Free Agents 2018

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know what players are free agents in 2018. I know Masoli is one and I think Dean and Fantuz. How about other cfl free agents ? anyone know any of them?

Fantuz shouldn't be a free agent next year. He was technically a free agent this year while he worked for us as a "consultant" or whatever his title was. He signed with us as a free agent this year when he was ready to play, so at minimum he would be on a "team option" year in 2018.

Veterans don't sign 1 and 1 anymore. Just 1 year deals.

I didn't realize that. Thanks for the heads up. (I'm assuming you mean 1 year minimum, rather than 1 + 1 minimum).

Correct. Of course it's optional. Can sign a 2 or 3 year deal.. But 1+1 Is no longer required once you have signed one of those deals once.

Is there not a source for 2018 free agents online like

Likely won't be posted until after the GC.

Of course, I may be wrong too...