Free Agent players left

Currently there are some players I still wouldnt mind signing on the team this year.

With Ryker Matthew’s gone and Kelvin Palmer on the one side I wouldnt mind us signing OT Jovan Olafioye. Hes a veteran and solid player.

Other players that are worthy to being signed include:

Chris Ackie LB
TJ Heath DB
Emmanuel Davis DB
Bakari Grant WR
Justin Sorensen OL
Otha Foster DB
Weston Dressler WR

We also still need a solid kicker and Lirim Hajrullahu is a free agent still.


With the excellent receiving corps that we have right now I don’t get why you would want to add these two when their best before date has expired. We already tried the re-tread route last year with Owens and McDaniel and how did that end up working out?

A better alternative for the Cats would be to build up a stable of talented young receivers that they bring in at training camp. That way when injuries start to pile up through the season then the Cats will have the depth to just plug and play without losing momentum.

I really cant beleive no one has signed Ackie as of yet. He is Prime.
Also Sorenson Would be a great pick up as A National vet interior OLineman.
& Javon Olafioye a veteran International OT I like as well. But the two Olineman are playing a wait & see game from how many teams will need there expertise to gain contract leverage.
But Ackie is a prime time National Will LB can play safety & certainly be an inpact on coverage teams as a starter.
His leverage is how good he is and how mych better he will be

Hajrullahu is, right now, at the kicking combine in Arizona where he’s hoping to impress NFL special teams coaches, as Brett Maher did, there, a year ago:

For his sake he better be trying out as a fg kicker and not as a punter or kick-off specialist .

Pretty sure I recall reading somewhere that Ackie is looking for an NFL shot as well.

Ackie is holding out for the best possible money contract he can get. The Cats would be silly to pass up this opportunity.

Do the Cats have any room for any significant signings?

If that is indeed the case. Being that he hasnt digned a futures contract. He would be waiting to get a campbinvite from rookie mimi camps. CFL players arentvgettingbpsid at this time of year anyway.
Ackie imo could be an excellent ST player in NFL. AS well as fitting in a defense package for an NFL team

I agree

It is the case. That being said, I don’t know how much interest there is in him down south.

He could start for us at SAM if we picked him up.

Just imagine , we could go 3 deep at SAM in Canadians with Ackie , Adeleke and Bennett .
Talk about a ratio buster position , this would open up the door to all sorts of variations and options when it comes down to our starting Cdn content and how and where we could utilise it .

I was thinking the same thing. I had an opportunity to talk with Chris at a football function and he is in no hurry to sign until the money and circumstance are right. A ratio buster for sure.

Thats some great insite. Ackie is a great player. Can do alot of things. & surely is a CFL Starter.
The great point was made that players like Ackie dont have to rush intl FAs signing. There is still time. FAs dont have to rush into it.
Those who sign those first couple days make great news and excitement for CFL off season. It also makes sense for some players too

While I do like Daly, I would likely start Adeleke at safety if we were able to sign Ackie. I think Adeleke is an upgrade speed-wise over Daly.

For what it’s worth . From our friend Rod Pederson , his top 25 list of FA’s still available on the market . 2 Cats made his list , Toliver comes in at # 13 ranked and Hajurallahu is #19 . Four former Cats also made his list (Cody Husband-c-BC-#5 / Emmanuel Davis-db-Calg-#11 / Dominique Ellis-db-Mtl-#19 /Arnaud Gascon-Nadon-de-Edm-#20 ).

Former Ti-Cat DT Drake Nevis has re-signed with the Bombers . That probably explains why he didn’t make Pederson’s top 25 list .

Hay Tiger Cats… wake up!

I’m always a little suspect of these best available type lists.

Some of these fellows strike me (especially the ‘honourable mentions’) as either soon approaching or maybe even past their best before dates. For a team with lots of cap room, they may make good part-time, rotational, or situational players. Others are maybe ideal stop-gaps until a promising rookie is ready, injury fill-ins, or if they stay in shape, could make a team as emergency replacements. Hajurallahu, maybe others, has chosen to explore NFL leads, an understandable choice.

However, as more and more time goes by, IMO, you have to think they are not being signed for a reason, other than sleepy management. Maybe they are seen as being available down the road if needed, so why commit salary dollars now?

Take Lirim Hajrullahu off that list. He’s just been re-signed for 2 more years. Wait a minute. It is April 2nd isn’t it? Wouldn’t want to get fooled…again!