Free Agents we might want to look at. . .

Looking at the list of potential free agents from other teams:

So, who would you want to consider perhaps making an offer to ?

I’d look at some of the following:

From Toronto: Willie Pile and Byron Parker;

From Hamilton: Justin Hickman and Garrett McIntyre, but I expect the NFL aspirations will rule them out for the time being;

From Winnipeg: No one really jumps out at me here; Don Oramasionwu would be perhaps worth a look, but with Doug Brown having retired, I fully expect the Bombers will re-sign him and he won’t hit F/A

From Regina: Jerrell Freeman is the only one on their list that I’d have interest in, but again I think NFL aspirations will rule him out for now

From Edmonton: Rod Davis and Greg Peach

From Calgary: pass

From BC: Aaron Hunt, but again the NFL will rule him out I should think.

Now obviously with the cap we aren’t going to go after all of those. . . so to prioritize, the top 4 I’d want to talk to when F/A begins are Parker and Pile to help shore up our secondary, and Davis and Peach from Edmonton. We’re not too bad off in terms of LBs, but I think Davis is one of the most underrated players in the CFL, and would represent an upgrade over either Emry or Guzman at MLB (I think I prefer Guzman at OLB anyway). Peach I’d value for his versatility, in that he can play rush end or one of the OLB spots in a pinch (sort of like Kitwana Jones and I think Jones is past his best before date; Peach isn’t).

Your thoughts, gang?

Rod Davis is expected to sign with Stublers Lions.
Freeman has been signed by Saskatchewan.

The guy I really would like to see in Montreal as a HB or Outside LB is Byron Parker. He's doing what it takes this off season to stay on top of things and I think he would be a wonderful leader and playmaker for the Als and he's interested in an offer.

Davis to BC? Well, with Elimimiam getting NFL looks, that doesn't surprise me. I must have missed Freeman re-signing, sorry about that. And agreed about Parker. .. he'd sure be an upgrade over Anderson. . . and if Estelle can't come back from his injury, having Parker on the corner might work out fine. . . but he's a bit of a riverboat gambler. . .

I certainly would like to see Byron Parker as a potential replacement for Anderson. For what it`s worth I read somewhere last week that he might be headed to B.C. Perhaps a Stubler connection.

I also agree about Hickman being attractive, but the NFL will be calling.

Another DB I like is Tristan Jackson of Sask. He was pretty decent as a cornerback last season, and is a better returner than what we currently have.

I see B.C. has just released DB Tad Kornegay. He`s another DB I would be interested in seeing with the Als.

Oh man so would I. . .his release is a real surprise to me.

I thought that the best tandem of DHBs in the CFL were both on display in the Grey Cup; Suber and Hefney for Winnipeg, Banks and Kornegay for BC.

I'd be calling Kornegay for sure. . .

While there are good potential free agents players, O do not think that too many will interest the Als/Jim Popp. Personnally, not too many of Madjack list who interest me. The exception is:

Justin Hickman. I say that he will resign with Hamilton or go to the NFL. I say Hamilton.

Parker could be an interest although, when he went to Edmonton in 2009, he was lousy/had a bad season. He's an Argo. Willie Pile is an import safety. We will play a non-import.

Greg Peach had a very good season,in 2009, but his production has declined in 2010 and 2011, due to injuries.

I would be more interested in Tristan Jackson. He is a good CB and very good return player. Amongst my priorities.

Another player,as I wrote a month or so ago, is Stu Foord,non-import RB with Sask.. The signings of Jackson and Foord would be enough for me.

Nowhere does it says that Freeman has resigned with Sask. He may but not official yet.

I say that Davis will remain in /be signed by Edmonton.


Tillman says he offered Davis a "substantial raise" and he elected to test free agency. As for Parker I think three teams are in the running. Hamilton, Montreal, BC releasing Kornegay points to changes at the position by Stubler...

I've read read in other forums but not too sure in articles; the raise is $35,000 - perhaps be the reason to test Free Agency?

Jerrell Freeman has signed with the Indianapolis Colts of the NFL.


Maybe Hunt too.

Two players that I now hope/think that we will sign,once they become free agents are:

Donald Oramasionwu,non-import DT from Winnipeg. 6.3,289 and 25 years old. A future star. Winnipeg will try to keep him,but I say that we will prevail. 2 years + option. We need an additional non-import DT; presently we only have J.P. Bekasiak.

Samuel Fournier,non-import RB from Edmonton.6.0,230 and turned 26 on yesterday. A very good/excellent special team player,good on short yardage.

I will be more than satisfied if one or both of these players is/are signed.


Fournier I could see him interested in playing at home but Oramasonwu is from Winnipeg.

But then we would have 2 B. Parkers on the team qhich would make the uniforms very confusing. Richardson and GReen already look too much alike in uniform to the point where they are often mistaken for each other having two guys with the same name would get really confusing. Also think about what would happen if one plays well and the other plays poorly we'd have posts like "I find Parker has really impressed me this season but Parker on the other hand has been somewhat of a disappointment and I hope he could rebound and learn a bit from Parker for the upcoming year"

Yes,being from Winnipeg is a factor that favours the Blue Bombers to re-sign Donald Oramasionwu; I took this into consideration and I am still confident that we could sign him. I do know that he has informed the team that he wants to test free agency.


The problem with Richardson and Green is that their numbers (18 and 19) are close. . one of them should switch to a higher number so that it's easier for TV viewers and announcers to know which one is which.

I'm fine with the numbers just as they are, MJ. If the TV people and fans are confused, then the opposing D probably is also. As I say, just fine!

Very valid point, jkm !

With the retirement of Kerry Watkins, the Als will most probably dress only 4 import receivers ,compared to 5 for all of last year. If so, we will need at least 1 more non-import receiver; while we will most probably draft 1,in the uncoming draft, I doubt that this rookie would be ready; if we had a 1st round choice, we would have the chance to draft Shamaud Chambers,but he will be drafted when our turn comes,in the second round.

For these reason, I expect the Als to sign Arjei Franklin,WR,N,with Calgary. Will become free agent in 2 weeks. 5.09 and 190; will be 30 on April 25,2012. I say that he will sign with Hamilton or the Als. At this time, I favour Hamilton.

The dressing of 1 less import receiver means that/could result in addition of 1 more import player on defence. We could dress 4 import LB or 5 import DB,particularly if Woldu signs elsewhere. This additional import on defence would add to depth and improve our special teams.


I doubt that for a few reasons. Jim mentioned that the job is London or Desjardins for the taking. I really don't see the Als signing a 5,9 receiver to patrol the boundary. AC is not big on short receivers and Franklin brings nothing more then Desrivaux. Coach Trestman hasn't shown much interest in the ratio you suggest...