Free Agent signings who is going where?

Well we are a couple of weeks a way and already agents of FA players are making their statments. They have their fishing lines in the water. ANy hunches where some of the players will end up. What are the preceived needs of each team. Any possible trades coming!

I hope ottawa signs Barrin Simpson Jude St John and Elijah Thurmon.

Ranek to Hamilton. They need a running back, and he needs a team with a running game.

Tucker resigns in edmonton

The Eskimo's ball boy takes a pay cut so they can afford Tucker!

Hmm, that sounds slightly familiar ...

Esks can have Tucker he will want so much money that even the overspending Eskimos will have to worry about who they sign when the salary cap penalties start in 2007.

the bombers have yet to resign Canada and Stokes, they could be on the move.......

Some paycuts have to be made on the Eskimos. Tucker has to be re-signed and they can't be losing draft picks in the future. Make Ricky Ray take a paycut, he makes 460k a year, ask him if he'll take 300k. I mean that would go a ways to help. I'm sure he would to for the best of the team.

Piggy you are right I think they will go with a young team this in my opinion and maybe save the money not signing them for FA's. Tucker would sure help the Bombers.

I agree. And not only that but there's currently a lot of players on the esks roster who we don't use that would be able to free up some salary. Names that come to mind are Cavil, Jenkins, McClendon, Diedrick, either maurer or Dubuc. IMO even though the esks were the highest spending team last year I don't think we'll have to take much of a loss to get under the cap for '07.

...I agree they prolly won't sign the Stoker...but oh Canada won't be going anywhere... :wink:

We need to keep those too, Canada definably, Stokes, don't know what were his numbers last season?

seems like a topic that we Bomber fans should talk more about on our forum.

The Bombers need Stokes, for sure. A lot of people don't realize how crucial he is to their offence, because he isn't their leading receiver, isn't their leading rusher, but he is one of the best kick returners in the game. If they allow him to slip through their fingers, they'd better buy their tickets soon, 'cause that's the only way they'll be at the Grey Cup this year.

Simpson will sign in Hamilton.

Radio Station CKNW speculated that Wally is after Stokes since Winnipeg won't give him the money he is looking for.

stokes is overrated. esp by bomber fans. i would be much happier using his salary to throw at simpson or karikari or tucker or even hudson and signh

...most of the fa's Wpg. wants to keep are back in the fold....but with the signing of AJ111 ...Stokes may be expendable....Edm. is rumoured to be in the hunt after Stokes.. to replace there wandering return man Tompkins....who seems to be disinterested in the CFL now.....Bombers will go after Karikari and Simpson big-time...Sask....will go after Tucker....I don't think they are quite sure of the status of Dominguez....Hamilton will definitely go all out to sign Josh Ranek and Hudson...after that.. who walks....should be a very interesting twenty-four hours ..after 10:59 pm today... :roll:

Frank just re-signed with the Esks :smiley:

Thats a good signing for Edmonton!

screw that treasonous bum Hudson, the Gades should go after O'Shea, and Karikari