Free Agent Poll...

Truer words are rarely spoken, I cannot agree more.

I'd rank them Armour first, Canada second, Dominguez third....but someone earlier in this thread (and I'm too lazy to scroll back up to see who it was) suggested Reggie Hunt. That is a very intriguing possibility; Moreno in the middle with Armour and Hunt on the outside would be one fearsome linebacking corps.

Don't know, what with Printers' big salary, if the Cats would have room under the cap to get all 4 of Armour, Canada, Dominguez, and Hunt, but dang wouldn't that improve things!

Our secondary also blew a lot of coverages. Our biggest problem was that there was no pass rush from our tackles. Keith and Mcay are fine, we don't need to over pay for a guy like Canada.

We may over pay for Tom Canada but when our team leads the league in sacks it will pay off big time.

But if we cant afford Canada because of all the players we need to resign we can still upgade our defence with less expencive players like Reggie Hunt, Tristan Clovis, and Dario Romero.

I hope we can come up with two very good DTs to anchor or defence.

cnada should re-sign in the peg.... but canada and mackay-loscher on either end would be deadly... i cant imagine being a QB up against that... however.. like someone else said.. with kieth there there is no need for a guy like canada

if i were hamilton i would definately focus on bringing back armour, bradly and gordon first off... then bring in a reciever..

according to sask fans, dominguez commands a high salary and has been bitten by the injury bug a few to many times.. so he could reach free agency

as for winnipeg free agents, matt sheridan and tom canada are more then likely to return... we might not be able to afford dan goodspeed though.. hes another i would want to look into... he would instantly upgrade your line giving casey the time he needs to be the great QB he is

i personally as a winnipeg fan am interested in jykine bradly, lawrence gordon, tristan clovis, and sandy beveridge... our secondary is probably our weakest unit on the team.. still pretty good, just not as good as the rest and thats an area we should improve IMO...

hunt, aromour and moreno would definately be the best linebacking corps in the CFL... with winnipeg in second.. cam hall had an outstanding year with 77 tackles, four pass knockdowns, 2 sacks, one tackle for a loss and two fumble recoveries...

ike charlton is our secret weapon on D... hes a converted NFL DB and plays our strong side spot.. hes more of a coverage linebacker then anything... came midway through the season in 07 as he was playing with the detroit lions.. but in a full season in 06 he had 60 tackles, 1 sack, 6 tackles for losses... in 8 games in 2007 he had 28 tackles, 2 sacks, 3 pass knockdowns and one forced fumble...

and barrin simpson... im sure you all know who he is

I think we should go hard after some of the Sask free agents (Dominguez, Hunt, Clovis) because since they are currently without a coach, it may be a little more difficult for Sask to bring them back.

We also need Armour and Beveridge. I can't think of any reason NOT to bring Sandy back. He's a Canadian, he's a great ST player and he showed something at safety.

I'd take Canada in a pinch :wink:

Like Tony Miles…health permitting.

I think Dominguez is happy as a Rider…

Yeah that Tony Miles trade still sticks in my craw. If he's healthy I'd LOVE to see him sign here.

Charlton Keith is way too big to play LB in the CFL. At some point he's going to have to cover a RB or slot and thats a huge mismatch.

I voted for Armour cos I think our LB unit could be the best in the CFL if Glasper returns and plays like he should signs of before he got hurt.

Getting Canada and having Keith spell him and Loescher is a great idea. Keith played well but having in rotation could really give us a chance to see what he can do over a longer period of time.

In passing situations you could also put him at DE move Loescher to tackle and have a penetrating DL (ala NYG)

I agree with borehamgirl we should definately take a look at Dominguez, Hunt, Clovis. Tristan Clovis would be my #1 choice if I was to pick anyone of the Sask free agents. Not to mention Clovis played his college football at McMaster and lives in Toronto in the off season. So it might be a lot easier to get him in black and gold than some of the other free agents.

After Clovis we should turn our attention to the other two guys. Dominguez might be our biggest long shot to sign cuz of the money he will demand. Reggie Hunt on the other hand might be a reasonable price and would solidify our defence.

Eddie Davis was Cut by the Roughriders.
He maybe worth a Look
Yes he's an older Player
He could have Gas left in the Tank
Bring him in for a Try out
It can't hurt.

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We could use a Smart Vet Back in the Secondary
with Tay Status so up in the Air.

I agree Onknight, We could really use that Vet presence in our defencive secondary but a talented youngster might just edge him out in OBIE's decision to sign some defencive backs.

I honestly think Tristan Clovis would be the best man for our team, he also plays safety! and to my knowledge I do believe we need one of them. lol

With Tay now Cut
we need to a Vet back there more the Ever

If we sign a few key players from free agency, I think we could have a pretty good team going into the new season.

I think we need to go after OT Dan Goodspeed.We need to protect the quarterback and we dont have a reliable OT on the other side. Woodward is not the greatest either even.

Could you imagine Woodard and Goodspeed as the OT
Cedric Gagne Marcoux and George Hudson as the OG
and Marwan Hage as the Centre.
That front 5 would be ok with me!!

I would like us to go after at least one of these wide receivers.From most to least.

  1. Matt Dominguez
  2. Tony Miles
  3. Cory Grant - bring back the Stoney Creek Native!

I would also like us to go after Tom Canada as the other Defensive End position with McKay Loescher being on the other side.

Reggie Hunt and getting JoJuan Armour signed again would be good too.

Could you imagine Armour,Moreno and Hunt as our linebacking corps?

I know we could use some more help in the defensive back position. I think we should give any of these players a try for the preseason try outs. Tristan Clovis, Eddie Davis, Tad Kornegay or Rontarius Robinson.

Thats just my look on things.

What does everyone else think??


:lol: I Wish we had the Cap room to get all thouse guys

We'll be lucky to sign 1 to 3 plus are own FA.

This kind of thinking makes me laugh. You're not going to get a grizzled vet to come in "for a try out." He's only going to sign if he knows he's going to start. Which obviously comes with starter type money. Especially if he's going to join a last place team.

Re-signing Armour doesn't make our team any better than it was last year, it only maintains the status quo. While I think it's important to re-sign him (especially since he wants to be a Ti-Cat), I think we have a bigger priority. Receiver.

We need an ace receiver in the worst way. We need a great DB too, but those are in short supply. If we could sign Dominguez then Ralph could settle into a #2 role which would produce better results cuz Ralph is clearly not a #1 guy. Plus, our receivers as a whole were terrible last year.

With Tony Miles Injury record I wouldn't be surprise if the Boatmen cut him loose, he also is making big bucks.

PC45, You make a very good point about Davis wanting starter caliber money. We are in no shape to fork out big bucks for a guy who will only play a season or two if we are lucky. But on the other hand he is a proven vet and would help our younger DBs out a lot.

I believe if we can get Armour, Dominguez, and Clovis It would be a huge boost to our team and would put us in great shape to start the season.

With Dominguez, Ralph, Armstead, Murphy, and Bauman as our 5th man I think we would have a receiving corps to compete with the best of them.

Also on defence if we can get Tristan Clovis playing safety with Gordon and Bradley on the Corners we could definitely work in our new boys Bo Smith and Dennis Mitchell at the halfback positions. With Armour and Moreno holding down the middle we could have a better defencive year.

Well with the news of OBIE not certain on bringing Armour back that might open up the cash to sign Tom Canada. That might just work out but what else will we get in free agency cuz Canada will take up a huge chunk of money.

I think Tom Canada and Tristan Clovis with resigning Jykine Bradley and Sandy Beverage would be a good off-season for signing free agents.

The days are counting down and I find myself getting more and more excited to see who we will sign this off-season. If we have the money I would really like to see Tom Canada in black and gold.