Free Agents and Option Year Players

So who on the Als is going to be a free agent in February and who is entering their option year and might try to catch on with an NFL team?

The biggest name scheduled to hit FA is Kerry Watkins. Most of the Oline is in their option year I believe.

I remember reading prior to the start of the season tht Kerry Carter had turned down a contract offer.
He may have just played out his option year.

He has. I think he's heading to Toronto. Some folks prefer to be home. I respect that. He was a good player for the Als, who knows maybe a ring and a nice bonus cheque will change his mind. Leaving the Als to join the Argos is a tremendous familiy sacrifice.

I wouldn't begrudge Kerry Carter the chance to play in his home town, but yikes, does he want to leave a championship team to venture into the black hole of the Toronto Argonauts?

Mike Giffin is ready anyway. Would be nice for him to stay but C'est la vie !

I don't believe I'd wish that on my worst enemy.

Hang on, come to think of it, yes I would.

Ham is also an option i woudl think, especially with Bellefool in Ham.

According to RDS, other free agents are John Bowman, Brian Chiu, Eric Deslauriers and Paul Lambert.

I believe that Lambert will retire and if Chiu decides to continue IMO it will be in Montreal.

It would be nice to know who will be avaiable from other teams. The only name I have heard thus far is Joffrey Reynolds.
If Calgary are unable to re-sign him it will be a huge loss for that team.

The Riders have quite a few. I think I'll start a topic in the CFL Talks area with all the names I've seen or been told about from other teams. I don't think I've got access to every team yets.

Technically there are no free agents until Feb sometime. so in the next 3 months many of these guys will get signed. Last season by the time FA season rolled around there was 10 or so guys that elected to go to Free agency.

It will be interesting to see what happens in Saskatchewan. 17 guys scheduled to go to free agency and Tillman's trial scheduled for november :roll: Will be interesting how many guys he signs before the trial. :wink:

Agreed about Lambert and Chiu. Brodeur-Jourdain has shown he's ready to step into Lambert's shoes.

Bowman is the one guy we need to lock up. Very underrated DE, doesn't get enough credit for his athleticism, pass-rush ability, and knack for knocking the ball loose.

A Leader Post article from last week says Tillman's trial is scheduled to start Jan 4, 2010 and should last 2 weeks.
Note to mods: I'm not posting that to start a discussion on Tillman or the charges he's facing - just providing proof of the date of the trial.

Sorry I meant January...


Agreed. They need to hold onto Bowman.

Here is the list

John Bowman
Keron Williams
Riall Johnson
Bryan Chiu
Paul Lambert
Éric Deslauriers
Kerry Watkins
Diamond Ferri
Dahrran Diedrick
Kerry Carter.

Must-sign: Bowman, Williams, Ferri, Watkins
Nice to have: Carter, Chiu, Lambert
Indifferent: Johnson, Diedrick
Get rid of: Deslauriers

I'll let Jim Popp figure it all out. Glad it is him. I get a strong sense that Bryan is going to retire. Mathieu Proux is also thinking about retiring. Lambert says he wants to play a couple more years. Kerry Watkins wants to stay but has no offers, Bowman and Ferri will be hard to hang on to...

When you factor Proux and Cahoon possibly retiring that's 8 Canadians. That's hard to replace.
This team has played together for the last time :frowning:

I don't mind Proulx retiring since we have Boulay and used him in almost equal measure down the stretch. But I agree that Popp has his work cut out for him.