Free Agents?

Does anyone have a list,or know the ticat free agents?

Lets hope most are free to go anywhere but here

During the Edmonton game yesterday, they showed a screen of Eskimos who are free agents with the comment that they expect lots of changes for next year. Some pretty impressive names. Ed Hervey and AJ Gass stood out to me. Two pretty good additions. Maybe we could allow AJ and Brock Ralph to be roommates on the road. It seems to have worked for Peca and Tucker on the Leafs.

Bellie is a free agent during the offseason. He still can play. We may need to hire a specialist to stop his untimely penalties but we sure could use him.

umm... "TICAT" free agents...not Edmonton,not Montreal..TICAT free agaents..

TSN commentator Leif Pettersen mentioned DJ Flick is a free agent.

According to an article by Ken Peters titled "Housecleaning begins as Cats release Eakin, Peterson" in today's edition of The Hamilton Spectator, Kamau Peterson, prior to asking for and receiving his release, was one of five Ticats set to become a free agent in February, 2007. The other four are:

Mike Morreale WR
DeVonte Peterson DT
Airibin Justin DB
Matt Robichaud LS

I really think what we all want to know, is what free agents are going to be available from other teams. Does anyone have a list of upcoming players that are going to be available?
A couple receivers and a mlb would be nice.

Belli is a "pantload" who wore out his welcome in this town - he had the ability to be another Mosca but blew it. He is overrated and has lost the support of the fans - a double edged sword.

I'd Like to see Morreale re-signed for next year. He didn't have a great season but his veteran leadership will help. Also I feel Hitchcock will be back as well to anchor our Defense

Ed Hervey sounds good. Did Maas have a connection with him?
Also, why did we give up on Khalil Hill. We was awesome on returns...they should havre fined him big time and punished him by have him just return kicks until he smartened up. Then have him play WR.

They should have Jesse run back kicks or Holmes(although he didn't seem to excel there this year).