Free Agents we might want to look at. . .

Big Moe Khan is tweeting that the Als are interested in LJ Shell…

From Herb the other day. So who does one believe? There`s also Kornegay still out there as a free agent.

Notes - The Als have expressed mild interest in B.C. receiver Paris Jackson. Vertlieb has until Wednesday to explore options league-wide, but also believes Jackson is too rich for Montreal’s blood. ... Although the Als could use help at cornerback, they’re not expected to bid on former Argonaut Lin-J Shell, at least for now, according to Popp.

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Odd quote there. .. Shell has always played DHB in the CFL, never corner. . . don't know if he ever played corner in college ball.

Personally, I'd be looking at both Shell and Kornegay. Signing one or both allows us to put Parker out on the corner as had been the plan last season.

But again, that was under Tibesar. We have no idea what the new DC will want to do with the existing personnel. Maybe he'll move Anderson to corner instead.

I agree that at 5.9,Franklin does not have ideal height; I also expect Hamilton to sign him. This being said, unless we dress 5 import receivers in 2012, we will need 3 non-import receivers; presently we only have 2; this is why I wrote that we could be interested in franklin. In terms of 2012 draft choices,receivers Simon Charbonneau-Campeau and Johnny Aprile could be available when we draft on the second round.

With regards to Lin-J Shell while Jim Popp was not interested on monday, he may be now that Kerry Watkins has retired; hence, more cap funds are now available. If ever we sign him,Dwight Anderson will definitely not be with the Als.-I don't expect him back,no matter what- In 2010, both Jerald Brown and Lin-J Shell were Eastern all-stars. Brown and Shell as DB and Billy Parker and Seth Williams as CB. Vince Anderson could be the 5th DB-can play at all defensi backfield positions- provided we don't dress 5 import receivers.


That’s why I think Popp said “at the moment”. He may have told Shell’s agent that he will get back to him if he is still unsigned when they have picked their DC. They may have picked him already even and just going over things.

You don't think Marco Brouillette will be our starting safety ?

You don't think Marco Brouillette will be our starting safety ?

Well I would guess that this as well will depend on what the new D/C wants to do. . . at safety or in the LB corps. . .

In the past 2 years-when he played- Marc-Olivier played at LB and S. Hard to say where he will play/start. If he is a starter, it will be as a S.Hoping that he will be healthy for the whole season.


I suspect you are correct Richard, in that if he's to be a starter it is more likely to be at safety than at LB.

I'd add one caveat to that.

If our new D/C, whomsoever that may turn out to be, decides to run a 3/4 base defence, in that case I could see Brouillette as one of the 4 starting LBs. With our current personnel, the LB corps could be Cox and Ferri outside, Brouillette and Emry in the middle, Guzman as the backup/swing man. Or, if we made a play for Rod Davis in F/A, he'd be one of the MLBs. . . in which case I doubt we'd see Brouillette starting as a LB.

But in a 4/3 ? I don't see Brouillette starting in the LB corps.

It`s official Avon has been released as per his wishes. Also released is another old friend of ours, Luc Mullinder.

If I was Avons agent (Tim Fleiszer) I sure would be ticked off with the Tiger-Cats for the bill of goods they sold last off-season. I cant see another team signing him at this point, only see him as a mid-season injury replacement.

Still like the guy, wish him well. A team can`t be made up of just choir boys.

I would be astonished if the Als went to a 3-4. The only guy on the roster that has every played a 3-4 is Dublanko in College... Way too late to look at something like that.

And Hamilton effs over yet another player. I'm surprised players still go to Hamilton. No regard for honoring the spirit of an agreement, no ability to be patient in the long term, just broken promise after broken promise and a trail of players in Obie's wake.

Statement on TiCats website:

Regarding the release of Avon Cobourne, O’Billovich said:

“We spoke with Avon following the addition of Martell Mallett to our roster to determine what course of action he would prefer. After speaking with him again today, we are granting Avon’s request to be released. We would like to thank Avon for his outstanding contributions to our team last season and wish him all the best in the future.?

Looks like he asked to be released, well Good Luck to him, but the way it ended in Montreal last year, i'm pretty sure he's not "welcome" anymore....unless he takes a DRAMATIC paycut...

He asked to be released because the Cats added Mallett and he saw on the writing on the wall. Not like he wanted to explore other options all other things being equal. This is going to come back and bite Hamilton. Eventually, the broken promises and greedy, short-term thinking are going to put a permanent stink on Hamilton as a destination for free agents.

It should but sadly it won’t and here is why. Obilovich is at the end of his rope, the man is over 70 years old this is his last stop so he doesn’t have to keep his reputation clean, his word or relationship with agents. This is his last stop. So when he wallks out or is rolled out , carried out… They will put a new guy in charge and he’ll blame it on Obilovich. Avon made a major mistake going over there and its not like he wasn’t warned. Let’s hope he finds a spot somewhere.

Even if the new guy shifts blame, the perception will be that the Cats have no loyalty to players and will cast free agents aside the second their performance dips. They'll sign player X to a rich contract, loudly singing that player's praises, then cut him the season after the minute a better-looking free agent comes along. Kind of reminds me of that loser guy we all know, the one who keeps dicking over women in search of his rocket scientist / supermodel unattainable ideal. Eventually, he hits 40, the women have figured him out, and he winds up alone at a bar, talking to the bartender about how no one understands him. :lol:

According to Bob "I can be quite persuasive" Young it isn't a problem. You should have seen Cortez face during the Press Conference when Bob Young told the press they were going to have a parade every year with Cortez at the helm. Worth money to watch it.

Demon Duval also released.