Free Agents at the end of the year?

Does anyone know who the big free agents are at the end of the year?

I know we're not even into the playoffs yet, but I'm a Ticat fan, and well y'know, I don't really have anything to look forward to, football wise for the next few weeks. Gotta think about something.

So, anyone know?

Only potential FA I know of is Bruce.

arland bruce is a FA at the end of this season?

the only ones i no of r Kenyon Rambo(i think) and JoJuan Armour

have been looking for a list of the FA's that will be available at the end of this season for a few weeks now but cant find one

I think Reggie Hunt is potentially one... But I hope like hell he stays a Rider.

Jarious Jackson is up for grabs after this season.

Reggie Hunt will likely end up in BC playing with his brother. He said he really wants to play with his brother and Aaron doesn't want to come here.

Dominguez and Hunt. IMHO, Hunts as good as gone.


That'll be a great pity. To my mind, Reggie Hunt is one of the best outside LBs in the league, if not THE best. To see him in BC, geez, the rich getting richer....

I think he still has plenty to contribute to any lineup but one key word you missed is WAS. He’s noticably declined in statistics over the last two years. Our depth at linebacker is one of our teams strenths, and with the SMS(cap) playing a biiiig part in who we can and cant afford, it would be more of an asset to the Riders for BC to absorb that salary and not have it for other players. Maybe we can get someone younger in a different position back indirectly from the Leos.


sooo, Matt Dominguez and Arland Bruce are both free agents at the end of this season?

any body know of any good DB's or CB's that are potentially free agents at the end of the season?

Maybe even Safeties?

Arron Hunt is a free agent too. To say that Reggie is going to BC is quite premature. And who is to say BC can afford him with their 3 quarterbacks and highly paid players. He would probably have to take a pay cut to play with his brother.

Yeah, I HOPE like crazy that Reggie stays... And Aaron would be a bonus as well... lol

I know Reggie lives in Regina year round and has a preety good job with Sask Energy if I am not mistaken...

Im pretty sure McCallum still lives in Regina in the off season and works with Sask Energy as well, and he plays for BC, so I wouldn't really put a whole lot towards that.

He still works there?

I dont think so...Hes a new business owner. Do some homework on google. Oh fine here...

Bahahahahahahahahaha...just jokin...angelic though.