Free agent talent rather thin

While there are a few good players, the 2010 "crop" of free agents is thin. Here are some of the players that should attract the most attention.

Kerry Watkins-Import WR-Alouettes-Will be 31 in May. An All Star in 2009. Known to drop 1 or 2 receptions almost every game. Not as good as he thinks. Montreal,Hamilton and Toronto will "compete" for this player. If the Als don't sign by the 15th, he will sign in Hamilton.

Keron Williams-Import DT-Alouettes-25. An All Star in 2009. Not a "great" player. Montreal,Edmonton and Saskatchewan will "compete". I say Edmonton signs him.

Dominique Dorsey-Import RB/KR-Toronto- Will be 27 in May. Excellent KR and a very good replacement/2 nd RB; would fit well in the Als offense.Toronto,Montreal and Hamilton will compete. I say either Hamilton or Montreal.

Byron Parker-Import CB-Edmonton- Will be 29 in March.Edmonton,Hamilton and Toronto will compete. Either Toronto or Hamilton.

Wes Cates-Import RB-Saskatchewan- Will be 31 in March. Either Saskatchewan or Toronto.

Sandro DeAngelis-Non-import K-Calgary- 28. The NFL or either Calgary or Hamilton. I say Hamilton.

Andy Fantuz-Non-import WR-Saskatchewan= 27. If not the NFL-does not look good-he will return with the Riders.

Ricky Foley-Non-import DE-BC- 28. If not the NFL, will return with the Lions.

I think that Hamilton will improve the most with signings of free agents and will compete with my Als for 1st place in the East in 2010.


There are some good players in there, just none that I'm interested in. Watkin and Fantuz are good, but Edmonton's already set at receiver. Same thing with Dorsey. The only guy I want the Eskimos to grab right now is Byron Parker.

I have no idea if Dorsey is in the Riders plans, but I'd love to get him back - a great returner, plus a superb change of pace back behind Cates. Will extend the shelf life of Cates another year, and, paired with Armstead, give the Riders the best 1-2 return punch in the league. ... story.html

Foley becomes an unrestricted free agent on Feb. 15, and says it's "only 50-50" that he'll return to B.C. next season. He grew up on the family farm in Courtice, Ont., east of Toronto, went to York University and was taken fourth overall by the Lions in the 2006 CFL draft. Following B.C.'s 56-18 loss in the East Division final Sunday in Montreal, Foley spent two days packing up four years' worth of stuff on the expectation that he might not be back.

"Unless they come at me with an astronomical offer, the smartest thing to do is to wait until Feb. 15," he says. "I really love Vancouver and the guys I play with. But I've waited this long to become a free agent, so I'll probably see who has the most interest and who wants me the most. I don't know what the Lions are thinking. There have been some weird moves. Jamall Johnson was a great young talent they kind of let go."

It does not sound like Foley really wants to sign with BC again so I think if there was a solid offer The Eskimo's or Riders may get him.

He's gone to the NFL - depend on it. He's just waiting for which of the 5-6 teams gives him the biggest signing bonus, with consideration of the players on the roster already.

I can see Fantuz coming back right away... he's not capable of the NFL.

The Fan590 just reported that the Riders will be holding a PC to announce Fantuz has re-signed

Your not capable of the NFL :twisted: judging by Fantuz play as A rider, he most certainly would be able to play in the other pro league, However they have so many receivers to choose from , why would they give the position to a Canadian out of the CFL, it would only make the CFL look good, and they cant have that, why people don't see the politics!

well it was so obvious that I didn't bother to comment...

I keep hearing rumours that Watkins may want to come to Hamilton.What's the story behind this exactly lol?

Wonderign why he didnt get any serious Nfl looks.I think he was very prone too injuries and wasnt speedster either

It dont matter what the NFL does, Its actions are only Propaganda related .

As much as everyone in Saskatchewan loves Fantuz, and good as Fantuz is, he is not built for the NFL. He is not fast enough to play reciever, and is too small to play tight end. No propoganda with this one.

So then the NFL does not have a compare_able position for him to play! besides who actually can state for a fact he is to slow to play reciever? link? are these stats published?

how can hamilton afford to sign like EVERYONE like the original poster suggested? LOL WHAT TEAM ARE YOU A FAN OF?? LOL

bombers will make a pitch to the former sask defensive players me thinks, kornegay is a possibility if he doesnt resign. yeah big deal but possibly cuz hes still young. watkins isnt worth what he will be asking for so whoever wants to overpay can take him, receivers i think and running backs are the 2 easiest positions to fill with scouting.

free agency in the cfl, im looking for canadian olineman, canadian players in general, and possibly if theres a monster out there like a keron williams or someone who could/probably will be a game changer. im going after. At the same time tho, they all have to be under the age of 28. watkins is too old.

The 30 some odd NFL teams who have not called Fantuz to come and play for their team, thats who. The only way a receiver can make the NFL without having blazeing speed is if they rarely drop the ball, and to be quite honest Fantuz had some key drops last season that were easily catchable.

Honestly! there are dropped passes in every NFL game i watch, i guess NFL receivers aren't good enough for the NFL :wink:

You seemed to have missed the point. Are there drops in the NFL, definitly. But certainly not to the extent that Fantuz was dropping them last season, and again those players are alot bigger and faster than Fantuz. There is no propoganda... Fantuz, as many would agree, simply is not fast enough or have good enough hands to play in a league where he would be making 20 times the amount of money as he would be making here. You can argue that all you want, but the bottom line is few if any NFL teams gave Fantuz a look. Jesse Lumsden had tryouts in the NFL, so obviously if NFL teams thought that Fantuz was worth taking a look at they would have at least brought him into training camp.
Maybe, with additional training and experiance, he might get a shot in the future.

Wrong.Good receivers are hard to find these days, and Watkins is a VERY good receiver, in fact he's a top 5 receiver.So if Hamilton signed him, we'd have 2 of the top 5 in AB3 and Watkins.I can only hope the rumours of him wanting to come to Hamilton are true.

Hamilton is the logical fit for Watkins. If you guys are able to sign Kerry, your offense just went from 'good' to 'challenging for 1st place in the East' good.