Free Agents

The list of potential free agents is out. The Als who could become free agents as of 16 February are:

Adriano Belli
Jajuan Dawson
Patrick Dorvelus
Ezra Landry
Uzooma Okeke
Travis Parker
Antuan Simmons

Simmons, Parker, and Dawson I know nothing about so won't comment. Belli and Okeke I'd re-sign if the price was right (but I'd be bringing a new crop of O-lineman to training camp, and if Okeke gets beat out that's the way the cookie crumbles). Landry would depend on his health and whether or not he wants to return. Dorvelus I would not attempt to re-sign.

What do you other Als fans think?

From the list, who would you take a run at from other teams' free agents?

I would look at bringing back Cavil; Thelwell and Tounkara might give us more talent and depth at receiver; Stanford Samuels or Davin Bush might not be a bad pickup to help our secondary, with Cox gone south. But I guess it all depends on the new salary cap.

I thought Edwards was a free agent. What's up with that???

I think we need to get the 0-Line and Receivers back in shape. Defence, I think we're settled, just need a new Defensive Strategy.

I personally, think we have way too much Defensive Linemen, so I wouldn't go for Belli.

I would really like to see Ezra Landry return. He is a really exciting sight for fans.

Actually I would not be disappointed if he didn't. I like the guy but I think he is too small and too easy to take down. Sure he get some good returns but he also gets plenty of 2-3 yarders..... He is not going to bounce off a defender and keep on going

They went and got Stokes back so I think Landry is pretty much done as an Alouette. I would definitely like to see Belli back but the fact that they are interested in Charbonneau may indicate otherwise. As far as Edwards' goes, I think that he is in his option year. On which free agents they should target....well, they really need a speedy receiver. Thelwell could be a good fit.

The TiCats released Vaughn today. If we could get him cheap, I'd welcome him back in an Als uniform. Solid, dependable possession receiver -- that's what we need.

I agree but from the looks of the article, he still wants a 6 figure income or he'll just walk away from football. I hope he comes here though, we really need some receivers.

You know what? If we can afford it, I'd pay him six figures. Our receiving corps is in shambles right now, except for Cahoon. Watkins still hasn't proven he's a deep threat. Wilson is, well, Wilson. Stala had a bad year. Girard is, well, Girard. And I will be very unhappy if I see Thyrone Anderson in an Als uniform this coming season. Vaughn is a veteran receiver; he'll bring stability and experience, and I'm sure he'll be eager to rebound from last year's horror show in Hamilton.

I’m with you on that one discipline. Cahoon is great, but after that we had a poor year last year. Watkins shows flashes here and there but is inconsistent and unreliable (not something you could ever say about Vaughn); Anderson I don’t care to see return; Stala had an off year; Girard is too injury prone. Wilson and Edwards (Terrance) I thought improved a bit over the year but both are still too inconsistent.