Free Agents annouced

My wish list for the Argos from this years free agents would be:

QB Casey Printers - BC Lions
DE Nautyn Mckay - BC Lions
WR Ryan Thelwell - BC Lions
OG Mike Abou-Mechrek - Winnipeg
FB Cory Hathaway - Saskatchewan
LB Cam Yeow - Calgary

All non-imports except Printers.
McKay would make a good rotating partner for Johnson at DE. Thelwell could start at WR.
Abou-Mechrek and Hathaway could both start if necessary.
Yeow would be good depth behind O'Shea.

if all you want is a backup LB from Yeow, youre better off looking to the CC draft, and printers isnt available unless hes released by the Chiefs.
McKay would be sweet to take up that nose tackle position, although Ive heard Belli is on the radar for the argos as well. picking up a vet NI o-line starter is a good call, but they better bring some good young guys into camp as well.

Is Damon done?

edit: and by done I mean retiring.