Free Agents

So has anyone heard if there are any Free agents that the Lions are going after. I have not seen or heard a thing. Am I missing any news?

Your not missing anything , this year's market is one of the lowest ranking of recent years and the top two FA's are the ones that we let go or left, Thelwel and Loescher. Wally B seems to be giving a this one a big yawn . Mentioned in the media so far that I know about is possible interest in Cam Yeow . Personally I like Rahim Abdullah , but maybe his price is to high for WB .Sounds like WB will let O'B get him his roster for TC instead.

because their roster is pretty solid already as reigning grey cup champs with young guys ready to take a shot at defensive end,receiver etc. with loescher and thelwell leaving.

Cam Yeow is all I've heard about, and that depends if he can pass a medical exam. (Maybe Calgary fans can fill us in on the injury...Neck???)