..Free Agents in 2010....

Hamilton is in very good financial shape to pursue free agents. The only guy we paid super coin to in 2009 was Gauthier. Everyone else was paid fairly, but not excessively.

Plus, KK will probably be jettisoned in the off-season, and that's 160K right there.

Are you talking about Toronto or Winnipeg?

Toronto, Artie. . . check the sequence. . . HfxTC wrote that he heard someone was heading to Toronto. . . papa then asked 'who, Jovon or Peter?'. . . so I chipped in with "why". . . as in why would any free agent in his right mind want to go to Toronto. . . sorry if I wasn't clear.

I know. You couldn't have been wrong either way, is all.

.....AHHHHH ..what do you know anyway in riderville......you guys are a watermelon short of a load at any rate....

....there now that we got that out of the way about dysfunction....What free agents are on the rider list.. artie...that you would see as a priority in the offseason..... :roll: :roll: ???

I'm not asking who might make an offer IF he doesn't re-sign with the Bombers. HfxTC said that "Jovon is getting some nice offers" not "will be". I want to know who HfxTC is claiming are making offers for Jovon now.

Negotiations don't officially begin till Feb 1st...

Are you sure FA season starts Feb 1? In 2009 it was Feb 16. As you said, negotiations with FAs start in February which is why I was asking who is making offers for Jovon. You said he "is getting some nice offers". "Is" means now, not in February.

There's no law against calling him and testing his interest.Lot's of team's have probably already started putting a bug in the ear of the players they want.Then they have ALOT of time to mull thing's over before February.Otis Foyd said himself that a bunch of player's from around the CFL asked him to ask Obie to give them a call because they'd be interested in playing for Hamilton.This doesn't mean that they're a bunch of FA guys that've sat around all year, probably guy's who are saying "yeah, i'm testing the water's this FA, don't be afraid to put out an offer, I wouldn't mind playing there if the offer's good."HfxTC technically is right though that no contract offers can be sent or offered just yet, they do have to wait until February.Anybody know when the trade deadline's lifted?Is it after the grey cup game?

According to written reports, the Riders have 16 players who are going to be free agents. I'm not sure who they all are (although they re-signed Lucas, Rey Williams, Frazier, Durant, Makowsky and O'Day last year, so it won't be them). I also seem to recall Congi extending, although I could be dreaming there.

Eddie Davis is for sure. Fantuz as well, although he has committed to a deal with the Riders if he does not get an NFL look by Feb. 15, so he won't be on the market. I believe Omarr signed a 1+1 last year, so he'd be up after this year too.

In terms of priority, I want them to re-sign those of our own that they want, number 1. If ED hangs 'em up, they need a defensive halfback. I think they'll also need a tailback and a burner at WR, although both should be able to be obtained by finding new guys, not signing anyone else's free agents.

Jovon Johnson is very close to re-signing with the Blue.. and has said that if he cant get an offer from down south, then theres no where else he'd rather play in the cfl... but keep your hopes up guys... You never really know... we had a few FA's "almost sign" with us last year... but i doubt Kelly is dumb enough to let go of our Best returner and probably best DB

Well, he let your best QB and best two OT go last year, so don't put it past him.

one OT wanted to leave, the other OT we traded for Adarius Bowman, who will be a star in this league... Hes only 24..

We also got brady browm, a canadian safety who was dynamite on special teams... and could pan out to be a very capable back up to Logan

As for Glenn, Kelly offered him a new contract, and Glenn wouldnt take it

Like i said, i doubt Jovon will be going anywhere, but keep dreaming

…INTERESTING…16 fa’s…twice as many as the Bombers…Fantuz would be a loss…although you have some great ni receivers on board who would more than fill the gap…you still don’t like losing guys of his calibre though…I think Davis
will call it a day as well…He’s looking kind of slow out there now…BUT still gets the job done…We have a couple of priorities for 2010 in the fa dept…unlike other years we had too many and waited too late to get them on the dotted line…It’s a nice change…There should be a big push soon, to get our top fas signed …once we find out what’s going on with Bauer and Kelly…That should be shortly after the Cup… :roll:

The Riders had 50 FA's last year, too, and yet they are still in the Cup this year. They are a very well run team.

....unlike the cats organization of the last.. how many years??????sorry lost count :lol:

Well, like I said, we only lose Fantuz if he goes to The Show. His SK extension that would take effect Feb. 14 is for 4 years, taking him to 30 or 31 years old.

Eddie Davis may be slower than he was, but far from too slow for the position. He still plays boundary halfback, meaning he lines up nearly every play against opposing teams' best slotback. He also makes all of the secondary calls and switches. Even at 36, he's a stud. If he shuts 'er down, it will be because he wants to, not because he can't play.

Eddie Davis is one of my favourite CFL players. . . it’ll be a sad day when he hangs them up. Sure hope he gets into coaching afterwards, I think he has the makings of being one excellent defensive coordinator, along the lines of Richie Hall.

I believe tampering is against the league rules but I don't know how well it's enforced.

Correction.... Kelly only offered Glenn a contract so he could try and trade him to Hamilton (Obie wouldn't trade for Glenn with his current conract) and even said so himself.Glenn knew he was done in Winnipeg,Obie knew it and he knew that Kelly didn't wanna pay his 50k bonus so he played the waiting game and got Glenn without having to trade for him.