Free Agent Poll

Who Would You Like To See Wearing The Black And Gold This Year?

Go Carl!




Omarr Morgan

I hear the Cheer now ooooooomarrrrr
Every time he make a a Pick

Well I Can hear...

OOOOOhhhh...My...God is that receiver still breathing?

Hey! Thats Samuels...Aww this is getting old now! LMAO!!!

I take it no ones is wanting Jamal Richardson in Hamilton. I can see it right now Hamilton signing him over everyone else along with a full back we will never use and everyone will go crazy on here LOL!

I Voted for tee martin cuz im a bomber fan!!!!!!!LOL

Well thanks... is he that bad?

Carl Kidd and Ryan Thelwell?? thats who is leading so far! thats crazy you think we will pay them all that money and kidd only has a couple years


I went with Kidd. I like the fact that we can say:

  1. Did you see the play by "the Kidd"?
  2. Boy can that Kidd play!
  3. Let's stop Kidding around out there!
  4. The Kidd can take a hit!
  5. What's the name of that Kidd again?
  6. The Kidd played a heck of a game!

....What else can YOU comment on the Kidd?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

CHML and the Spectator’s “ratings” will skyrocket with Carl Kidd

…and #26 is open … or is it retired? (Garney??)

I think it might be retired ah well he can be #52 since he reminds me so much of Ray Lewis anyway lol.

Jamal Richardson still with the Goose Egg!

No he be great fit problem is
He looking to go State Side 1st..

OK, you're off the hook kool-kat.

I want to know who seriously voted for Tee Martin and why. The curiosity is getting to me. Anybody want to fes up?

Samuels would be a great pickup, but is he worth the probable 150K other CFL teams will be offering him?

Can you put a price on a young, physical, shut-down corner?

Exactly if we were gonna have to pay thelwell $100+ why not give that to Samuels and then we have a Great Corner that will help right away.

well now that Thelwell is in Calgary and Malbrough in in winnipeg again, who would be our next signing hopeful.

Samuels wouls be next on my list, but word is he's not far behind Malbrough in re-signing with the Peg... Sure would be nice to have him though.

Omar Morgan might be the guy to chase now, since despite what his press releases have said, i'm pretty sure he's following the dollar signs.