Free Agents ...who do you like

....Not too far off...matter of weeks....Who do you think the Bombers would/ should pursue, after we sign our own of course??...Mack says we're going after two ...very hard...Two of these guys I would guess:
Riley B.C.
Perrett... NI O Mont.
Fraser......DB Cal.
Dyakowski....NI Ham.(outside chance)

....I'd like to add Cauchy Muamba, FA. NI Safety in B.C., as a 'possible' on the list of who we'll have interest in... Guy is young and is a talent like his brother... :wink:

I'd stay away papa. . . wasn't impressed with him at all this past season. I thought he was the one weak link in BC's secondary. I think you're in fine shape at safety with Logan.

Poor Papa... It will be like last year, you guys won't get any of them :wink:

....we'll have to revisit your prognosis in awhile........ Our new acquistions should be touring the new facility shortly :wink:

...I know that last game B.C. had wasn't exactly a gem for Cauchy....I don't think I seen Glenns eyes get bigger, when he chucked one to a wide open receiver in that play-off...BUT ...he's young and learning... He was named as d player of the week, if i recall correctly....Apparently he was raked over the coals by Korey Banks during that game and I'd say there's probably a little animosity in their camp....Anyway, I thought Logan had an off year and if he doesn't get back on track, there could be a change...We'll see...

And he certainly wasn't alone in your secondary in having an off year (yes, Jonathan Hefney, I mean YOU).

But I fully expect a bounce-back.

The other half of the odd couple... Yes Jovon...

Hef and JoVo struggled mightily last year versus their 2011 season, no doubt. Some of that might have had to do with attitudes that developed over the offseason changes to a D that was a key cog to the Grey Cup appearance, then the unexpected cut of Clint Kent and their inability to fill that spot with a revolving door of players during the season, and early season injuries to key guys like Bowman. Hef and JoVo might have also crumbled some under the expectation of them needing to fill some of that leadership role on the team as well. I would expect JoVo to have a rebound season in 2013. Hef is a pending FA and I would expect he plays better in 2013 as well if he's back.

Sears is resigned but he remains a ? to me. He'll be done 6 months of rehab on his ACL repair in late May, just before camp opens. However that's just the rehab portion, the question is whether he'll be able to play to his full capacity by that time. It can take up to a year or longer to get back to full playing speed for some athletes. Not everyone is an Adrian Peterson. They have said they are planning on Sears being the SAM, but I would like to see them find a legitimate backup option for that spot, either a FA from another team or a rookie FA. They can't afford to scramble to find options at the spot in case Sears still needs time to get fully up to speed. I don't think putting Washington back in there as I've read in the papers as an option is a good choice as he seems more suited for the secondary.

Cauchy Muamba is an interesting FA. Brady Browne is not coming back and couldn't be counted on even if he was considering his injury woes. Backup/competition for the safety spot could not hurt. As has already been stated, Logan had an off year and his penchant for lowering the boom gets him dinged up a bit here and there. Dan West showed his inexperience when he got his chance. They signed the former Bison Sherman Teague, and Westerman is listed as a safety on the roster as well, both pretty raw as well. Adding C. Muamba who has some experience already to the mix may elevate the competition and the quality of play from that spot. I really do like Eric Fraser as well though and think he could be a standout safety if he keeps getting better.

Oline - The Oline had a youth infusion last year and they got better with their run blocking and opened up some nice holes for simpson and later on ford as the year went on. Pass blocking still needs some work but the guys will need the playing time to continue to the develop. A FA at the expense of one of the younger guys may not be the best option. I'm of the opinion that they need to continue to let a couple of the younger guys play, such as Sorensen and Greaves. They weren't too happy with Morley's play last year and his spot may be one that a veteran FA or a younger guy like Swiston could very well take over. I could see them decide to go with only 1 import on the Oline, probably January at LT over Douglas, and signing a guy like Perret would make the decision to start Swiston at RG over Morley and allow the team to build a young nucleus on the interior line.

To papazoola:

If Winnipeg signs Als Non-import OT Jeff Perrett, I will make a donation of $100.00 to the Charity of your choice.

With confidence


Just to add:

I will pay the $100.00 to a Charity,only if Jeff Perrett becomes a free agent-he won’t- and Winnipeg signs him; if,for instance, the Als were to trade Perrett to Winnipeg I will not have to pay the $100.00.


....We have a contract at the ready ...just waiting till FA. commences :wink: I agree to your terms entirely...

I disagree that Hefney had an off year in the secondary and so do the receivers and running backs who voted him to the CFLPA all-star team.

Well, that defence of 2011 was almost bullet proof so, it's hard to say, anything could look like a drop off compared to that.

Guys I want


Perrett would be an upgrade at RT, and is canadian, no brainer. Olafioye is probably the best Tackle in the league. Top 3 on a consistant basis at least.

Brian Bulcke.

Would be a huge improvement on Collier/Thomas. He’s canadian and has a lot of goodphysical ability. Id take him in a heartbeat if he hit FA. Plus, having signed Bulcke, and having Bilukidi in the pipe, we could really justify passing on Gaydosh or Charles 2nd overall and take a guy like Sewell or D’Aguilar. IMO Sewell is an elite Tackle prospect, and Pencer is a lot more of a Gamble and Raw.

Cauchy Muamba

More of a back up. would like to rotate him with Logan. He’ll be a great safety in this league but he’s not there yet. Plus having Cauchy here would probably make it a little easier to re-sign Henoc when we need to.

Cedric Gagne-Marcoux

A top level gaurd in this league. Would be a significant upgrade over Steve Morely, and he can play Center in a pinch.

now for the imports

Mike Reilly

Obviously Winnipeg needs to do something about our QB situation. I used to think if we would just get a great offensive line here, Buck might just stay healthy. But last year really proved to me that my theory just wouldnt work. Buck holds onto the ball WAY to long, and gets injured on routine sacks. the best offensive line in the world cant keep Buck healthy. I think Reilly is a very accurate and percise QB, who is very smart with the ball and has good Pocket awareness. Something I cant say about any of our Guys. although the jury is still out on goltz.

Tyron Brackenridge

This guy is a stud at SAM, and givin our struggles to find a good SAM last season, offering Brackenridge a decent contract would definately be justified.

......out of the fas...definitely Perrett / Olafioya is interesting..wouldn't hurt taking a run at Brackenridge either...Depending on how much the price tag for Reilly is, i think we have to take a shot....Buono has said today that he won't be re-signing him in B.C....It's either us or Edm. who will show the most interest....Where he lands ???anyones guess
......Frazer in Cal. is another interesting pospect...Would look good in our defence far as our draft pics.....I would say it's going to be either Sewell or Gaydosh....Two very different needs but definitely a lot of talent with either of these pics...Depends on who Ham. takes at one and the nfl aspirations of Sewell...could be deciding factors...Personally i would like to see us keep building on our O line and this Sewell guy is a monster...Getting closer to finding out just which direction we're going to go... :wink:

Im definately hoping for Reilly to come here. Im done hoping for Buck to finish games, and watching Elliott throw 2+ interceptions every game. Alex Brink is our version of Q. Porter, great physical ability, but zero pocket awareness.

As for competing with Edm. for Reilly, remeber that moneyman Tillman isno longer there to blindly one up us in the bidding war.

Frazer is def. an interesting prospect, but I think everybody's going to be gunning for him. I think Mack will try and fly under the radar and grab Cauchy for as little as possible.

I get the feeling the Muamba's are a close family, so if we sign Cauchy with a shot to compete for the starting job, I bet it would be a lot easier to re-sign them both when contract negs kick in.

I find the buzz on Reilly interesting. He's thrown 50 balls in a Buono offense. Talk about high risk...

......What's the sign Reilly to an incentive laden contract..He comes to camp to 'compete' for the starters job (like he would anywhere)..From what I've seen of this guy he has the potential to be every bit as good as Lulay...The nfl does not bring in people for a 'look' for no reason :wink: ...Like me they must have seen something in his play...AND anyone thinking we won't go all in on a bidding war for his services is badly mistaken...Buck has already stated he is willing to take a back-up role...Brink and or Elliott will be cut loose freeing up the cash needed to bring Reilly to the Peg....New stadium to play in.....better receivers to throw to (certainly better than the other team who most likely will bid for his services) up and coming O line who looked very solid from the middle of last season on (never mind who we could add in fa.) and I think we'll see Reilly in bluengold....He and Buck should make a very formidable combo in 2013, if everthing works out :rockin:

I hope we sign Reilly. From what I gathered of his very small sample size is that he's a very percise thrower, and is smart with the ball. I was high on this guy since pre season, then when he came in during the season it solidified my opinion of him. I just didnt want to go on record just yet because it was only pre season.

I think he can be a good QB in this league. I just hope Winnipeg fans arn't expecting an instant superstar like they usually do. Theres going to be some growing pains, he's still pretty green.