Free Agents

I know the Riders season just ended but as for free agents i'm not sure how many will be back. The area we will be hurt is on defence and in our secondary, Kitwana Jones, Jackie Mitchell, and Omarr Morgan are all stated free agents, and on our global news tonight Edmonton is trying to snag Omarr. With the riddance of Barret i think alot of the players aren't going to want to stick around Saskatchewan and many more will be demanding trades or pull a Kyreis Hebert. Basically what i'm getting at is that by Barret leaving do you feel the Rider's will lose loyaly of players and will Tillman be able to fill the holes.

Yes, Tillman will fill the holes, its his job.. Whether its with quality talent or not is the question at hand.

Listening to Tillman in the fourth quarter, he mentioned that there will be some signings soon, so we'll have to wait and see who is coming next year. True, it would be a serious loss to lose Omarr. I suspect Eddie Davis and Fred Childress will be sent out to pasture as they are getting "long in the tooth"!

also have to look at the salary cap, so a lot of teams are going to have to cut spending, and i know we have to cut 600,000. it's going to be a difficult adjustment cause a lot of players are going to be looking for more money to resign across the league

Chill said he is gonna retire anyway. He is still one of the more dominant O line guys in the L. Losing Omarr would be shitty. Eddie still has a couple years left...

a lot of players are saying that it was
Danny that brought them here but in reality was it not the 600,000 that we have to cut that realy brought them here ? ? ? ?
how many of them will play next year for a substancial pay cut ? ? ? ?
if we resigne DB or not will a few of these move on because of sallary isues to par 600,000 of our payroll ? ? ? ?

Give or take a couple of dollars, we didn't spend any more on our team than any other team in the league, with the possible exception of Winnipeg.
If Danny goes, we will lose some players over the next couple of years as they will follow him.
But they'll follow the money as well, so we'll see.
Some guys likely simply will not resign with the Riders as long as Hopson is here.
But others likely like it here and will want to finish the job.
But GMs and coaches always develop loyalties, so this is all to be expected.
Tillman will bring in his guys, just like Roy brought in his.
And coaches will impact that process as well.
I don't think it will be as difficult to reduce the payroll by $500,000 as some people think, either.
That is only, on average, about 10 grand a player.
As every team will be in the same boat, no one will be able to just poach all our free agents.
Plus Tillman has the mandate from Hopson to "cheat" by using the signing bonus loophole.

You know if DB leaves, the next couple years following will show a lot about the players' characters.

tillman said on the saskriders forum that he has ten+ signings to announce whether its free agents or reworked contracts is anybodys we will have to wait and see till after greycup when tillman plans to announce these signings.

tillman on saskriders said there is 7 free agents left to sign and one or two cb are not coming back.

Why is everyone talking about Omarr Morgan?? What has he done for us latley...What you should be worried about is losing a guy like Eddie Davis

Both are all-star calibre DBs... You apparently just look at interceptions, but thats only a small part of being a DB.