Free Agents Esks should grab

In my opinion with the group of free agents out there this year The Esks should get

  1. Dan Goodspeed OT In my opinion he would solidify our O line and make it a hell of a lot less porous.

  2. Matt Sheridan OT See Dan Goodspeed

  3. Chris Szarka FB A solid Blocking back and a threat to break one a good compliment to Tyler Ebell

  4. Tom Canada DE in my opinion the best rush end in the CFL the last 2 years

5)Reggie Hunt LB Nuff said

  1. Eddie Davis CB one of the best in the league again

  2. Jojwan Armour LB would really solidify our LBs reminds me of Danny Bass would be a definite assett

If the Esks could grab any of these Free Agents or all of them they would be a contender even with DM at the helm(Crosses my fingers)

Goodspeed , Sheridan and Armour would be my top 3 choices although the rest are fine as well.

Give me your input

With the Acquisition of Fred Perry the defense is looking good allready now pick up Armour Sheridan and Goodspeed and our team will be made. Unless Machoka figures more ways to alienate his players

Stay away from Davis. Best player on our defense. May have lost him to Calgary when we didnt hire Hall.

sheridans a gaurd. and very unlikely to sign elswehere. tom canada and dan goodspeed however are more then likely out of here

Nice free agent list how about none of those guys

yea they got 0

hey what spot did omar morgan play for you guys?

And did the two of you actually want to contribute something to this discussion? :expressionless:

haha its better then losing your top 2 :slight_smile:

Those two are too busy drinking the green cool aid, and feeling all warm and fuzzy when Tillspin tells them they will be "just fine" with Crandell as their starting QB.

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