Free Agents we might want to look at. . .

Watch for him to resurface somewhere out west. Riders would be a possibility. But surely he will not be getting $135k wherever he may land.

According to Avon he had doubts and his wife Rebecca made the final call…

Buck Pierce now re-signed with the Bombers. 2012 east division is going to be exciting like we've never seen. :slight_smile:

If it happens he may want to start working on his saskatchewanese

What about his human brother Damon, the one not spawned from the depths of hell? :smiley:

This has been one craaazy offseason so far. Cannot wait to see how the year shakes out.

Meanwhile, Popp did not rule out bringing Avon Cobourne back to Montreal, even if the team is happy with Brandon Whitaker at running back.

Cobourne was released this week after one season in Hamilton, where he signed as a free agent after helping Montreal win consecutive Grey Cups.

''Never say never,'' said Popp. ''But we went in a different direction with Whitaker last season.

''But there's always a possibility. Avon was a great player for us.''

Last season Avon demonstrated that he remains a quality back. I believe he will play somewhere in the CF at a reduced salary.

Its not just Avon, every year since the SMS has come on line there is a transfer of wealth happening. Money is being taken away from veterans and transferred to younger more unproven guys. Jim Popp had predicted this would happen when they brought this thing in. Its not normal that one of the two best backs in the league the last six years has a 3 year contract thorn up after a year and given to a guy who is an NFL injury buyout. League is rewarding players who don't give two shiats about the league and penalizing career CFLers. Its not right.

Last year Bauman made 150k ! He couldn't even start. This year you have guys like Cobourne, Shell, Reynolds, Burris and possibly more to come like Flory,Byron Parker and others taking pay cuts.

I understand the league needs cost certainty but this system is terrible and badly needs to be changed.

I met AC quite by accident in a waiting room at the Royal Vic yesterday afternoon. We talked football, naturally, for a bit. When I asked him if he had heard about the release of Avon, he nodded, but in a rather matter-of-fact manner. I made a comment that he (Avon) had a mouth on him. Anthony only said: "It's OK when you're winning, but...". Not exactly an enthustiastic response to the (possibility?) of Avon's return to the Als.

They should introduce a system whereby the salaries of five-year vets count for less against the cap. It’s hurting the game to have recognizable faces come and go so quickly.

That does not control cost. It is a "point system" but no question the current system is unfriendly to veteran players who have been loyal to the league.

anyone hear about this new SPFL? 'Spring Pro Football League' in the works for 2013 down south. Could be another XFL dud but should it happen could affect the CFL.

Yes, quality football veterans are being let go for strictly financial reasons. the CFL is just a component of the real world. Corporations are downsizing , older workers ( though the most experienced ones ) are being fired or, if they are lucky they just might get some termination allowances. Persons in their fifties are let go ( actually fired ) their jobs going to younger, cheaper and less experienced workers. Government paid workers also face job loss. Whole section of the bureaucracies, such as hospitals, have been eliminated. Many hospitals do not use graduated nurses, instead utilizing lower paid nursing aides. Staff are hired for 2-3 days per week thus eliminating them for pension and other benefits. Jobs are shuttled to third world countries. The world of work has become toxic. I really feel empathy for our young people ,many of whom graduate from university with loans to pay but cannot achieve work in the respective fields. In London Ontario, a locomotive firm offered their striking workers a 50 % cut in salary, then shifted their work to their American state whose workers are non union.

I know this is off topic but, as a retired person with a defined benefit pension, I do feel empathy for the young generation in our society who face this downsizing world and, will , most likely, not be as successful financially as their parents. Our football players are privileged if they can, for a few years, command salaries which give them a good beginning financial stake in their lives.

Whats taking so long for Flory to sign??!?!!

My wishlist come Feb 16th 2012

Byron Parker
Jason Shivers
Justin Hickman
Tristan Jackson
Burk Dales (if Mcknight doesnt come)
Greg Peach
Dante Marsch

Not a bad list there, mike.

But I'd make two changes.

Jason Shivers wouldn't be on my wish list whatsoever. .. and I'd have Rod Davis as my first target.

I'd add as potential FA

Avon Cobourne, should finish in his career in Mtl. Would keep our running game fresh for 60 minutes.
Donny Oramasionwu, Big DT to rotate with JP, would free up an import spot on the 42.
Garrett Macintyre Better DE than Peach IMO.

Good suggestions there too HfxTC. . . Donny O would be a good choice for the ratio reason you mention. . .and, signing him would give us the added bonus of weakening Winnipeg, given that I suspect they look at him as the replacement for Doug Brown.

But I don't agree on McIntyre. There's some rumbling in another thread about Reinebold perhaps wanting to go to a 3/4 base set, and if that's the case then I think Peach is the better choice, since he can play either DE or LB and did so last season. Not sure if McIntyre ever has, but Peach would give us more flexibility.

I really don't like the idea of a 3-4. You give up rushing yards and it allows the opponent to eat the clock on you. When you have the offensive horsepower we have you want your offense on the field as much as possible. Look at the situation in Edmonton. Stubbler came in last year and installed his system and walked away, now Edmonton has to start from scratch. Trestman is very conservative I can't see him making that drastic of a change. Not to mention the impact it has on your roster. However if they plan to play Brouillette at Linebacker they may not have a choice. Emry and Brouillete with Dublanko rotating in on short yardage.

Hey just noticed were talking football instead of Where is Coach ? :thup:

While I am surprised that Scott Flory has not been re-signed-at least not official- I am nevertheless confident that he will return with the Als.

In terms of potential free agents from other teams, my main priorities,as I wrote before, are non-imports.

Number 1 remains DT Donald Oramasionwu.
Number 2 is a RB. Samuel Fournier or Stuart Foord or J.Lee.
Number 3 is WR Arjei Franklin,particularly if Desriveaux is released.

In terms of imports Justin Hickman would be a good signing; he will remain with Hamilton or go to the NFL.
Lin-J Shell ahead of Bryron Parker.

Garrett McIntyre was with the New York Jets in 2011; still on their active roster.


I don't understand the situation with Flory at all. I mean Kerry retired there is what richard ? 25 to 50k. Some here speculate Anderson will not return. there is another 50k. Wilson 25k... Maybe the Als feel they need to create room for one of the young olinesmen before losing them ? Let's hope things get worked out. He deserves to retire an Alouette. He also owes Jim one for pulling him out of that mess with Shivers and Barrett.