Free Agents...who do we go after?????

There's been a lot of talk lately as to who we will acquire during the Free Agency. Just wanted to get your opinion as to who we should be targeting. A lot of people have been saying that we'll sign Ryan Thelwell, however I'd rather go after Jamal Richardson of the 'Riders he's younger and will probably be cheaper then Thelwell who reportedly wants $100,000/year. I'd also like to see them get Abdullah from the Stamps as this will give us a bonafire pass rusher heading into TC. What are your thoughts??????

Thelwell would be a Canadian starter while Richardson and Abdullah are imports.Both Richardson and Abdullah could certainly start for the Cats, also.I guess we'll find out soon enough what Marcel's strategy is going to be.I'd like to see Belli, Jermaine Reed,Clinton Wayne and Roger Dunbrack rotating through the D Line with one import defensive end.In a perfect world, the O Line would all be Canadian thus giving us the flexibility to plug in imports where needed.That would depend on the Cats signing Dyakowski and Gagne-Marcoux from last year's draft. I realize that's a lot of "ifs and buts" and that is why I love the off season almost as much as the regular season.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7)

Thelwell, Belli, Kidd, and Morgan would be my targets.

Oski Wee Wee,

I thought jermaine copeland was becoming a free agent this year. i didnt hear any news about him being resigned by the stampeders eitherr??

Thelwell, McKay-Loescher & Morgan.

thelwell, abdullah, mallbrough

Stanford Samuels! at only 23 years old he is a great young defensive back that would help out in our weakened secondary now that Goss is gone.

Ike Charlton would also be a great pickup for our secondary.

i think from free agency we go after Adriano Belli and Rahim Abdullah to solidify some defensive front.

I would also go after Omarr Morgan big time to solidify our defensive secondary since we lost Jason Goss. I would also go after Brad Banks or Spergon Wynn and add more competition at quarterback.

I would also bring in Ryan Thelwell and maybe go after a few receivers on other teams that are over there cap and receivers that get cut from other teams. Saskatchewan has Fantuz, Hill, Flick and Yeast along with Armstead and Dominguez..they are going to have to make cuts also along with other teams.

Apparently Thelwell and Belli are priced out of our interest range.

Morgan will cost a pantload, but we need help.
My #1 goal is to get McKay-Loescher.

He will either sign with us, or the you-know-whos up the highway.

Only one team to compete against, but that would hurt to lose out on him to you-know-whos!!

McKay Loescher, Malbrorough and Samuels... anyone after that isn't affiliated with a team yet, or would be a depth signing for us.

good choices!


I read that Malborough and Samuels were confident that Winnipeg (where they both publically stated they want to play) would definitely sign them by the free agent deadline. That doesn't appear to be happening. If they are free tomorrow, I'll bet new Ticat d-backs coach Greg Butler (who worked with Marlborough and Samuels in Winnipeg last year) will ask Desjardins to strongly pursue them. Marlborough, a halfback, can easily take Goss' place, and would compliment our great halfback Tay Cody. And Samuels is a shutdown corner who would look great covering wideouts along with Ticat star rookie Lawrence Gordon.

would be a dream scenario... a defense like that might actually give our weak offense a few series to get going...

Anthony Malbrough re-signed before the deadline.

It is shown on the TSN FREE AGENT LIST

Apparently it is updated frequently.