Free Agents vs Potential Free Agents

I noticed that on this website under Players, there are two sections, one called "Free Agents" and another called "Potential free agents".

I understand that the potential guys are players who's contract run out in February. The other list, which I have not noticed before seems to have players that became free agents this past february or were released this year. Is this how you understand it? Certianly not everyone that came to training camp is on this list, but many are (Did Nate Davis make it out of training camp this year?).


....Nate was in the Bomber camp but failed to make the team....unless he has had some miraculous transformation...i'd say he's done :o

The Free Agents are those individuals who were under contract at some point in time during season but have been released/cut by their respective teams. Hence you have Dave Dickenson on the Free Agents lists.

The potential Free Agents are those individuals that will become official free agrents (no new contract) on Feb 15, 2008.

The only surprises on this list were Getzlaf being on the Free Agents lists. I wonder if Sask released him before the Grey Cup game.

I'm pretty sure Nate Davis played in the 1st regular season game for the Bombers before they cut him for being washed up.

Nate was picked up as an unrestricted free agent by Percival Ford Lincoln in Regina and is now a vehicle sales person. Whether or not he has any intentions to pursue playing football in the future I don't know, but he sure looks snazzy in a suit. :lol:

Its been explained to me that anyone on the Practice Roster DR at the end of the season would be considered FA's as well, since they are not technically under contract with the team.

Nate DID make the Bombers. He played week one, was a healthy scratch in week two, and by week 3 was jobless.


...I stand corrected.....but it matters not...Davis may as well been cut at t.c. :wink: