Free Agents in the CFL

Just a heads up, for those interested, the CFL site has listed the potential free agents come February 2012. A few on the Cats it would be nice to keep hold of.

I hope that both Hickman and Medlock re-sign here if they do not get offers from the NFL.

I would also like this team to make a serious pitch to Fantuz, and Ryan Philips.

8) It looks like Winnipeg leads the CFL in pending Free Agents on Feb. 1.
   Among them are Buck Pierce and Joey Elliott.

    Should the Cats go after Buck Pierce if he doesn't re up with the Bombers ???
    Even with his history of injuries, he certinly would be a major upgrade for our QB position !!
    I have the feeling that Glenn is done in Hamilton and will not be back next season.

    I fully expect some big changes on this team during this off season, and not just in the Coaching Staff !!


I would definitely pursue Elliot or Brink though.

Not only are all three of Winnipeg's quarterbacks pending free agents, but 4 of their 5 starting offensive lineman are as well.