free agents we need to go after

Dan Goodspeed OT and Matt Sheridan G would be veteran assets we could use for this team.

Could you imagine a front like

Goodspeed and Sheridan at OT
Hudson and Marcoux as OG
and Hage at Centre

i also wouldnt mind picking up dinwiddie from winnipeg and getting rid of chang for third string.

For our receiving corp i think Matt Dominguez would be a good pick up from saskatchewan.

On defence, I would love to see Tom Canada on the one defensive end and Nautyn Mckay Loescher on the other end. that would be amazing!!!!!

we need Jojuan Armour back and we also need Jykine Bradley back next year and he needs to play more. Maybe even picking up Chip Cox for next year. Im sure we could use him. Hes better then what we got.

basically, u want the bluebombers in ticat unis, with dominguez.

dominguez isnt leaving sask…not a chance.
he has a home there and lives there year-round.

Good to hear that's settled... and of course, he has re-signed right?

If your's was a 'tongue in cheek' remark
you are correct, Crash, I just read this.

Dominguez becomes a free agent on Feb 15th.

click here

Dominguez plans to be at full speed
by May, just in time for training camp.

By then, the year-round Reginan
will have gone through free-agency.

His contract with the Roughriders
is to expire Feb. 15.

Sheridan is a guard, not an OT.

And IMO, Keith showed plenty of promise at DE last year; Canada would command top bucks as a FA and while he's pretty good, he's a bit over-rated IMO; Brent Johnson or Fred Perry might be worth breaking the bank over to make the D really strong, but McKay-Loescher & Keith might be a very good combo at DE for a full season.

Dominguez (IMO one of the best all-around receivers in the league) might be available, but again, at big bucks and he has the injury history; i bet he stays with the Riders unless Tillman refuses to pay him much or doesn't want him anymore.

I'd go after Tony Miles, this guy will put up massive numbers if used right by lining him up all over, at slot, wide out, in the back field to create missmatches for the defence kind of like how Regina used DJ. The only reason his numbers aren't that impressive in Toronto is because they're stacked at receiver.

Also we have to go after Cox, he is the fastest DB in the league and can shut down anyone, we need him really bad.

Those 2 guys alone can turn us into at least a 9 win team. But is that their plan to spend money or run things on the cheap again and bring in nothing but rookies?

IIRC Miles wasnt exactly thrilled to be here the first time... although I could be wrong.

Having a QB like Casey Printers can usually help someone's decision to come to a team like Hamilton.

8) I think Miles has missed more games due to injuries in the last 2 years than he has played !!! He might be fast, but as Obie said we need tough hard nosed players here, that will play even when hurt !!!

Another brittle receiver is the last thing we need or want here !!!

On offence we are set at the QB & RB positions but the team still doesn't have a bonafided & experienced #1 reciever because of that I would go after Matt Dominguez if he is healthy. Obie hopefully can find some reciever talent Stateside but every Grey Cup quality team has an experienced go to reciever. If the Cats can possess a legitimate deep threat then Jesse's an even more dangerous option from the backfield.

Offensive Line I think the young guys have will have improved having started most of last year but due to the SMS I think Obie will find an experienced import OT via the NFL (simular to Zeke at linebacker last year) as opposed to signing Goodspeed.

On D I think having a Defensive Coordinator that has a clue and calls in plays every down will make a big difference. Hopefully the braintrust sees the error of not starting Bradley last year and find a decent Canadian to take the safety spot. Cox would be a definate improvement. An improved pass rush from the front 7 is a must and this would in turn help out the secondary. Better coaching with the possible addition of Romero and a more experienced Keith could pay dividends.

i think signing back Armour and Bradley is a must, and i think free agents we could go after without being over the salary cap are OT Matt Goodspeed DT: Dario Romerio
CB: Chip Cox WR: Tony Miles. I think we could sign these 4 without being over the cap, and maybe Reggie Hunt if theres room just to make our linebacking core the best in the league.

I never heard that, but i wouldn't doubt it. Maybe he didn't get along with Lancaster as hard to believe as that may sound.

The nature of free agency causes teams to overspend on players. Players can shop offers around the league and sign with any team they want, usually the highest bidder. So getting anyone "reasonably" is really hard to do; unless you're after middle of the road players. But will middle of the road players really lead to more wins?

I still don't want to go the free agent route. As you've seen in BC, the players Obie brought in players that in their first yeara excelled in this league. Free agency in a cap system is for the last piece or pieces in a puzzle. I still believe the strong teams in the CFL win through scouting.

Unless Obie could get a mother of a favourble deal for us I wouldn’t target Dominguez. He has had injury problems in the past. It’s a shame because he is a great talent, but we would need him to sign a low risk contract.

i didn't know they raised the salary cap to 50 million?

I personally don't care where the players come from, as long as they are quality.

Why do we have 3 threads starting with exactly the same thing?

Why do we have 3 threads starting with exactly the same thing?
Is there a restriction?