Free Agents worth a look!?

Just wondering as to who u think out of the FA'S are worth any sorta second look or a offer?
Perhaps Kerry Watkins
Jovn Johnson
Chris szarka
Byron parker
I see wake is a FA..whats up with that? are his rights up? or was he let go?

Wake caught my eye. . . so too did Jason Tucker, since he retired some time ago. . . something's amiss with that list.

I would certainly target Parker. . . he'd be an upgrade over Bo Smith who has departed anyway.

Wake is in the NFL.

Szarka is not going anywhere. He just got elected to council or something out there.
If Johnson doesn't make the NFL he'll probably be back in the Peg.

I'd assess the Cat's top FA intrest's as:

1.Jovon Johnson DB -Killer cover man and he is the KR/PR Obie is looking for and then some-

2.Byron Parker DB -Our secondary hasn't been 100% lately and Parker with Johnson would automatically make our secondary one of the best-

3.Teyo Johnson/Arjei Franklin N/I WR -We will likely be tossing Corey Grant this off-season and these guys are without question upgrades over him as is.-

4.Kerron William's DL -Could always use another playmaker on the DL-

Kerry Watkins and Kerry Carter


Didn't Comiskey retire a while ago to? He's up there as well.

Also saw Fantuz up there, but he's probably not going anywhere. Same with Reynolds.

There's nothing wrong with that list, it's a list that includes retired players and teams in the NFL because if they were to come back to the league (by either un-retiring or returning to the CFL), their rights would have belonged to the team that you see them under until February of this year.

A few notes on this list.

It contains the names of retired players and deferred NFL contracts that are expiring as on February 15th. None of these players should be considered free agents at this juncture, and it just represents their deals rolling off the books.

As for the remainder of players, keep in mind that there is over a month until the free agency window opens. Some of these players have already been resigned or agreed to deals in principle, and the respective clubs have yet to announce the signings for various reasons. Many more of these players will be re-signed by their clubs before the free agent window opens. Also, keep in mind that non-import players are generally less likely to head to free agency than imports.

At the opening of the free agent window last season, only about fifteen "active" players remained available as free agents.

Now some specific info on what I know or have heard about several of the players you guys single out here. And a healthy does of opinion and conjecture to boot.

Chris Szarka - he is turning 34 this season and was recently elected as a City of Regina councillor. He will not be leaving SSK.

Jovon Johnson - he is reportedly very close to resigning with the Bombers, who are likely going to be resolute about signing him following Hefney's departure (I feel Hefney has a good chance of sticking with the Lions - at least in a PR capacity). Not that this eliminates the chance, but reduces it.

Byron Parker - clearly possible, although EDM, TOR and WPG may be more likely targets. It often occurs that players traded in one year re-sign as free agents with their old team the next. See Jordan Younger and Ronald Flemons, for example. At this point, however, I think that this signing would be more likely than Jovon Johnson.

Kerry Watkins - if he goes to free agency, this one could be quite the bidding war. Too many potentially interested clubs that I won't even guess. I do question whether Hamilton can afford both Bruce and Watkins, being that both have/will have large contracts. MTL has been able to enjoy the quality of receivers it has had (as has Edmonton) because most were "home-grown".

Arjei Franklin - I think CGY may be very interested in re-signing Franklin, especially with Ryan Thelwell getting up there and only a couple more years left. Corey Grant is not a free agent and played well this year, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him on the roster again this season - he's a local guy.

Teyo Johnson - not sure where to rank this one. I think there were some issues with the coaches, but he's also a good performer and an important piece in several of their sets. Really unsure here - but I'm sure he'll be in demand somewhere.

Keron Williams - not needed based on current DL depth, in my opinion. BC, CGY and EDM might be more interested.

Has Bauman extended ? He isn't on the CFL list

A well thought out post but as far as Keron Williams goes, he is miles better than anyone the Cats have on the D line...same goes for Bowman.

I agree that Bowman is fantastic, but I don't see Hamilton signing him and he may not even leave Montreal. Keron Williams is more likely to jet somewhere, but I'm having a hard time envisioning Hamilton spending the money there when they got so much solid production from three rookie linemen (Hickman, Long and McIntyre).

What about Jamal Robertson of the Blue Team. It seemed to me he made the first tackler miss on most occassions. Given a good offensive line he could be a force to be reckoned with. The trouble I have with Cobb is that he is a situational back catching passes out of the backfield and is not great at 2nd and 2 situations.

I think we are well off enough now, scouting-wise, that we really don't need to sign any FA's. Obie and his crew will find more great players through FA camps.

But if we were to sign one FA, I would like it to be Dorsey. If we finally get a return game, we will dominate games.

I'd like to see another experienced receiver come in. Some of the names listed would demand high prices or are getting over thirty (not that there's anything wrong with that ... in itself.)

If we want to go younger, PK Sam (import) tempts me. He'll be 27 this season. Given the state of the franchise down the QEW, A%^@ free agents may well want to test their value as free agents. Sam in particular has played for seven teams since 2004; I doubt he has any loyalty to the A%^@s, and his NFL try-out is probably done. He only played the last half of the CFL season, but had 27 catches for 385 yards, two TDs and a team-leading 14.3 yards per catch (if we exclude Matt Lambros, who only made one catch). Seems like a good pick to push our import WRs like Ball, James and Smith (dare I also say Rodriguez?) Anyone know any knocks against Sam?

Also, whatever happened to the A%^@s Obed Cetoute (Canadian)? He had a good rookie season in 2007, but he doesn't seem to be on their roster, despite being listed as a potential free agent.
[-- oooh. Just checked his bio. Blown achilles late in 2008, didn't play in 2009.]

Just thoughts.

8) You can forget about Jovon Johnson now. He re-signed with the Bombers this morning !!

He could have propelled the Ticats to being a top 3 team no doubt, tough to see him re-sign with the Bomber's, but whatever floats your boat I guess.Hopefully the Cat's will now look into Dorsey and Parker as it will take both of them to equal Johnson as that deadly KR/PR and amazing cover back.

I see that Andy Fantuz is on the list. I was of the understanding that he resigned with the Roughriders last October.
If he is a free agent I hope Obie opens the vault and signs him.

Man wouldn't that be something. . .

He's a Chatham boy, maybe he wouldn't be averse to a move east. . .

I think we should go after J. Robertson! he is a Smash mouth RB just what we need, as our OC seems to run alot on second and Cobb, just doesn't have that power. Cobb could then be used on kick return. but heck who knows! For all we know K.K could come back to camp dominate his spot back and we can at least guess that Cobb would make a wicked KR/PR