free agents signed already!

montford and troy davis already under contract for 2006, they said they loved the city and the team so much along with the great fans and stadium that they would not even look at other offers, great news for 2006!!!!!!!!!

I like a player with loyality to the team.
Even though Davis has only played a few games that shows he has respect for the fans anf the city

Congradualtions to the 2005 Grey Cup Champs! Good news for the Eskies

......good signings.....both key players in the cup drive and for future seasons......

Two great signings, and you forgot William Loftus too, he'll probably get some more playing time next year. Great move ESKS!

I'm not sure about the palying time, Wiltshire has another 1-2 years on his contract. Either way, i wouldn't mind having loftus as a starter because when he filled in for wiltshire he did awesome.

Why not put Loftus at DB or something? He's a great player that should be played more.

Great news for The Mighty Edmonton Eskimos. I believe the only other big name free agent left to sign is Jason Tucker. I believe 2 years ago, the last time he was a free agent, he waited until free agency begins in February to see what other teams had to offer. Of course, he resigned with The City of Champions, and now has 2 Grey Cup rings in 3 years to show for it.

I believe Tucker will be back. He has the best chance to lead the league in recieving AGAIN with the Esks, the best chance to win the Grey Cup again, no danger of missing the playoffs, natural grass to play on and extend his career, the best stadium in the CFL, with the largest crowds to play in front of. It's a no brainer, really. It is important to keep the team together as much as possible, so here's hoping!!!

tucker should be signed, he won't be cheap though imho.