Free Agent Signings thread

I thought it would be nice to have a new thread where we could post news of all the signings by the Tiger-Cats and others as the free agency period begins. This could be the wildest one ever with so many players set to hit the market at the same time.

Drew Edwards' article:
Ticats have long shopping list as free agency looms

Official CFL free agency tracker:

Is it unrealistic to hope that we sign all of our own free agents, while at the same time picking off the star players from the other teams? Probably.

Players we have already re-signed:

Lewis, Jeremy OL International Extended (02/08/16)
Masoli, Jeremiah QB International Extended (01/07/16)
Prime, Carl-Olivier FB National Extended (12/16/15)
Sears, Johnny LB International Extended (1/8/16)
Stephen, Courtney DB National Extended (02/08/16)

Also John Chick from Sask.

(I was really hoping this portion of the list would have been a lot longer by now.)

Tiger-Cats that are set to hit free agency (as of Feb 9 at 11:00am):

Aprile, Giovanni WR National
Atkinson, Michael DT National
Bulcke, Brian DT National
Crawford, Aaron DB National
Edem, Mike DB National
Fantuz, Andy WR National
Gascon-Nadon, Arnaud DE National
King, Neil DB National
Laurent, Ted DT National
Miller, Kyle DB National
O’Neill, Hugh K National
Plesius, Frederic LB National

Caldwell, David LB International
Carter, Jalil DB International
Davis, Emanuel DB International
Dile, Mark OL International
Figueroa, Joel OL International
Gainey, Ed DB International
Gale, Mitchell QB International
Grant, Bakari WR International
Hall, Bryan DT International
Hazime, Hasan DE International
Hickman, Justin DE International
Madu, Mossis RB International
Medlock, Justin K International
Molls, Dan LB International
Olson, Jake OL International
Page, Cleshawn DB International
Reed, Taylor LB International
Stewart, Brandon DB International

(That list still scares me, even after having months to get used to it.)

Players who have signed with NFL teams:

Harris, Erik LB International
Sinkfield, Terrell WR International

(Congratulations and best of luck. Don’t forget to come back to the Hammer if things don’t go as planned.)

Drew Edwards FA blog:^tfw

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 3h3 hours ago

We'll have a #CFLFA live blog at starting at 11AM EST. All the breaking news & snap analysis you'll need. #CFL

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#Alouettes have re-signed INT DB Mitchell White... started 15 games for them last year, 27 over the last two seasons. #CFLFA #CFL

Speedy wants Ted back:

Drew Edwards Retweeted
brandon banks ?@speedybanks87 Feb 8

Hey @tedlaurent .... What I need to do ...???? Do I need to fly to u and take the fam out or what Lol #CFLFA

you can take Aaron Crawford-ls off that list , he re-signed shortly after the Grey Cup was 12/18/15

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What did the captain of RMS Titanic say just prior to the collision? Was it something like…

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 8m8 minutes ago

Hearing that the #Ticats are still pushing hard after a few pending free agents but it doesn’t sound like anything is imminent. #CFLFA

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I got a really bad feeling about today, not to be pessimistic but I just have the idea that we are going to be raped and pillaged of some of our top notch players by the rest of the league when the dust settles. I'm thinking that we could be looking at a vastly different looking team this season from last with a lot of new faces and a lot of familiar faces wearing different colours after it's all said and done. :cry:

im really nervous bobo. way to many players not resigned.. :cry:

Wow !!!! That didn't take long, 2 minutes after 12 noon and our roster has been updated already on the site. It has shrunk real fast as you can see :cry: Come on Austin let's get some of these guys names back on that official new roster.

I wonder how many years it's been since a complete Tiger-Cats' Roster, at any time, listed only 46 players?

Not sure how accurate the roster is as they show Ellefson as an International when he is a National. :roll:

TSN Radio Reports Travis QB Harris Signs in Ottawa

As per @TSNScianitti live on @TSN1150 Trevor Harris is a member of @REDBLACKS #CFLFA

What dose this Mean for Hank ?

He's been listed that way since he first signed with us. He flipped from international to national when the rules changed. Can't remember if he received his Canadian citizenship before or after the rule change, but both happened shortly before he signed his first CFL contract.

It would be good if someone could fix his roster entry.

this real?? good pickup

Harris got 2 years at around 400,000

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= even more histrionics from dis-respected Hank (the over the hill) Burris, coming to a stadium near you?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I can't see Hank being overly amused. Although in a straight-up competition, I like his chances to keep the starting job this year.

Maybe Harris just really enjoys being a back-up? (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Breaking - Andrew Harris will sign with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. #CFLFA