free agents we can still sign


Come on cats!! there are a few players that we can still sign and give them a try at training camp..

Dwaine Carpenter DB...we can replace him with lawrence gordon.
Just think what are backfield would look like.

Jykine Bradley, Chris Thompson, Rontarius Robinson or Dylan Barker at safety, Geoff Tisdale and Dwaine Carpenter....looks pretty impressive.

We should also sign Brandon Guillory for a defensive end position
I would also like to give Devone Claybrooks a try and possibly Eddie Freeman. It would be worth looking at. They have some experience also.

8) If you took the time to check the other posts on this site, you would see that we have already signed Brandon Guillory !!!! :roll:

i still havent seen on this site where its made official....i want some story about it in the main pages before i feel totally confident about it. I want it on the ticat site not some edmonton journal .

I'd still take a flyer on Dave Stala............hometown boy, helps with the ratio, has sure hands (his nickname in Montreal was "Sticky"), can serve as emergency backup to Setta if Nick ever got injured in a game. If his foot has healed, he's worth a look.

According to some reports (CHML), an offer has been made and verbally accepted. The TiCats are supposedly just waiting for the paperwork to be signed/completed and in their hands.

But there have been a few other cases of last minute changes-of-heart in the last few years so it's still not final until the contract has been signed.

... Is this good enough?

8) I doubt if that is even good enough for him !!!
   I referred him to that link in another post, but he still doesn't believe it  !!!

   He claims that, "a source says" is not good enough for him  !!!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I'm going to be completely honest here. I think guillory slipped through our fingers. If we signed him like a "source" said we did, do you really think there wouldn't be a single official article about us signing him?? I bet something went wrong with the deal and Guillory changed his mind that's why we're not hearing about it.

Or does it make sense to announce a nice signing when NHL trade deadline dominates the minds of many sports fans???

I'm excited to hear of Guillory siging in steel-town. He is a great pass rusher, but sometimes is sloppy on run contain so if he gets let loose as a free lance guy like a Joe Montford he will be racking up the sacks. Claybrooks and Freeman would also be a help to your d-line, although really, pretty much anyone would be a help to your d-line :wink:

There really isn't much left on the FA market worth pursuing. Just because they've played in the CFL before doesn't mean they will be any better than a young American college prospect. Carpenter is a bigger DB, probably played safety in the US and spent time at WIL with the Stamps. Not likely to be effective as a CB. Bannister is a CFL style DB but getting older and lost his job in Calgary for a reason. You could stand to stock up on some NI receivers but since you don't need them to be starting for you might as well try out a couple cheap draft picks rather than pursue expensive vet free agents like Stala.

I say that Bauman starts, and has a BIG season this year.
We do not need to go 4 American receivers.

Oshawaguy says he hasn't seen Guillory's signing made official yet and he isn't willing to accept the signing as announced by an Edmonton Newspaper. Neither am I! Until I see this signing announced by the Hamilton media, I remain skeptical.

You're quick to jump on folks for what appear to be insignificant mistakes, Tip. You'd better be ready to get some flack when there's a possibility that you're wrong too.

you guys arnt interested in getting DJ Flick back in the black and gold???

Flick rodrigeuz and bauman would be a solid recieving corps for that youngster you have(his name evades me at the moment)

8) Well, do you and a couple of the other doubting thomas's now accept Guillory's signing, or do you need further proof ?????
  I guess I was right after all........wasn't I           <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

You sure were!

[url=] ... n-guillory[/url]


8) Well considering what was said back on March 3 by Rick Zamperin, the voice of the TiCats, also by Drew Edwards of the Spec and by Obie and also by that mysterious "source" at the TiCats, along with the Edmonton Newspaper, I would indeed say it was a done deal then !!!
  Even though I never used those "Done Deal" words at all , I was in fact quite right  !!!!!         <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

Are you for real? Obie was quoted in the media just this past weekend as saying that the contract was supposedly in the mail, back to him, but NOTHING was yet official and until he physically received the contract, there was NO DEAL!

8) Ahh, but you are wrong again. I never used the term "Done Deal" at all.
  It was in fact Obie himself that used those exact words in the March 9, Spec article  !!

  Quote Obie, "the deal with free agent import defensive end Brandon Guillory is Done, the team is just waiting for the paperwork.  Guillory's contract is in the mail, we just haven't received it yet.  As soon as we get it, we'll announce it", said Obie yesterday.

  Considering that it took several days for the contract to arrive by mail, it was indeed a done deal back on March 3, when CHML, Drew Edwards and the Edmonton paper, reported the story  !!!!

  Get your facts and quotes straight before making them  !!!

  By the way, yes, I'm for real  !!!          <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

Why is a prediction turning out to be correct so important?