less 20 lbs.

Well thats all I figure we can spend considering there will have to be some renegotiating for a few players based on 07'. I did replace casualty Jermese Jones with Dan Goodspeed of Winnipeg. He's gonna fit in nice if we can grab him. Other casualties of the cap are Rontarius Robinson, Tad Kornegay, and Dustin Cherniawski. Yo Murphy to retire.

I think Ron Rob is replaceable from within the current team. As is Tad. I better not hear any moans over Tad. LOL! DC was a hard nosed specialteamer whos tackles got taken by Neil Hughes and Kitwana Jones this year. I doubt he'll be back. Thats all I got for now.


I like Ron Robinson :frowning:

And I think Reggie will be needing a longer contract than that... I think Smith needs a longer one as well...

I think Dominguez and Hunt will draw a lot of attention around the league. I'm sure Hamilton will be hot on their trail.
I can see Hunt going to BC to play with his brother.
Hamilton and Edmonton will be offering big bucks to Dominguez IMO and I think the Argos will be in there pitching as well. Providing he passes a medical.

Goodspeed from Winnipeg will draw some interest as well. Montreal, Hamilton and Toronto (if Pearson doesn't return) would be my guess.

I think Czarka's days are numbered, Hughes filled in nicely for him.

It will be interesting to see some of the other players that come open. I think Hunt's numbers have gone down little this year. He had some weak games in the middle of the season. That may have been from playing with different players all the time or as some suggested, he was coasting. Either way, some teams will take a long look at him given projected age and salary demands.

I never have liked Szarka. I would like to see Dominguez back with the Riders, and I think he will take a cut to stay here as this is where his home is. Hunt, I hate to say it, will probably end up in B.C, as much as I really want him to come back. Eddie Davis clearly was a difference maker in the second half of the season after coming back, but is getting old. Try and find a younger corner to fill his spot, or get him to take a pay cut. Both Adams and Smith can be replaced, Adams by Mullinder who really impressed me with the time he was given.

I havent liked Szarka either. I dont really understand why people like him so much. I mean, I know he has skills, but I have always felt like one of the reasons he is effective is because he is used so rarely

It won't break my heart either if Szarka doesn't return.

I say resign E. Davis as a number one priority. He's old, but that's kinda a good thing when you play in the secondary. Dominguez should also be a high priority.

I think they'll hang onto Wayne Smith as he's a non-import if I remember correctly. Also he is able to play both Tackle and Guard.

I'm not convinced that R.Hunt will try and go to BC. If anything he'll be released for Salary Cap reasons. I must say I hope not as he's my favourite Rider.

I like Rontarius Robinson. I like the play of Chunky as well.

The only two players who's play I'm unsatisfied with are Jermese Jones and Corey Holmes (yeah I really hate to say it but I don't think he's worth his salary).

I don't like Szarka because he always gets stopped on a third and one, or can never get into the endzone from short yardage. He is slow. I'll give him the fact that he is a good blocker but so is Hughes, and Hughes knows how to hit the hole and is alot faster.

Szarka's simply one dimensional and no longer needed, time for Hughes to shine

Dominguez played tentative on his bad knee even before his latest injury and i feel he may be forced to retire, but hopefully not and the Riders give him a contract...

Lighten up on Szarka. He's a team guy and has always done what the team has requested unselfishly forgoing personal acheivements. Remember 2003 - Chris Szarka - Rider and Western nominee for outstanding Canadian - led Riders in touchdowns.

After such a successful season what does Danny and Roy ask Chris to do - lose weight and try to better his speed. He did as asked and guess what they didn't use him except for blocking that year, the next and the next. Finally this year Chris has been used for pass receiving out of the backfield, besides the odd rushing play and usually manages to get pretty good yardage on those plays. As always his blocking is top knotch. I don't know how much of his inability to make some of those short yardage plays is due to him or the offensive line, because there were several times that other short yardage plays during the year that were snuffed out and Szarka wasn't the ball carrier. Look at the Grey Cup game - how close was that short yardage gamble that required a review spot to give us a first down.

In conclusion: Keep Chris - he's a valuable team guy willing to whatever the team needs to win. Improve the offensive line - Kerry won't last a full season next year if he gets rocked and pressured like he did in the playoffs this year.

I think re-signing Eddie Davis is a good move; if Richie Hall moves on to a head coach position, I think Eddie Davis would retire and replace him as defensive coordinator, and I think if you lose Hall Eddie would be a very good choice as his successor.

I hope the team keeps Szarka around, he obviously isn't as fast as he once was, but he's arguably the best blocking fullback in the league.

Wayne Smith was just signed

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

REGINA ( wire) -- The Grey Cup champion Saskatchewan Roughriders announced on Tuesday that the club re-signed non-import offensive lineman Wayne Smith to a one-year plus an option contract. Financial details of the signing were not released.

Smith was acquired by the Roughriders along with import receiver D.J. Flick from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats last off-season. Smith started 16 regular season games, two playoff games and the Grey Cup at offensive guard.

"We’re delighted to re-sign Wayne," said Roughriders general manager Eric Tillman. "In our view, he is one of the best young Canadians in this league."

"Wayne is athletic enough to play multiple positions on the offensive line, and best of all, his character is equal to his talent."

Not sure if this is who they were talking about, but apparently at the grey cup luncheon thing for the Huskies in Saskatoon today they said Tillman didn't come because he was in Regina Trying to sign a free agents who is leaving today. ( i hope that Wayne was additional and that eddie or reggie was the other one.)

Reggie lives in Regina year round. So I doubt it's him urgently being resigned. Eddie lives in Calgary in the offseason. So it could be him. But I wouldn't be surprised if it's neither at this moment of time that are resigned. Calgary not all that far away. There will likely be announcements later on Reggie and Eddie

Upon having several heavy hearted thought processes, I have come to the conclusion that we can get ALOT better next year. Im not so sure we even need Eddie, Reggie or Matt to do it, despite the wants.

Matt D.'s current replacements Washington, and Marshall are ready to step in and compete for the boundary job even if we do re-sign Matt. Let another team throw dollars at him and pick up the people they drop (hopefully in the defensive backfield) to sign him. No disrespect to Matt D. here either, its just that with 3 past injuries it is impossible to give him the money he deserves and get better elsewhere on our team.

Reggie Hunts numbers were down, but he was BIIIG at important junctures. Which makes him valued and expensive. His position is one where there is not a shortage of bodies. We currently have Stancil, Renaud Williams, and Anton McKenzie to step in where he steps out. We also have a solid dollar in Canada that will make it easy to see a lot more Americans at the common positions(WR, QB, RB, LB, DB) up here next year in camps. Remember George White? He was great but we let him go because Reggie came along from out of nowhere. The same thing can and will happen if he doesn't take a biiig cut. Not likely. Once again BC (or whomever) gets stuck with an aging player while we bring in Americans and younger castoffs with talent left in them to compete with Stancil, Williams, and McKenzie.

Eddie. Oh Eddie. How can you not WANT to re-sign this guy? But he's not getting any younger and he doesn't even want to coach. Some people have been hinting to retain him to make him DB coach or D-coordinator when Ritchie moves up or on. Well if he doesn't want to coach then IMHO you have to let him go. That being said we need an all-star back there. A conductor, or QB of the D if you will, to do what Eddie does on a game to game basis. Our current fill-ins haven't and wont do a quarter of what he does for the team. So sign him or get someone else that can lead and flat out play.


No way Davis stays around as a coach in Regina, unless he gets a divorce! He has already said this. I really think that if Calgary wants him, thats where he will be. His wife lives there and thats where his house is.... Play a year or two in Calgary and then transition into a new career.

Thanks leeinq; living where I do I do not get a lot of the inside info, so I did not know that (a) Eddie has said he won't coach in Saskatchewan and (b) that he lives in Calgary.

So, based on your valued input, I withdraw my comment.

Too bad though....I still think he'd make an excellent coach.

Yeah he would he is a great leader. But at this point and time, it wouldnt be here... :frowning:

ive developed quite an interest in tristian clovis, can some one fill me in on his 2007 season?