Free Agent signing Bonuses and Contract $

I’m sure we are all interested in $ amounts of the contracts signed by the free agents and any signing bonuses -
Thank you for passing on any info you have heard or read in regards to these signings
It has been an interesting 1st day .

A few contract amounts

  1. Stanley Bryant - 160,000 - Bombers
  2. Ernest Jackson - 130,000 yr. 1 - 140,000- yr. 2 - Red Blacks
  3. Spencer Watt - 120,000 - Ticats
  4. Brad Sinoppoli - 100,000. Plus. Red Blacks
    Signing Bonuses -?

CFL needs a CapGeek style site, or even better have the CFL and CFLPA agree to set something up.

Read a report that Sir Vincent Rogers signed for 140,000 - Years aren't confirmed yet.

The $$ value is of no interest to me and I don't know why it's of interest to anyone. I'm more interested in contract length.

I don't need to know the exact dollar value per player, but it would be nice to have some general idea where your team is at in relation to the cap.

Sol Eliminian = $700,000 over 3 years
Adam Bighill = just under $400,000 over 2 years

I watch every single game played in this league, and I have never even heard of him until today.

those are unprecedented numbers for the LB position, especially for Eliminian.

I can just imagine what a top tier QB will command on the open market if the situation arises.($500,000 - $600,000)

He has been the Argos starting Left Tackle for two years.

I don't know why anyone would be interested in contract length over $$ figure. The $$ figure is more impactful for now, as there are no guaranteed contracts in the league, so a player can get released with no SMS impact at any time. If I was a player, I would go for as big a signing bonus as possible, and not worry about length of contract.

THAT is exactly what I wish was being reported. Not just "they have plenty of room" or some vague descritpion. The NFL is able to say "team-x is about 8 million under", we should be able to get that kind of information about CFL clubs without revealing something that really should be confidential.

I saw a little Twitter exchange yesterday where a couple of reporters justified it to a RedBlacks player (who questioned the confidentiality aspect) by saying "we're reporters, we find this stuff out". That's crap. Confidential is confidential. Just because you find out doesn't mean you report it. If you found out the guy's SIN, you're not obligated to broadcast it.

But what you describe satisfies fans while maintaining confidentiality and that's the way they should do it.

For a lineman, that's might be a good thing. :wink:

I still want to know when the contract runs out. If a player does well, I want to know when he’s due to hit free agency. Gives me an idea how long I might enjoy watching watching him play. Or I might know, for example, when a position group might be due for an overhaul. Kind of like knowing the eligibility year of university players. “The OL is going to be hit hard by graduation after this season”.

Unless you keep a running total for everyone (if that’s even possible), how do you really know how player X reportedly making $125,000 affects things? You’d still have no clue, yet you have no business knowing that anymore than I’d have a right to indicate your salary here for curiosity’s sake.

The league, teams and/or media can (and should) keep us aware of cap status without giving up salary information.

This I agree with, but believe me, it's the players Association and the agents that want this made public. It gives them an idea of what is fair market value for a player, and is what keeps salaries of veterin players to rise.

I just hope the CFL isn't getting too big for it's britches by paying non-QB's this kind of money. Where else can these players earn that type of money? I'm not sure these salaries are sustainable over time, unless ticket prices rise to $100 or more, like the NHL and other "big" leagues.

The cap in the CFL is meaningless.

I can see that being the case. Perhaps the player that questioned it doesn't want to be a part of that group, and if that's the case, it should be his prerogative. I don't know either way whether or not it is, but it seems like it should be.

I had read that the new CBA moved to a solid cap, not just a salary limit over which there were penalties. Does someone out there know for certain?

I believe the CBA deals only with the lower end of the cap. Teams must pay a minimum. I believe the top end is still a soft cap and as such is pretty much meaningless, teams are still guided by their own conscience.