OK guys who wants who, Who is staying, who is going. Let the fun begin. First off i want Chip Cox to stay in MTL but i would love to have the Als get Tom Canada. Another thing the Als need to improve is its O line, they are great players but they are getting old we need some new guys. Thoughts

Really not much there that I would presue.

[url=] ... &nid=22160[/url] that is the list

i jut want the blue to resign ian logan, matt haeridan, dan goodspeed tom canada and ryan dinnwiddie...

then maybe bring in matt dominguez if he should become available to play for milt...

...I hope the stamps sign 1/2 of the rider FAs...just the good half....the other half can go to Edmonton....

Canada and Goodspeed might attract interest for sure.

Oh red bad red bad. :lol: :lol: :lol:

god i hope taman can secure sheridan, canada, and stoddard

doesnt sound like canada is coming back to the big blue

Good idea Red, afterall, the Eskimos have that wonderful Head Coach that can transform bad players into, um, what is it that Machocia transforms them into again??? :lol: :lol:

Pretty slim pickin's for sure. With that being the case, expect a couple of those guys to land big fat contracts.

Im pissed if Canada dosent go back to the Peg i just bought a Canada jersey lol

This is Slim Pickens

I think there may be a couple big trades this year.

Chip Cox to Saskatchewan. Watch it happen! lol...

Seriously though, I hope the Riders keep most of the FAs... Some key players of ours are FAs... better hope that happens 'cause Eddie Davis is ending up here in Cowtown...

Thats a very gutsy prediction :stuck_out_tongue:

And we're all working for Mel Brooks, heehaw, great pick of Slim. you take your cash and go after Canada....and the Bombers will then take their cash and pursue Mr. Cox....fair deal?????heh heh.... :wink:

Well papa are you saying that if both players were re-signed by their respective teams, you would trade Canada for Cox straight up? Much as I like Cox, speaking as an Als' fan I think I'd take that deal. We desperately need a pass rush, and Cox is replaceable (we could put Proulx in at safety and shift Boulay over to Cox's HB spot).

Taman is going to have a difficult time signing all of those players. Priorities should be Canada, Goodspeed, Sheridan(can't have enough good Canadian Offensive linemen), Dinwiddie and Stoddard.