Free Agent Poll...

I know there is an on going free agent tread but I thought it would be interesting to see a poll of what players everyone thinks the Ti-Cats should sign.

Also after you pick your player can you post a reason behind why you picked them.

I under stand that the Ti-Cats could actually sign more than one of these players on this list but if you could only pick one player who would it be.

I picked Matt Dominguez, He had some injury set backs last year but when he is healthy Dominguez is easily one of the best receivers in the CFL. With Frank Murphy, Jason Armstead, and Brock Ralph, Matt Dominguez would give our receiving corps a huge boost and help Casey Printers get back to the 2004 MVP we all know he can be.

the big dog armour for sure.. he was a monster last year, gotta get him under contract soon for real..

The Big Dog ..Got To have him Back in Black And Gold

I agree with you guys that the cats should resign Armour as well, but it would be awesome if we could get Armour back and also sign one of these big name free agents. That's why I picked Matt Dominguez he would bring experience and size to our receiving corps.

I think we could try and get Reggie Hunt as he might be a little cheaper for us to acquire and he would solidify our linebacker positions. With Hunt, Moreno, and Armour we would have the best linebacking corps in the league hands down.

Tom Canada.

Our biggest need is to improve the pass rush.


My vote was for one of our own. Armour. Over the last few years we had the heart and soul ripped out of this team and it is time begin to retain some of our own identity and then build upon it year by year.


canada would be a huuge upgrade as well but i think its most important to solidify our linebacking core so help anchor our defence, the middle is always in my opinion the stepping stone to building a great defence.

Matt and Jojuan would be a good fit.

True. No argument.

However I feel our linebacking corps is strong and would still be stronger than our pass rush without Armour.

Don't get me wrong, I love Armour. I love his ability and attitude. He's a keeper for sure, but if it came down to just one free agent ( s is the whole point of this thread) I think Canada would make more of an improvement to our defence especially when one considers his abilities and our current lack of pass rush. I think it's our most glaring weakness right now.

I have to say armour, only reason is because he played fantastic last season with minimal injuries, dominguez was very injured last season and Im not willing to sign a guy who blew out his knee to a pretty big contract when you dont know how he is going to recover, tony miles is getting up there as WRs are considered, and he is small and losing his speed, the next guy on that list that i would pick would be canada, his presense on the field is felt all over, the guy is a game breaker...the rest of them im not too familiar with...but number one for sure is Armour, because he is one of the few screws that held this teams boat together.

Yeah I think Hamilton is going to get Canada.

I agree that Tom Canada would be a HUGE acquisition for the Ti-Cats and would probably have Charlton Keith playing Linebacker(I do believe that's what he played in college and tried out for Oakland as) Along side Zeke and JoJuan. The only problem I see with this is we definitely need a receiver, and I'm not too sure how much money we would have left after signing Canada and bringing back Armour to pick up a good receiver.

The more I think about the idea of Tom Canada playing in Black and Gold it makes me wonder...what team would even think about taking Moreno up on his dare to run against us. I would take that defence any day, maybe add a couple DBs like Tristan Clovis who had an outstanding sophomore season with 32 Tackles, 3 sacks, 3 interceptions, and 1 fumble recovery. Clovis alone would add some security to our defencive backfield. Not to mention he would be a pretty cheap contract for our team to sign.

Signing Canada and Armour, and moving Keith to linebacker? I like it!

I'll take my chances with the group of recievers we have LOOOOONG before I'll take my chances with the Defensive Line returnees

Sounds good, but there is also a big need for an ace receiver.

MACHISMO, I agree with you 100% we need a star receiver but the only problem is we need that all-star D-lineman to make our defence a force that every CFL team will be afraid to go up against.

So if we can get Armour under contract and have Tom Canada sign a Black and Gold contract we can focus on that star receiver. I just hope we can get a great receiver with a trade of some sort.

I agree. As I've said before, I think our pass rush is the weakest aspect of our team.
And it's a big reason why our secondary looked so bad. Any QB that has time to throw will pick apart a defence.