..Free Agents in 2010....

NI O LINEMAN.......Dyakowski.....throw some good coin at this guy....return the favour to the Cats and sign one of their assets...

DB. Byron Parker....still a very solid db. and would look great in our secondary......

O LINEMAN....Kabongo.....another good o line player

...besides signing our own guys (which is a small no. compared to other years) maybe have a look at Robertson......my thoughts so far....

agree with these choices papa.... but honestly i hope the bombers take a look at AJ Harris

wouldnt mind roberston either...

Byron parker over craver would be a pretty good upgrade

and how do you know these guys are due to be FA's this feb.?

…well according to various sites…some are listed by various fans…i would hope they got it right…failing that, i guess we have to wait for the ‘official’ list…but i’m pretty sure the players we’re talking about here, are available…and yes …i agree at looking at Harris…I have a feeling Fred X will be packaged off in a trade… :roll:

i agree papa... freddy will almost certainly be a part of some sort of trade this off season.... he carries a good trade value, and were going to need to give up a star to get a qb or oline or dline help... bernard is a great blocker, pretty tough runner for his size, and he is a better pass catcher than reid... reid is more electric in open field but if we sign a power back for short yardage i believe given the chance bernard could be a very good starting tailback...

i would love jamal robertson in blue and gold... plays hard game in and out... severely under-utilized with the argos

aj harris would be helpful too. probably not an every down back, but we need someone that can get those tough yards up the gut

Hamilton isn't going to pull a Kelly and let one of their best O-Linemen get away. Dyakowski will be a mainstay on the Ticat O-Line for years.

Unless Tillman talks to Obie. Based on the last few SK-HAM trades, they'll have that kid in green in exchange for Buellfeille's old clipboard.

LMFAO the only real bad trade Obie made was the Moreno trade and who cares?We have the top two tacklers in the CFL now rather then 1 former top tackler oooooooooh.Watch Obie tear it up again this off-season, he knows what he's doing.

Well, with 20/20 hindsight that Moreno trade doesn’t look bad at all.

For Moreno, Hamilton ended up with the rights to one Corey Mace.

Those rights were then traded to Toronto for Arland Bruce.

So. . . it ends up being Moreno for Bruce.

Not so bad when you look at it that way.

From the Edmonton Journal:

Two of the Edmonton Eskimos' three free agents will be back next season, having already agreed to or in the process of putting the finishing touches on new contracts with general manager Danny Maciocia. ... The Eskimos' top offensive and defensive linemen, Patrick Kabongo and Kai Ellis, respectively, have deals virtually in place to return for the 2010 campaign.

That leaves cornerback Byron Parker as the only Eskimos free agent who could walk away.


Of course, until their names are on the dotted line, things can change. I guess even after their names are on the dotted line things could change (ie Kelly Campbell).

Jovon is getting some nice offers...


Well Jason Armstead for Corey Holmes and Chris Getzlaff was not one for the resume....especially since we have Armstead back too.

And Rocky Butler for Flick and Wayne Smith?

I don't know how, but we got Tad Kornegay in there somewhere too.

If I'm Obie and I see a number starting in 306....I'm letting the wife pick up and say I'm not home.

Ticats will probably have a heavy hand in trying to sign him.Obie's looking for a deadly KR/PR which he is and a better DB then Bo Smith which he is byfar.Other then that, i'm not sure.

Re: the Arsmtead and Butler deals...Obie didn't make any of those trades...Desjardins did.

And Kornegay was cut by Hamilton, not traded.

I agree that Hamilton will go hard after Jovon Johnson. Kelly better open up the wallet, or JJ will be wearing black and gold next year. The Ticats have a history of trying to sign free agents that weaken division rivals while filling holes in Hamilton.

Ahh. That would explain why Desjardins is no longer there.

What do you expect the guy to do when he's working with the worst team in the CFL with the worst group of players in the CFL?You have to expect him to try and make some moves and in the longterm it's worked.This team has a rock solid core and is just getting stronger.In fact just yesterday or the day before we signed standout FSU WR Corey Surrency.6-5, 220 lb's and outstanding hands,really quick, check him out on youtube.Next step, attempting to sign Jovon Johnson to kill two birds with one stone, killer KR/PR, killer DB both of which we're looking for.

.....Jovon Johnson will most likely be in bluengold next year.....He likes it in the Peg....and i believe after the Cats try to sign their own free agents there won't be enough cash to sign a player of his calibre....AND on the other hand the Bombers are in very good financial shape....Never paid much for a qb. last year...cuz we really didn't have a qb. that demanded that much coin....I'd say the Bombers are very sms friendly this year and going into next.....AND we WILL be going after some 'key' fa players...besides being able to sign our own......better get Dyakowski signed quick obie..... :wink: :lol:

I'm hearing he's headed to Toronto.

....WHO.....????Jovon or Peter...???? :lol:

And perhaps more importantly, WHY?

Why would any f/a want to go to that dysfunctional excuse for a football team?