Free agents......who should we be going after?

Enough of the Taaffe saga....already.
Who should we be going after when the free agents become available? Also, with the first round pick in the up coming draft, who's the best player available?

Help me out here. :cowboy:

***Chip Cox
***Mat Dominguez
**Sandy Beveridge
**Tom Canada
*Jojuan Armour

free agents? dont you know contracts dont count for anything anymore? who cares if they are under contract somewhere, thats football, part of the business, happens every day. just call em up and bring em down to ivor wynne for a little chit chat and work out a deal later with the present club. . We can rebuild really fast. We could bring geroy simon in for an interview and see how it goes, just him and printers chatting it up like a couple old friends do, easy enough.

Chip Cox
Lawrence Gordon
Jykine Bradley
Chip Cox
Jojuan Armour
Matt Goodspeed
Tony Miles
I think that is reasonable

What a useless post this'd think Charlie cheated on you and you just can't get over it... man..

Back on topic.. I'd be happy seeing Dominguez here, but definitely we need to re-sign Armour, he was a force on the D last season and is a solid leader

THats going to be very pricey especially with printers already on the books and a salary cap to worry about. Remember the cap only went up 150,000. Some of those players will be demanding top dollar and with a salary cap of 4.37 million we're not going to have anything left for rest of the team. Maybe I'm wrong byt Chip Cox continues to pursue NFL teams meaning he's not here for the entire season. Is he really a worthwhile investment?

Armour i'd say is most important, then maybe miles

They've promised to make the post season. They have increased prices of tickets substantialy. They admit they need to improve their defensive backfield, pass rush and add size and quality to their receiving corps. They have two options FA or trades. If they bring in rookies they won't make it, two many holes...

Chip Cox is the only young experienced quality DB, Dominguez the only top notch receiver and then Canada for the pass rush.

Other option is they sit around and hope teams release veterans.

Are they going to be proactive or reactive? One thing is for sure if they come back fielding the same team they aren't going to win 8 or 9 games.

I can see Obie going after Cox, then filling other holes through his many contacts.

Canada would look great here, but he will command a lot of $, and do we really need him with Keith around?

Romero is a great DT, but Obie has found talent there before, again, through his contacts.

There is zero chance Dominguez is leaving Saskatchewan, his year-round-home. Unless Tillman doesn’t want him any more.


I don't believe Chip Cox is an FA this year.

Dan goodspeed should be our #1 priority. We need an OT badly.

He is on this list

Agreed, but I would go after Jojuan before Tom Canada.
Sandy Beveridge is an excellent special teams player and with a good DB coach could be our starting safety - he hits like Hitch.
Chip Cox would push our present DBs to be better, or beat them out for starting job.


Top Priority sign Armour and pick up
Chip Cox !! Then go after whatever is

I really like Chip Cox. Since he's been in the league he's really impressed. I'd also like to see Dwight Anderson back...that's if he can get his act together...he's certainly got a ton of talent.
I also think if Jykine Bradley can stay healthy he'd been a real help.

Chip Cox re-signed with MTL yesterday.

That's too bad..

That's even more reason why we must resign
armour right away!!!!
what's the hold up???

You're right GOTC, Armour is a terrific football player in the truest sense.

Losing him would be quite hurtful. Not sure who can replace him.