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I want both Armour and Canada but since I could only choose one I selected Canada. We need a pass rush and he would get it done. Can you imagine this defence with Armour there too!!!

how could anyone not say armour he is one of our guys that showed up every game and gave his all.

That My Point the Big Dog Work his Butt off.
Why are we not going to resign him.

I don't understand why Sideline to Sideline today didn't mention Jojuan or Dan Goodspeed, both could be important to us, unless Godspeed stays in Winnipeg

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What kind of money is Armour wanting, Obie is tight with the bucks just like Sazio use to be.

He wants a small Raise.

Well he got a small raise from Obie, the kind you bend over for. :wink:

our main free agent targets now are Miles, Canada and Davis, and maybe Tad Kornegay. Our secondary is kind of shaping up, with 1 or 2 more solid players it will be ok. We just need that real veteran #1 receiver, and i would like Miles to be him, because i think he will be cheaper than Matt Dominguez. Tom Canada is expensive, but will add to our D- Line. Outside of those 2 guys i would lie to see Tad back and Dario Romero in black and gold.

Armour's asking price might be too steep.

Well now that Matt Dominguez is out of the question for signing. It looks like Tony Miles is our only good option.

Tom Canada is looking really good right about now.

Davis is going to Calgary and I don't
want Miles back, he not worth the money.
He is only a average receiver.

My choice is CANADA.

I always liked Miles, but I'm wondering at this stage of the game just how much gas is left in that particular tank, given his extensive history of injuries......

Someone please tell me why we need Tom Canada? We already have two good ends in McKay-Loescher and Keith.

Its not that we need him it is a matter of getting one of the best defencive players in the league to line up on OUR side of the ball.

I like Keith a lot but if we get Canada just think of the front 4 production we would get out of those 3 guys and who said Keith or McKay-Loescher couldnt slide over to DT if we wanted them on the field at the same time. Or lets just say we keep them all at DE and one of the starters gets tired or banged up during a game and needs a breather or a rest. To have those 3 guys in rotation would be HUGE for our defencive front.

So thats my opinion on why we need Tom Canada.

agreed, Keith could play the Justin Tuck role. you never know what position he is going to be in the next snap.

Ok were a few days away from the last days before free agency signings start and i really hope the tiger cats know what there doing.

Did someone pay Bob Obillovich to not sign one of our leading tacklers in JoJuan Armour?? like i mean, I hope were just not freeing up cap space becasue there is not much out there for us to sign to take his place not unless they want Reggie Hunt on the one side and Ray Mariuz on the other. I dont know. Preferably i would just resign JoJuan Armour back.

As for Jykine Bradley he needs to be resigned along with Sandy Beveridge. I liked them both last year.

I really hope we go after Tony Miles since we lost Brock Ralph and I hope we can try and make a trade for another veteran receiver becuase im not too sure if Chris Bauman is going to catch on yet.

I also hope we go after Tom Canada. That is a huge must. It would definately help our pass rush, mixing things up with charlton keith.

Exactly, I agree with you 100% our DBs were left out to dry on almost every defencive series. Now some of that could have been bad coaching and the other was our lack of pass rush.

Also I do think we should atleast offer JoJuan Armour a contract and see if he will take it. The guy loves it here and would love to remain a Tiger-Cat so I think that in it self deserves an offer.

Jykine Bradley should also be another guy we should bring back I have always been a Huge fan of his. He has been a solid force on defence when he is out there.

Sandy Beveridge is a super nice guy and is amazing in the community. Bringing him back could also be a good thing but if he doesn't return, I sure hope we can replace him with another great young talented Canadian player.

I still think going after Canada is a waste. We have bigger needs than defensive end. Spend the money on areas that need major improvements like the receiving corps and the secondary.

Both McKay and Keith are young guys going into their prime. We don't need to stunt their growth by signing another end.

In response to the Justin Tuck comment, the Giants have Michael Strahan who's super old and might just retire this year so for them to have a 3rd end was important. It's not a need for the Ti-Cats this year. We can find a street free agent to be our third end to give our starters some rest. If we're going to go after d-linemen, we need a major upgrade at defensive tackle.

I understand what you're saying PC45, but honestly who are we going to spend that money on? there is basically no one on the free agent list with the talent and improvement factor that Canada would bring to this team. I like our boys we got right now but Keith had one great game and then was pretty average for the rest of the season.

If we bring Tom Canada in you know it will make McKay-Loescher and our defencive line so much more effective. Opposing teams would have one heck of a time stopping the massive pressure we would be bringing. Even if they double Canada all we need to do is bring one of our linebackers on a blitz and good things will happen.

We can always make a trade for a star receiver with our 1st or 2nd round draft pick and one or two players .

I'm not as pessimistic as before about not getting at least one of them done," said Taman. "That doesn't mean we'll get it done, but I sense a glimmer of hope that I might be able to get one of them done before the 15th.

"We're throwing enough ideas back and forth where the differences are narrowing. But they're still significant enough where I'm not jumping up and down. We'll push hard over the next 24 hours and see what happens.

"Deep down in my heart I think those guys (Canada and Goodspeed) want to be back. They know about our situation and they're trying to do everything to make it work. But, if they hit the market, those guys are going to get some play, there's no doubt about it."

The other Bomber free agents are quarterback Ryan Dinwiddie, defensive back Greg Bearman, receiver Jamie Stoddard and defensive end/linebacker Adrian Baird.

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I Think we Well see Goodspeed Canada or Both Return to the Peg.

If Scroll to bottom of that Article you see a great list about all the FA this year.