free agents in 2020

Along with a winning season, sadly comes the time, when some players are
free to sign with other teams in the league when their contract ends.
I was wundering if anyone could say which players could become
free agents next in 2020 .

This thread is definitely important but I think the timing is a little off. I don’t think we should start worrying about free agents until at least a couple of weeks after the Grey Cup parade. ;D

Let’s just enjoy the ride for the next couple of months. :slight_smile:

Krisium , First of all , no offence, and I don’t want a back and forth. I don’t think that this an out of sort question, and if you don’t like what I am asking, then don’t look at it . I am not hurting anyone by trying to find out who next seasons free agents are in the league. Sorry , no trying to offend you ,but I believe I don’t have to ask you what I can post on here.

No problem.

I just personally don’t feel the need to start worrying so soon about which players we might lose a few months from now in free agency. We have a whole off-season for that. Right now the process the team is employing to try and win our long awaited Grey Cup championship seems infinitely more interesting to me.

Hopefully somebody can provide you with the information you seek. :slight_smile:

Frankie Williams
J’Gared Davis
Mike Jones

I think the most important resignings in order are;

j’Gared Davis
Bralon Addison
Dylan Wynn
Ted Laurent
Jeremiah Masoli
Frankie Williams
Rycker Mathews
Rico Murray
Luke Tasker
Darius Ciraco

Did we only sign Davis, Wynn, Murray, Filer, Jones and Matthews for 1 year deals??

I have wondered about the free agents myself, but was on the same page as Krisiun.

Now that the topic has been started, why not participate.

To start with, the list of players that are under contract for next year may be shorter.

Its easy to agree on who we should re-sign. However, the team will have to look at the Salary cap - many players will want a hefty raise after such a steller year! We can’t give a raise to everyone so some players will have to walk.

I just hope we don’t do something stupid like Ottawa did this year; and will be smart, like the Stamps, over the last 10 years ; letting some expensive players go and have cheaper competent replacements waiting through our scouting system.
Try to keep as much of the “core” in place.
Most interesting at Qb.

If gerbear9’s list is accurate, it’s certainly D-line heavy – all 4 current starters + Tracy & McGough.
And, also Westerman but I can’t image the club doing anything but say good-bye to him.

  1. Re-signing Westerman is vital !! :-[ :-[ ::slight_smile:

He certainly has to be healthy with all the time off he has had in the last 2 years :wink: :wink:

And yet, the D-line is doing very well as is. What would he add for bucks he would get? Hate to knock a guy when he is injured, but I don’t see a positive cost/benefit here.

  1. I was joking !! I thought you would see that ?? Didn’t you see my winks ??

I’m sure he will be released during the off season.


Hi Blackandgld.,

Yes, sadly we only signed all those guys to 1 year deals. Davis concerns me tbe most.
If needed, Girard can replace filer, Ungerer and Coombs for Jones. Dean for Wynn, and Tevin Mitchell for Rico.

alot of guyds will be looking for big raises like;

Masoli - 500 k ?
Addison - 180 l ?
Davis - 200 k
Wynn 180 k ?
Frankie 170 ?

Banks, Breaux, Simoni, Van Zeyl, Lyrium and Revenberg are alreay making big dollars…

It looks like there will be some tough decisions next year…

We may have to cut some huge salaries like Breaux -200k,
Masoli 300 k likly asking for 500 k, Van Zeyl at 200k,
Tasker- 180k ?
Mike Jones
Mike Daly

my updated must signs are:


sask just signed Fajardo to an extension. Why can’t we do that with these 4 guys now as well.

The TiCats did what SSK just did (extend, through 2021, the 2nd QB on their start-of-this-season depth chart) 6 months earlier, in a much better deal (for the club, that is), compared to the Riders. At this time, I think the Cats need to first settle their QB plans for, at least, 2020, with perhaps a new deal for Masoli, determining how many dollars they’ll have to spread around to other position players who they deem most important to re-sign.

We don’t know if they’re trying to re-sign Masoli without success. Again if a little birdie has told him he;s going to get significant money from Toronto/Ottawa there isn’t much we can do.

Fajardo was always going to be the undisputed starter and his pedestrian numbers would have prevented other teams from throwing money at him.

I am wondering if SSK used some of their 2019 cap space (freed up by dumping Collaros) to front-end load the Fajardo contract. This article provides remarkable detail on the terms, but does not address the timing issue. I think we have space this year to do something similar, but I don’t really know for sure.

The other interesting thing about the Fajardo signing is that it established that all starting QBs do not automatically get to make the same money ($700k range) as Reilly and BLM, aka the only two active QBs with Grey Cup wins.

For the first year of the new pact, Fajardo’s hard money total is $412,000. That bumps to $444,000 in year two. More money could be put in the 27-year-old’s pocket if the Riders convert the active roster bonuses to signing bonuses in the new year.

For comparison, Mike Reilly is the highest paid QB and player in the league at $700,000, Bo Levi Mitchell is second at $675,000, Trevor Harris third at $525,000, Matt Nichols made $455,000 while Jeremiah Masoli had $335,000 in hard money due for 2019 prior to his season-ending ACL injury and James Franklin checked in with $346,000.

Also strange to see that Masoli is making less than Franklin this year!

Fajardos extension is taking the league by storm

So with Fajardo making around $450k, and Reilly and Mitchell up at around $700k, what are the Argos going to offer Masoli?

He’s coming off a pretty serious injury, but the Argos are going to want to make a splash in free agency. Does Masoli get $600k+, even with the injury?

Goodbye Westerman, hello $200 to Masoli?

A lot it will really depend on the playoffs. If they do well, I don’t know how Evans isn’t the starter next year. Having two above average starting quarterbacks on the roster, even if one isn’t making a ton of money, is a luxury you can’t really afford to have in a salary cap league. Especially if the money that is freed up can be used to sign a number of the free agents. The talent level on this team is really high, which has probably gone a long way to Evan’s success.

Westerman, Tracey, possibly Jones, given how little he is used in this offence, are all probably gone.

Tasker’s future may be uncertain given our current group of receivers. A lot may depend if Addison gets an extended look in the NFL next season.

Even though he isn’t a free agent and possibly my favourite player, does the team look to move on from Breaux? He is making a substantial amount of money and the secondary looked fine without him. I’m really torn on this one.

I fully expect the Cats to come out okay in free agency. Where they could take a hit is with depth. This could hurt them on special teams, where I think a team’s depth shows. It has also allowed them to not really skip a beat with all the injuries they’ve had.